Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I think i am allergic to Java programming....

I was working on my Java project on Sunday and suddenly my hands, arms and the back of my body started to itch...

My mama said it's fung mok... she said i shouldn't bathe cos it will make it worse... i dunno how i can do this in hot and humid Singapore....

I didn't know what's fung mok.. and my mum had trouble explaining it to me.. so i did a search and found this.. hehe. Interesting...

It got worse last night... i woke up at 5am scratching myself.. Mum was also up then..having a poo! hehe.

She applied wine on the patches...

This morning i went to the Doc.. and he said i have Hives.. It's Hives.. not HIV ok..
Doc said i am allergic to something..
I dunno what caused it.. i hope it's not caused by some food allergies or the change in weather.. I think it's caused by Java.. cos i got really itchy while doing my Java Project... hmmmmmmmm Yeah i think i might have Javaczemia... hmm

Anyway, Doc gave me some antihistamines.. and another pill that will make me really drowsy.. which is good.. cos i can sleep in the plane on the way back to the UK....

I am feeling much better now after taking the pills... and so drowsy..... hopefully i'll not be scratching myself to death in the plane..... hehe

Monday, December 26, 2005

In 4 days time...

... I'll be off to the UK again..
I won't be back till next Dec!!!

I am so going to miss my family!!

Actually part of me can't wait to get back to the UK.... I can't wait tobe back. I miss my friends... and also because... i need help on my JAVA project! Die lah! It's due in a month and i haven't done much.. Well i think i just need a couple of codes to get it working but i don't know what to do!!!!!

I also can't wait to be back because i'll be having a job attachment next term and i am really looking forward to it. I hope the meeting next week will go well!

And another part of me doesn't want to go back to the UK because i'm going to miss my family... I hate not being able to see my nieces grow up. Mini Me and her sister No. 2, have grown so much ever since i left in Aug this year! I hate not to be able to see them for the next year!

I've spent the past week playing with them... We all had great fun. I was forced to "role play" with them. Sometimes i'm their mother, their father... the doctor, the teacher. Sometimes Mini Me would pretend to be a hawker and i'll be the customer and she'd force me to drink her "frog juice" -_-" hahahaha!!

Sometimes i get so tired from role playing, i'd volunteer to be the father. Because... i can just "pretend" to read newspaper and say "mmmmm" every now and then while my "wife and kid" talk to me! Hahahahahaha

ok... back to the Java Project.... somebody HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So far....

... I've eaten

1. Chicken Rice
2. Assam Fishhead
3. Laksa
4. Curry Chicken
5. Ramen @ Ken's noodle house!
6. Bak Chor Mee
7. Sambal Kang Kong
8. Yong Tau Foo
9. Kong Bak Pau
10. Dou Hua You Tiao

In the next few days (hopefully) i'm gonna have....

1. Satay
2. Nasi Biriyani
3. BBQ Sting Ray
4. Sweet Sour Pork
5. Kway Chup
6. Char Kway Teow with lots of hum!!!

Not sure what else i want to have ... yet. It's weird that all the cravings are gone... now that i'm back in Singapore!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Excitement and Jet Lag


Woke up at about 2am to pee and i couldn't get back to sleep!! grrrrrrrrrr

And then i started to get hungry! grrr so i had a slice of bread and then lay in bed trying to get back to sleep!!

I think part of it is due to jet lag.. and the other part is due to the excitement that i might have found a co. to do my job attachment next year!!

The director of the co. wants to see me and have a discussion with me! The director leh!! *gulp* I'm very excited! I've been thinking of working for that co. for a long time, even before i came to the UK!! And they are also the first one to reply my email saying they want to see me!!

Oh yeah, i was lying in bed earlier... having imaginary conversations in my head with the director! hahaha!!

It's a small co. but quite reputable in the industry! I googled the name of the director and found out he was actually from Leeds uni too! So we have something in common!! And more things to talk about! (I'm really bad at conversations... )

I hope he'll really let me do my work attachment there and then hopefully offer me a full time job! That would be great! But now at this moment, a job attachment/internship prog would be great!! I just really want someone to give me a chance to learn and develop my skills! I'm willing to start at the lowest level even if it means data entry.. -_-

I'm keeping my fat fingers crossed!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


It's good to be back!

And it's good to have internet connection!! i'm nowpaying SGD2.50 per day for internet connection... cos i cannot steal connect to my neighbours' wireless connection! grrrr ah well hehe

Anyway... It's so nice to see my family again especially my cute nieces.. they were so excited to see me and we were all holding hands in the airport and jumping up and down ... like a bunch of kids.. LOL
They even gave me little presents..

Got home at about 11pm and had supper... mum's cooking! just a simple meal but it's so satisfying!

and i just had chicken rice for lunch! hehehe so that's one thing off the list of local food i must have before i go back to the UK...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Counting down...

10 7 days to end of term

16 13 days till i'm back in singapore!

2 and a half more Assignments to go!

Can't wait to be back!

My JAVA textbook is at home waiting for me!
My new digital camera is at home waiting for me!
And best of all.. my family and friends are at home waiting for me!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

This post is brought to you by the number 12...

Went to Morrison's today... to get some food...

As usual, the Queues were long.......

My friend and i were in line..waiting for our turn to pay.....
We spent.. about.. 10min or maybe more in the queue...

The guy in front of me bought lots of things... but most of them were the same things.. like 12 pkts of juice, 4 cartons of cokes.. 8 bottles of fizzy drinks, 6 chocolate fingers... u get the drift..

Anyway, the cashier scanned every single item... yes she did.. she scanned a pkt of juice TWELVE times! YES! 12!! 12 times! -_-?

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA We watched in amusement as she scanned every single thing... and then... she "over" scanned a bottle of fizzy drink!! HAHAHAHA!!

So everyone in the queue had to wait for someone to come over to cancel that item cos she does not have the authorisation to do so......

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Sometimes i wonder... Do i have the word "Information Counter" written on my forehead? Or perhaps i look nice and approachable?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am getting sick of people asking me for help ALL the time! I am equally as lost as you! And sometimes you can find information off the net! Or just call the bloody hotline!!!

Friend : Are you free this sunday?
Fat Fingers : Why?
Friend : I want to ask you about O2. I am thinking of changing my service provider.
Fat Fingers : I am not free *thinks to self.. do i work for o2?*
Friend : Oh.. i want to ask how many free minutes you have and how many sms you get free. It is easier to talk face to face
Fat Fingers : Sorry i am not free. Maybe it is better to talk to the O2 people.... or check online?

Friend : Excuse me Fat Fingers, can i ask you something about the O2 free minutes? Why didn't i get the free minutes?
Fat Fingers : I don't know. You have to check with them.
Friend : Why is this so?
Fat Fingers : No idea. You have to check with them.
Friend : It cost me £1.40 to call my friend just now.
Fat Fingers : Oh..
Friend : Do you know why?
Fat Fingers : I don't know. You have to check with them.
Friend : How?
Fat Fingers : Call the hotline.
Friend : Do you know the number?
Fat Fingers : No.

And this afternoon.. i was getting tired and was rushing to go home because i need to take a nap to recharge myself... but i had to stay for another 15min.
Why? Because some of my classmates were asking me to help them. I was just saying goodbye to them and they had to stop me.. to tell me.. "Can you help me check what's wrong with my code?" "Do you know how to append the data?" It's not that i am unwilling to help them.. but i need my nap. i am tired.. and it's always the same people coming to me.. and i am equally lost as they are.... i do try to help but sometimes i feel like the whole world is asking me to help them and i feel bad that i can't... and sometimes i'm cold towards them and after that i feel bad for behaving that way! Because i know i need their help too! hehehe!

Grrr i feel so cranky now!

That's cos i have so many ASSignments to do!

4 Assignment due in the next 3 weeks! I better get back to them now....

Monday, November 21, 2005


Not exactly enjoying the weather here in Leeds...

It is getting colder... sub zero temperature!

And it's foggy... and it's going to be bitterly cold this weekend! And it might snow on Friday!

I hate snow.. because after that it will turn into ice and the roads will be slippery..and dirty too! Today i almost slipped... very hard to walk on ice... esp if you are not wearing ice skates!!! HELP!!

I wondered how i survived winter in the Japanese Alps 5 years ago...
I remembered it was snowing on Christmas day 2000... and i was working in the office..(the Japanese do not have any holidays on Christmas day!) and i asked my supervisor if i could go out and play in the snow for a while... he laughed at me and told me not to be silly! hehe.

Anyway, on the way home from work that day.. it started to snow again and i was dancing in the street with my other Singaporean Colleague. It was our first White Christmas! My Japanese colleague was laughing at me.. telling me i would soon be cursing at the snow...

She was right.. of course...

It didn't stopped snowing for 2 days and i hated it.. because what normally took me 10min from the train station to the office took 30min for me! It was just too difficult to walk on the ice! Not looking forward to going to the Uni on a cold icy day! Maybe I need a pair of ice skates!? hmmm

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Remembrance Sunday

"Remembrance Sunday is the day traditionally put aside to remember all those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today."

I didn't know it was Remembrance Sunday today....

Anyway, this morning, I went to the city center to meet my friend. As i was nearing the city center, i was greeted by the sight of police cars, policemen and a bunch of people in the middle of the road.

Without having a clue that it's Remembrance Sunday today, I thought there was a riot cos i could see people holding up things like banners...

As i went nearer, i realised there's going to be a parade! 2 policemen on horses to guide the parade... and a military band, some old people and some kids... I didn't bring my digi cam along but managed to take some pics with my mobile phone...

After the parade, i went to do some window shopping at Topshop... I was checking out the clothes and was wondering why would anyone want to pay SGD90 for a pair of culottes when suddenly everyone just stopped moving! Eh! Even the escalator stopped working! It's like someone pressed the stopped button and everyone just stopped moving... i looked around.. and took small steps... s.l.o.w.l.y. to the side....... I was expecting someone to shout.. "Gotcha! You're on candid camera!" or something like that... but everyone just stood there...silently...

Then i realised... ORRRR! It's the one minute silence thing lah! So i stood there and waited till it was over.

Anyway, i came back and read up on remembrance day and realised that it's actually a 2 min silence and it will be held either on the 11th of November or at 11am on Remembrance Sunday...

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Just got off the phone with my mum. I miss her so much!
I dreamt of her the night before. I was at my conferment ceremony. She was there and was very proud of me. And as the ceremony was about to start, the person in charge pointed at me and said "YOU! The one with the dark eyerings! I think you need some concealor!" HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, yeah i really do miss my mom.

Oh yeah! The dinner i cooked tonight, it tasted exactly like how it would be if my mom were to cook it for me! I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.. hehe I am such a wimp sometimes! so ah gua!

But.. i really miss her!

And it was great to talk to her again. We talked for about 22min! Conversation include what i want to eat when i am back! News about the rest of my family members! And of course The flatmates!! grrr!

Yeah i want to have lots of fish! and lots of vegies cos i don't eat enough of them here! Very hard to steam fish here.. cos my plate too big for the steamer! haha .. and my wok has got no cover! I want to eat steam promfret with salted vegetables and the sour plum! YUM! Fried kang kong! Fried chicken wings! (I think the chicken wings here are scary! So big and hairy! aiyer!) I want to eat the simple yet delicious dishes that my mom has been cooking for me for the past 2x years! I also want to drink lots of soup!

I also want to go home and see my family! Play with my nieces! Hang out with my friends! Eat lots and lots of GOOD food!!

Only 32 days to go! before i am back in sunny Singapore! In the mean time, i have about 12 assignments/practicals/essays/projects to do! ARGH!!!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I think i am in the wrong country....

This afternoon... i went to the kitchen and thought i was in China!!

The kitchen was damn bloody dirty! My Chinese CB flatmates left a big piece of lettuce on the floor... and lots of garlic skin.. a pc of tissue paper and some other stuff on the floor...

Since it's my duty this week, i've decided to sweep and mop the kitchen floor!

This is the stuff that has been on my kitchen floor for the past few weeks...

Can my chinese flatmates be any dirtier or not? Well, I'm sure they can!!

Oh yes, back to the lettuce.. so i asked one of my flatmates.. Is that yours??? And she just picked it up and threw it into the bin and said.. "It's not mine but we can always just pick it up and throw it away! It's not too much trouble!!"

I was stunned for awhile.. i wanted to tell her.. "No lah, i just wanted to ask you if that's yours.. then you can have it for lunch later mah" ... but i didn't..

I told her it's not about whether we pick it up or not.. it's about who left it there and didn't bother to clean up after herself! She then went on and on and told me she understand that we should keep the kitchen clean.. blah blah blah.. yah right..

So i went to ask her good friend.. i asked the two of them cos i saw and heard them in the kitchen earlier.. and she said it's not her either.. went to ask another but she said it's not her too. Funny lor... everyone said it's not them! So who could it be? *Gasp* I think my flat must be haunted!!!

Anyway, i mopped the kitchen floor and now i don't hear any of those rubber-sticking-to-sticky floor sound.. u what know i mean??

They better not mess up the kitchen again!!!

Oh yeah, CB2 came and told me the room is too cold for her.. so i asked her why don't u turn on her own heater?!?!?! She said she can't cos she is using her laptop and there's no powerpoint for her to plug it in. So i told her (again) to get an extension but she changed the subject! Oh please! You can do something about it but you don't want to! Then she went on to tell me that 30 is the optimum temperature for her! Well too bad! It's not for me! I will wake up in the middle of the night sweating!! Why don't you just get a bloody extension! Stop being so bloody niao piao!

Monday, November 07, 2005


The past 4 days has been great... The heater stayed at 15...and the maximum was 20!! I think CB2 is afraid of Mr. Fat Fingers because he once asked her why she turned up the heater to over 30 when we first moved in.

And i am waiting for her to turn up the heater again... because it ain't gonna work this time cos we did some magic to the heater... it will turn off automatically at night and come back on in the morning... hohoho

Die you selfish bitch!! Muahahahahaha

Anyway, Mr Fat Fingers and I had a great time together as usual. We went to York on Saturday for bonfire night.

Guy Fawkes was the guy who tried to overthrow the King by blowing up the House of Parliament but failed and was tortured to death.

Speaking about that.. the guide who was taking us on the Guy Fawkes trail told us about how the people were tortured in the past.

First they were hung till they were almost dead... Then they were placed on stone slabs. Their privat parts would be cut off, cooked and fed to them!!!!!! While they were still alive!!!! If they are still alive by then, they would be fed with their own intestines! YUCKS!! They would then be cut into 4 pieces regardless if they are still alive or not! Their body parts would then be stuck on pikes for display! EWWWWW

Anyway, here's one of my favourite photos taken on that day...

York Minster

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Save me from the CBs... please!!

CB2, my &%%#)* flatmate, has been turning up the heater to 30 degrees! Even in the morning!!

Please lor!

So today i couldn't take it no more and knocked on her door.

The moment i went in.. i scanned her room... hmmm.... no duvet!!! heater not plugged in!!! Ta ma de! What is wrong with her?!?!?!!?

You get no duvet and didn't plug in your heater and yet you want to turn it up to 30 degrees! Isn't that a bit selfish?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Actually it is not a bit.. it is VERY selfish!

This is just not right!!!

She told me all her plugs are used up and there's no place to plug in her heater! Well, FUCK YOU! An extension doesn't cost much! £6 maybe? and You can get a duvet for £9.90!

And no, i am not going to buy you an extension plug and duvet.. because... why should i? You can afford to come to study here but can't afford to get a decent duvet and an extension plug? How about eating less pizza and use that money to buy those stuff?!?!?!!?!?!

And no wonder the boiler keeps breaking down because it is always at 30 degrees!

I can't believe she is so selfish.
And even if the heater is turned up to 30, i don't think her room will be very very warm?!?!?! cos her radiator is not working! Which is why the accomodation office gave her a heater!!!

She told me she will still turn it up before she sleeps at night and i can turn it down before i go to sleep! FUCK YOU! I say go get an extension cable and maybe a brain?!?!?!!?!
I didn't know what to say and said i will try that and see how it goes.. but it will not be long before i am going to knock on her door again!
And my plan now is to turn it down to 15 everytime i see it turned up to 30! And if she comes knocking on my door, i will tell her i am going to sleep that's why i turned it down! Ma de! It's either i win OR i win ok!

Mr Fat Fingers is coming to visit me tomorrow! He said he will not hesitate to knock on her door in the middle of the night, if he wakes up sweating because the heater was turned up to 30!!! I will be at the side translating in mandarin! HAHAHAHA

I hope CB2 gets fat! REALLY Fat! Then lose all the weight.. but can't lose the excess skin and so her neck will look like a vagina! HAHAHAHAHAHA just like Fat Bastard!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

if only...

I heard this too many times... "If only i could turn back time"...

Guess what? YOU CAN! Well, only if you're in the North America or Europe...

and only one hour though..

Because it's the end of the daylight saving time!!


Friday, October 28, 2005


CB2 : 这是什么pizza?
CB1 : 让我看看。哦。是 pepper-OR-ni pizza.
Fat Fingers : LOL (in my heart)


Fat Fingers : My CB flatmate said pepper-OR-ni! hahahahaha
Friend : HAHAHAHA! Sounds like the teochew dessert.
Fat Fingers : HAHAHA OR-Ni!!! I like!!!! I want!!


Fat Fingers : Eh i tell you something.. CB2 is crazy.... She used washing detergent to clean her red pepper and egg plant!
Friend : LOL! I'm afraid she might die soon.
Fat Fingers : Oh that's good! It will save me the trouble of killing her!!!!
Friend : and dumping her body! LOL!
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Die Dick Die!

Last night i dreamt of Dick.. i went to his office and scolded him...
I told him that he is the worse boss ever!! And used the F word on him and told him that he's a wimp, a sissy, a cheapskate and a LOSER!!!!!!

Wah i felt so shiok in my dream ah!

Yah, in case you haven't noticed, i still hate DICK! My ex-boss who's a loser!!!! (-_-)L

I think my dream is cos of the conversation i had with an ex colleague. I feel sorry for them cos they are still working for such an asshat!


Ex-Colleague: I had a fight with dick yesterday evening…so loud...He was in his room & I was at my place

Fat Fingers: wah what happened??? U take care leh

Ex-Colleague: then J sms me later asking if I m the 1 fighting with him...haha

Fat Fingers: u got say my name? LOL (i have been asking my ex colleagues to use my name freely whenever they argue with him. eg. That's why Fat Fingers hates you too!! LOL )

Ex-Colleague: yes....haha

Fat Fingers: LOL haha really? U say my name? What did you say?

Ex-Colleague: I told him Fat Fingers hates doing the SKU count report too...haha

Fat Fingers: hahahahahaah

Ex-Colleague: he so scared to hear your name...hahahaa

Ex-Colleague: u know y I say that?

Fat Fingers: haha is it?

Ex-Colleague: cos he tried to lie to me

Fat Fingers: what he say?

Ex-Colleague: what happened was he wanted the sku count by last Fri night. Then he told me on Fri.. He wants me to look in2 possibilities of transfer but earlier on he told me this is not my job ma. So I tot he boh I boh chup him. And he called me at 5.45 yesterday asking...where is the rpt?? Then he asked u know I promised the planner that I will submit it today?? Of course I hot la

Fat Fingers: hahaha his problem lor

Ex-Colleague: I said...NO I duno cos u DIN tell me!!!!!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: then he said I m the BOSS so whatever I ask u to do, i dun have to tell u who I promise. u just do it. I super hot leh

Fat Fingers: I will be hot also

Ex-Colleague: then we argued for 15mins...on this

Fat Fingers: wah! LOL

Ex-Colleague: then he wanted me to tell him he is not the BAD guy. I told him...look u always like this...instruction /direction not clear. Then he gave me his stupid story...don’t know what objective meeting that time...he was very clear what....I didn’t bother to listen...after he finished...I told him “U finished? now I give u my example!”...hahaha

Fat Fingers: lol!!! YOU win ah!

Ex-Colleague: He asked us to go into his room and told us to do the stupid SKU count report. He didn’t tell us the standard format, and some of us did it already but he wants us to change the format! When we asked him why can’t he tell us the format, he said “it is not for me to tell for u guys to ask me”

Fat Fingers: WAH LAU. Next time you say Fat Fingers has the format. Let me get it from her then! And.. he is the “boss” what! He should give you all a direction!!!

Ex-Colleague: I blow my top lor...I angry...then I said, not that we can't give u the sku count just that we will do in different format...which is not what u want. So why is it so difficult for you to tell us? Then I asked him... if u want to eat rice...say so. If not I will give u beehoon...& E will give u Noodle. It will still fill your stomach but may not be what u want!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL!!! YOU WIN LIAO!

Ex-Colleague: then he quickly said...oh M also didn’t ask me but can give me what I want. Then he said softly “but I don’t know if she has done it b4”

Ex-Colleague: I told him...then u shouldn't use M as an example!!!!! He continued...and I got angrier… I told him. I M VERY SURE M did it cos Fat Fingers did it with her too!!! Then he asked ...Fat Fingers??...when?? I said TWO DAYS AGO!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL tell him to go back to his boat lah

Ex-Colleague: I spoke w Fat Fingers ...she told me she HATED the sku count!!!!! He shocked leh

Fat Fingers: LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA tell him... FAT FINGERS still hates you too!!

Ex-Colleague: he is so irritating lor

Fat Fingers: yah lor

Ex-Colleague: day when I super angry. I will I understand why Fat Fingers hates u so much!!!!! Hahhaahah...oh I will add...& your ex good friend, X too!!!!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yah he will be dui one

Ex-Colleague: ya...He is still very scared that people will think that he is the bad guy

Fat Fingers: yah he is lor..

Ex-Colleague: pls lor....scared then dun such idiotic tings lor

Ex-Colleague: He told me he will chair meeting today to tell everybody he is the BOSS whatever he wants we have to give him

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: then now coming to 6pm liao...still dun dare. Gutless fellow

Fat Fingers: u call him. R u still going to have the meeting? Cos I am going home now!!

Ex-Colleague: we r all ready to shoot him...A also v angry with him. Oh yeah, must tell u this. I asked him...I tot u told A that when you keep going to her, it means u want the rpt urgently, then y u din keep coming to me??

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: we don’t know how to guess when u want lor. I ask him y so difficult to just tell me u need to submit the rpt

Ex-Colleague: do u know when I gave him the rpt this morning, he closed his door...staring at my rpt, trying to find faults. True enough, he asked me to go to his office and told me how he thinks I should do the rpt. I let him talk...when he finished...I asked him, If u think I should keep do this for this item... then why u dun think so for the rest??

Fat Fingers: hahaha

Ex-Colleague: he got nothing to say lor.

Fat Fingers: I hope they sack him.

Ex-Colleague: they won't cos he covers up for himself v well and he is also v good at polishing

Fat Fingers: yah, he covers his backside so well, you cannot even see his anus! LOL

Monday, October 24, 2005


I have lost all higher brain function...


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wah! I am rich!

My blog is worth $43,469.58.
How much is your blog worth?

If only i have this much money in my account now! I can move out of the flat! I can pay someone to do my ASSignment! hahahaha! I can get that pair of boots that cost £70! I have been eyeing on it for a long long time!!

BUT.... i have not much money so i can't :( ... but i can wait for the SALE hee hee. Patience!

Come to think of it.. i haven't been spending much here.. just on food and the essentials.

So far, i only bought a top from Primark and it costs £6! Oh and 3 jackets from Sports Soccer for £2.10! That's cos they gave me a £50 voucher! It's their way of saying, "Sorry, we accidentally left a tack in the shoe that poked your right foot while you were trying it. Please accept our humble apologies."

Hmm.. Quite proud of myself actually because i have been a very good girl and have not been spending lots of money. I wasn't like this when i was earning a decent income...But i'm definitely much happier now.. though my bank a/c is not....

And i've opened a savings a/c recently! Wah, the interest rate here is so attractive! By next Feb, i would have earned £200 in interest! That will pay for half my air ticket to go home!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


The day is getting shorter... it's getting darker earlier.....and... it's getting colder.... brrrr

And I am going to hate Wednesdays because my class will start at 4pm. It will be like going to night school..

I've been busy with school work! I've never been so serious with school work before! I've been revising! I never revise my work when i was in NUS.. well only during the exams! I'm now struggling with JAVA. BUT, i'm not gonna let it kill me! NEVERRRR!!

And i made a damn silly mistake! I think my engrish is not that powderful anymore! Well, it's not that powderful to begin with but.. how could I misread my essay question?! How could I! I can't believe it!! WHY did i misread it? EEEEEEK I must never do it again!!! argh! So annoyed with myself! Heng ah, luckilyy i haven't started on it yet. I only realised it after i was talking to my friends about it!

Speaking of friends, i don't have much local friends here. Well actually, my only local friends will be Mr Fat Fingers and his family. My local classmates are not interested in talking to me or the other international students, i think.. Yeah, there are 2 distinct groups in my class. The Brits and The International Students.

I'm glad there are so many international students in my class... and they are all so fun to hang out with. I now have friends from Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Slovenia, India, Poland, Ireland.

Yeah and they think i'm funny cos i drink Honey!
Why?? (Oh, i always bring a flask of hot honey to class everyday! :D )

The Greek boy was like " We don't DRINK honey. We EAT honey! You know?! With bread! No Drinking honey!" So we went round asking if anyone drinks honey at all... and only i and the indian boy drink honey!

Why? Europeans don't drink honey one meh? But Mr Fat Fingers drink honey leh! Actually i've never had honey with bread before... i shall try it..but.. so difficult to buy bread in the UK leh! One loaf is too big for me! And..they expire like within 3 to 4 days! How? And i don't like the idea of freezing my bread.. hmmm... maybe i shall try it next week....

Oh and then that very of my classmates txted me on the the phone "You know what, you don't need to drink honey at all... cos you are oh so sweeeet! haha! Goodnight honey!"

I shuddered ... and pressed the delete button....


Thursday, October 20, 2005


So this morning, i asked CB2 if she can leave the fridge temp at no.2 instead of 1 (0 is as good as turning the fridge off!)

She said no... because her fruits will be frozen and sometimes turn bad... like her bananas.

Wait a minute, no one puts bananas in the fridge!!!!


I think my flatmate is mentally challenged...

So this evening i asked my other Chinese flatmate if that's what they do back at home too...
She told me, "Of course not! It's common sense!"
I told her.. "I thought so too!"

Anyway, we settled for 1.5.

Oh yeah.. last night i was the last one to sleep.. i turned the heater down to 17... and left the window open. It feels so good! It feels so good to snuggle up in bed.. under the duvet! AAAHHH! I slept so well.. and yes, i am much happier today. Thanks everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

bad day...

i had a bad day today...

i woke up at 3am because the heater was turned up to 25 degrees again..

I have a very high tolerence for heat.. i don't sweat a lot.. when i'm in Singapore, my friends would complain that it's hot but not me.. i'd still be fine with my cardigan... they sweat but not me...

But here.. i get so warm.. the room is so warm...
why can't CB2 buy a duvet? Why must she turn up the heater to 25 and enjoy the warmth in her room while i'm sweating in mine?

I don't even sleep under my duvet anymore.

I sleep with just my shorts and tee...
I had to leave the window open yesterday.. it's not very safe to leave the window open but i had no choice.. it's too warm for me.

Last night when i woke up.. i got so angry cos this is like happening every other day....

So.. i broke down and cry... i was just so tired and angry..

I complained to my friends about 3am in the morning! They were surprised because i never feel warm or hot.. and if it is hot for me.. it's really hot for everyone...

And tonight, i called Mr Fat Fingers and told him about my day.. and how bad it was.. and then i cried again. I am such a wimp. but i can't help it.. i felt so angry... And he felt angry too.. he's coming in Nov... i can't wait.. cos he can see the shit that i have to go through.. so i know it is not really my problem. I am not difficult to live with, really. I just want to stay in a COOL and CLEAN environment...

Yeah anyway, tomorrow, i'm going to ask them to NOT turn up the heater to 25 degrees and keep it to below 20.
It is unfair for me to suffer in my room while you are sleeping under a thin sheet and not a duvet. And turn up your radiator for goodness sake!!

Let's hope i will sleep well tonight.. because i really need it.......

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I think my blog is going to be full of complaints about my flatmates..

The toilet is dirty again!!

)*^%@$)(&^%#@ flatmates!!


It's just like the previous toilet pic i've uploaded except that there are blood stains this time! How can things end up there? HOW?!?! Oh... I think they squat on the toilet bowl.. hmmmm....

Yeah, So i got damn fed up and wrote a note and stuck it on the wall.. so they can read it while they shit!!

Here's the msg...

To whoever who has been dirtying the toilet,
please check the toilet bowl after u've done your business as it is VERY Dirty!!
Please clean your own shit with the toilet brush!
The toilet is for everyone to use!!!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Let's live in a clean environment!
It is good for you!!!


To Miss Indecisive or anyone else , can help me translate to chinese? I want to write it in Chinese but my chinese a bit terok hahahahaha

Update : I lifted up the toilet seat to inspect the condition of the toilet.. guess what i saw? blood stains UNDER the toilet seat! How is that possible?!?!! Can someone please explain it to me?!?!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I think i have said this but i shall repeat it again...

I hate my fucking flatmates!!!!!

So we are all supposed to do the duty weekly. ie. to clean the kitchen floor and toilet. But till now, these 2 problematic chinese flatmates of mine did not do it... or maybe they plan to do it later at night today.. i don't know...I shall watch them like a hawk and see if they do! hahahaha

Let's call them CB1 and CB2! Can't think of any names for them now!

Anyway... the next duty person was supposed to buy the detergent to clean the floor. It's CB1's duty today.. but she swapped it with CB2. So i asked them if they have bought the floor detergent and how much i should pay them back.

Guess what they told me?

"There is no need to use the floor detergent.. water will be fine.."

The kitchen is so dirty... and oily! Using water will not get rid of the stains and oil!
They said they do this at home too.... i told them but now there are many people using the kitchen, it is bound to be dirty and oily so we MUST get it... but she still thinks it is ok to just use water first and see how it goes.

Wah lau! Their house must be very dirty....

My other nice Chinese flatmate told me the reason why is because they are stingy and they want to save money. They will not want to pay for these things.. but i am sorry, they have to pay for it. The kitchen is shared and used by we should all keep it clean.
I think i am damn suay to have them as my flatmate....

Oh and CB2 aka TB activated the fire alarm last month... There will be a £100 fine! I better check if they will deduct it from my deposit. I am not prepared to pay for CB2's mistake! So she better pay me back £20 if they really have to deduct from my deposit!! GRRRRRR

Update : I just realised.. i really am sibeh suay lor. First, i have a dick head as a boss.. then now i have two dickettes living in the same flat as me!
Oh and i am not racist lor.. so don't sue me or what.... nowadays want to write out true feelings also must think twice.. sibeh sian.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Why i miss home # 12

I called home this afternoon and talked to my two year old niece. Without anyone prompting her, she told me, "Ah Yi, be careful!"

Awww.... isn't she the sweetest???

I miss everyone so much... i can't wait to be home this Dec... It'd be nice to see everyone again...

It's piling up.. uh-huh uh-huh

Oh man..... the work is piling up.

I spent 5 hrs in the computer lab yesterday with my classmates doing the ASSignment. We spent 5 hours just trying to get the right census data!! & It's not finished yet.. and it's due next Wed! I have to write mini reports, generate graphs and tables.

ANALyse ANALyse ANALyse ....

I shall do that this weekend.. ... and i shall have to prepare for the JAVA prac too. It's getting more confusing and difficult.. argh..

And then of course there is also an ASSignment due soon.. grrrrr

Oh i am so used to spelling assignment as ASSignment.. it's a habit.. ive been doing that since my uni days at NUS... hehehe

Yeah so this weekend is gonna be very busy for me.... and so i will miss the chance on going to Manchester... the society is going to visit the Old Trafford Stadium.. I promised The Boyfriend to spit on it for him cos he's a Liverpool fan hahahahaa. Ah well, there is always next time i suppose...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I hate my fucking flatmate!!!


Fat Fingers is not so happy now... because Fat Fingers' soup is not so good today... because Fat Fingers' fucking flatmate had to move her pot of soup to the other burner while Fat Fingers was using it?

What the hell is her problem?

I was cooking my soup with low heat on the burner on the right and there are other burners that are available.. there's one just next to it and my pot is not so big.. so it wasn't taking up any space!! But no, she HAD to use it!!!!!! and she HAD to turn up the heat for me?!?!?!

If she had wanted to use it.. she should have just come and knock on my door and asked me if i could shift my pot to the other burner! I would be more than happy to do it for her..but no.. she HAD to shift my pot to another burner and then turn up the fire! Stupid fucking flatmate!!!

If i were her, i would come knock on me door and ask for permission... no wait.. IF i were her, i would have just used the burner next to the one that Fat Fingers was using!

Fucking flatmate!

The soup is ok.. but it could have been better if not for the fucking flatmate!!!!!!!

When i'm using the sink, washing my stuff, you'd just come and take over and start to wash your rice! I was nice enough to stop and let you cook first cos you might be hungry! And then you gave me that fucked up look as if i stepped on your tail! I was hungry too ok! grrrrr

My fucking flatmate is inconsiderate, rude and a fucking moron! I hate her!! If she starts moving my things again, there's going to be war!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Muahaha! I did it!


I managed to write a Java prog, on my own! MUAHAHAHAHA.
Well, i got some help from my fellow Singaporean friend who's studying here too... but most of it i did it myself.. esp the hard part!!

I was really stressing a few min ago.. because i have to finish the practical by tomorrow (actually i can do it tomorrow, but i am a singaporean = kiasu i did it first and i know i need more than 2 hrs!!) and after the practical class, i'll have to go catch my train cos i'm going to visit my babyyyy!

Today's his birthday! Mr. Fat Fingers is 32 yrs old! YAY!

Oh yeah, i think the Salt and Vinegar Crisps helped me with the Java.. cos i got so frustrated from writing the codes..and i thought i'd have a packet.. and soon after i managed to get it right! haahahahaha :D :D :D
Yeah i so love Walker's Salt and Vinegar Crisps. I must remember to bring a packet along tomorrow so i can eat in the train hee hee. I think if i were to eat the crisps everytime i have problems with Java.. i am going to be really fat! HAHAHAHHAA

Oh... tomorrow's weather forecast is... "MISTY". I've never experienced such weather before.... so i'm looking forward to it... i hope it's not too nasty.. hehe

Monday, October 03, 2005

Huh? What the?!?

I had Dim Sum with 2 of my friends the other day (and 8 other people that i don't really know well)

The dim sum was good...but not the company.. well except for my 2 friends.


One of the girls told us she's a vegetarian so she can't have dim sum and will order a plate of noodles with... chicken. Hello?!?! Vegetarian? Chicken? Not a good combination! Later on she said.. "Oh yes, i am a Vegetarian.. but i eat chicken...not any other meat.. just chicken"

Er.. i think that makes you someone who just loves only vegetables and chicken! Not VEGETARIAN!

And then another girl...a BIG girl decided not to have dim sum after hearing our description cos she thinks it is not enough to fill her stomach. So she ordered a big plate of spicy chickenand a big bowl of rice..all for herself.....and then she ordered a DIET coke!

Eh?!?!!What's the point of ordering a DIET coke when you are having all those food? I am sure it won't help you in any other way!

Oh yes... another funny thing happened.. 2 of the ang mohs didn't like the chinese tea for some reason.. they think it is tasteless so they added sugar in it! ahahahaha And you know lah, the chinese tea cups are so small.. so every time someone pours some tea for them they have to add sugar again! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!

Then later, the ang moh said.. "I like crispy noodles. In the States, we would just eat them as snacks" (No wonder they are so big size...) And she insisted on having crispy noodles... just crispy noodles without anything... no seafood.. not meat.. no nothing!

I thought it was funny.. and i thought i heard the chef shouted "Qi xin!" from the kitchen.. hahaha

Yeah.. so in the end.. the crispy mee kosong was served...and the ang mohs ate it happily... much happier than eating the dim sum!! HAHAHAHA

Yeah and i told the ang moh to go to chinatown to get a packet of MAMEE.. cos that's crispy mee kosong too! and definitely much cheaper!!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Headache ah!

Last night the young punks left at 11.30pm! They were so noisy...

We wanted to wait till they're gone so we can talk to our flatmate in private.. but we were all so tired and wanted to sleep already so we decided to ask her to come out for awhile. So we told her that we welcome her friends to our flat.. but no more than twice a week.. and if they can keep the volume down... She was ok with it.. but i could sense she wasn't too happy.. I mean..she's right not to be happy...who would like to be told off (nicely) by her flatmates?

Anyway, one problem solved!

But there's another! If you can remember my previous post about TB.... i thought my problem has been solved.. but recently another flatmate of mine has been turning up the central heater to 28 ~ 30 degrees! WAH LAU! Who the hell sleeps in such condition?? Maybe the devil himself.. but.... not me!!!

So last night.. i woke up at 5am.. sweating (again!)... I was so annoyed.. i wanted to continue to sleep but it was just too hot for me! So i dragged myself up and went to the kitchen to turn the temp down to 20! After that i went back to bed but couldn't get to sleep!

So today, lao niang had a hard time trying to keep herself awake during lecture!!! Ta ma de!

I have told the flatmate about it and hopefully she will not do it again.. cos Lao niang doesn't really want to spend her time sleeping during lectures and awake in bed in the wee hours of the morning!!

And now i am getting a wee bit stress with school work!
I have to learn Java you know! I'm going to be an uber geek! hehehe that's what my lecturer said. I think he is so funny cos he once told us (while showing us around the bldg) "There's an empty corridor here..You can do whatever you like.. Snogging, Shagging..whatever!"
If he were in Singapore, i think he might have lost his job now.....

Anyway.. i have to go read up about JAVA. If any of you uber geeks here know about Java.. any good links etc, please tell me! Fat Fingers will be forever grateful!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Guo Fen!

My flatmate is annoying me..and the rest of us as well.

She has been inviting friends over... everyday! And everytime, there's always a new place.. and there will be at least 8 of them!

I mean.. it is ok to invite you friends over... but must it be everyday?

Why do you have to see them EVERYDAY?? Are you having group sex or something??

And the noise they are making! So distracting! I pity my other flatmate whose room is just next to the kitchen.

Somedays, i come back to my flat.. hoping to cook some good food to satisfy my poor neglected tummy after a day at school.. but what do i see in the kitchen? A bunch of noisy young punks.

It's hard to cook with so many people around the kitchen!

So today, we had a discussion. One of them was thirsty but didn't dare go to the kitchen to get water! One of them is dying from hunger but can't cook cos everyone's there! Poor things!

It is our kitchen! Why should we be afraid to go into our own kitchen?

So tonight, when the young punks leave.. (God knows when!), we'll talk to her and tell her... You can invite your friends over but no more than twice a week! (of course in a nice manner.. we have to live with each other for at least another 8 mth...)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dear Lynne...

You said.. "Your flatmates from China? Do they shut the toilet door when they do their business? I bet they don't. I once went to a restaurant toilet halfway thru' my meal (in China) and saw this lady doing "big" business in a door-less cubicle, I lost my appetite on the spot ... "

I thought... naaa.. how can it happen here...

and guess what... YOU ARE RIGHT!!

Last evening, i got out of my room to get some stuff from the kitchen... and i saw my flatmate sitting on the "royal throne" doing her business!


I was kinda embarrassed.. i think she was too.. she quickly scrambled and shut the door...

Why? Why? Why don't you just shut the door when you do your business?!?!?!

Monday, September 26, 2005

NO way!

XXX : No way!
Me : Yes way!
XXX : Nooo! Are you sure?
Me : Yes!
XXX : You sure you're 28?? I thought you were 18 or 19!!!

Whenever i meet some new people and they ask how old i am.. this is the standard response from them!

And my friend from China kept insisting i am lying to her! She pinches my cheeks sometimes cos she said i am so cute! She said i'm like a kid..

I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing hahaha

Sometimes i complain to The Boyfriend about it and he told me to shut up cos he knows deep inside.. i am secretly happy that someone thinks i am 18! LOL... he is right! hahahaha

Friday, September 23, 2005

It worked!

Guess what?
The toilet bowl is clean now!
I came home this afternoon, dreading to go to the toilet.. but i had to... so i went in and was surprised!
Someone cleaned it up! The culprit..or maybe some kind soul read the note and cleaned it up!!!

I was worried that no one will understand what i was trying to say because.. er.. i think the toilets in China are way worse than this... They must be thinking.."What's this Fat Fingers trying to tell us? The toilet is very dirty ma?"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's Official!

I am now officially a student! I am registered and got my student card!
But my pic on my student card is not so nice.. cos i didn't smile. Too tired and nervous.. everyone was just staring at me! Fat Fingers has very nice smile one ok.. hahahaha

I love my timetable....
Monday - 3 to 6pm!
Tue - 9 to 11am!
Wed - 4 to 6pm!
Thur - 10 to 6pm! (2hrs break in between)
Fri - 12 to 4pm!

Semester 2 is best! No classes on Monday and Fri! But i might have to go do my work placement though. hmmm

By the way.. want to see the stain that has been on the toilet bowl for a few days? The culprit is still not doing anything!

Gross or not?? You tell me? I wonder how the shit ended up there??

So this evening i wrote a note and put it on the fridge where everyone can see... Better to do all these before the toilet gets any dirtier...and i ain't going to clean up someone else's shit!

Dear Flatmates,
After seeing the state of the toilet... i think we should come out with a set of house rules. I have come out with a couple. Please feel free to add on.
1. Clean up after yourself. esp. the toilet. NO skid marks please.
2. Respect public properties and those of your fellow flatmates.

I hope my flatmates will not be offended... and leave a turd outside my room tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have given one of my flatmates a nickname. Her name is TB.. short for Thin Blanket.

For the past few nights.. i have been waking up.. hot and bothered...
You know why? Cos TB turned up the heater to THIRTY degrees! Wah lau! 3o!!

I have turned off the radiator in my room.. and it stills feel warm!
I have opened the window too but still it is not working!
I didn't even need my duvet when i sleep!

For the past few nights, i turned the temp down to 15 degrees celcius hahaha cos it's so warm! And the next day i wake up, it has been turned up to 30!!!

So today, i can't stand it anymore and asked who's the one who has been turning up the heat! (i didn't know who at first but i suspected TB through some process of elimination! haha). She said it is her.. cos she feels so cold at night especially her feet!

I asked her "Don't you have a duvet??" she said yes.. and pointed at her blanket..
Wah lau.. please lor.. you are in the UK.. it is cold and will be colder soon..why you use something that is as thin (or maybe thinner) as your bath towel as a blanket?

She then told me to turn off my radiator at night! Oh the cheek! She said her radiator is not working so the accommodation office gave her a heater!

Then why the hell did she not use her heater and turned up the central heater!!! Wah lau....

Anyway she said she will turn on her heater tonight!
So tonight, i am able to have a good sleep! Yahoo!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My flatmates...

- like to leave "skid marks" on the toilet bowl! grrrr...
- didn't clean the stove after cooking.. so it can be quite oily and dirty
- used my wok (they want to share with me) and yesterday the wok was rusty!! I had to clean it up!

I am going to charge them for the things that they are going to share with me. I will have to set up house rules too...

1. Please clean up after yourself
2. .....

er i am stuck now.. what house rules should i have??

Monday, September 19, 2005

finally ah!!

I've finally got internet access in my room!!

I am so glad to be online now! I can finally surf the net in peace and read all the blogs!!

The boyfriend left last Saturday.. so i had the weekend all to myself.. and i was so LONELY!!! I miss him! But part of me wants him to go back soon so i can get on with my life.. and meet more people and make new friends.

My flat mates are ok… but I doubt I will be very good friends with them..

3 of them are from China so that makes them a gang already.

The other flat mate of mine is from Hong Kong. She is always running around.. so I have not much chance to talk to her etc.

Oh and their names are so funny.. Gigi, Lili, Coco and today i met a Bobo. I am sure i will meet someone by the name of Jojo soon.. hmmm

So what have i been doing??

Well, I have been going to the afternoon tea party at the International Students Office. They serve FREE tea/coffee and snacks! So must go lor! Plus.. can make more friends mah!!!

It was quite awkward for me at first… cos I am just not good at starting a conversation.. But it went ok (thankfully). I plucked up my courage and talked to some people. I met some Japanese girls and boys. They were a friendly bunch. I met a Swedish guy too and he asked me lots of questions about Singapore! Heng ah! I know the answers hahaha. And today i finally met someone who is doing the same (well almost the same) course as me! We have not met anyone who is in the same dept!!

Oh and i think it's so hard to cook for one person? I thought it was easy cos i can cook whatever i want and however i want it... but on Sunday i was in the kitchen... pondering for 15min... with the chicken breast on my plate.. I don't know what to do with it!! Should i stir fry it? Steam it? How?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don't know what to do with it!!!!

In the end, i cooked tom yum soup with them....

Oh yeah... some guy from the next block was trying out his new wok... and he set off the fire alarm! haha i think that's so funny.... i hope it will not happen to me.. hehehe

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm back!!

Hmmm is it just me or are the pantyliners in the UK really big??? It seems so big to me leh.. hehehe

Anyway... i'm having a really good time here in the UK! I'm getting used to the weather here.. no rain for the past few weeks! Yahoo!

Been to Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Hatfield house and Windsor Castle. I love Windsor Castle! It's so lovely! Unfortunately, the Queen wasn't in Windor Castle on the day i was there...i was hoping to see her so i can complain to her! Wah Lau, i still haven't get my bank a/c!! So many weeks already!

If there's one thing i hate about the UK, it will be the banks and their banking system! I dont' understand why i have to wait for a few weeks to get my a/c! Do i look like i am into money laundering? aiyoh....

OK enough whinging...

Let me tell you about my new mission

It its to.....try all the pies in the UK without getting fat!
Wah the pies here are so good!! I love them! It's so good especially with the gravy! mmmmm!!
I had Steak and Guinness pie on Monday and a steak and ale pie yesterday!
And i have put on ONE kg.. boohoo hoo!!

I got fat in Japan from eating too much mister donuts (8kg!!).. now it seems like i have a thing for pies here! Aiyoh... MUST.WATCH.DIET.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Size does matter...

The Boyfriend : Would you like to have some tea?
Me : Yes please.
The Boyfriend : Ang Moh Size?
Me : no.. Oriental size please!!

Man the servings here are so big!
Even the tablespoon at The Boyfriend's house seems bigger than the one i have back at home.. hmmmm HAHA
Oh yah, and in England.. Asian means people from India/Pakistan. For me, i'm an oriental! I hope no one spins me around cos then i'll be disoriented! HAHAHAHAHAHA

And the clothes! It's all size 10 and above! Well.. there are some size 8 and 10.. but i have to see anything nice yet. I have to go shopping more.. if the weather improves!!

Thank you everyone for the comments but i can't reply to them.. no time lah.. cos not using own lappie at the moment. And gotta chat with the family too. Man, i miss them already! Actually, it's mostly mum's food!

I cooked some rice today and some steamed egg too hehe. Tastes good but not as good as mum's...

Tomorrow i will cook chicken rice.. i hope it will turn out good.. and yah, the chicken here is very big too! and it cost us.. SGD20!!!! Wah lau.. it;s going to be an expensive chicken rice..

OK everyone, Fat Fingers gotta go now..

Take care! & I'll blog again soon....

Monday, August 22, 2005

I made it!

I'm now in the UK!

It started off bad!!! Stupid airline.. but things could only get better from there!!

I'll update more about what happened when i have the time...

I'm now at The Boyfriend's place. It's a lovely place! His family is great! So are the dogs! So cute!! I think one of them is jealous of me.. cos i think she's in love with The Boyfriend too...
And Hedges the cat keeps coming on to me.. Cats are not my thing.. and i wonder where Benson is. I've yet to meet him. Yes the cats' names are Benson & Hedges haahhaa

OK gotta go now.

Will update more soon!!

Fat Fingers xxx

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Last entry!

No lah.. not my last entry for good.. but my last entry in Singapore...

I had a great dinner with the family today...
I'm going to miss them so much! & I hope i'll not cry at the airport tomorrow....

I have so much i want to say.. but i just can't express them out now.. too tired i guess..

Anyway, I hope tomorrow, the check-in will be smOOth hehe.
And the customs officer will be nice to me... I hope they will not make me open my luggage cos there's nothing much inside really....... ;)

Okie dokie... Fat Fingers must go get some sleep...

I'll blog again when i'm in the UK!

Take care everyone! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've just finished packing!
Man.. i hate packing.. I have to leave so many stuff at home.. but that's ok.. that means i can get some new stuff when i'm there! YAY!

Thank god for Space bags!! Winter clothings can be so bulky!

Anyway, i think i've just met the max. baggage allowance..or maybe might exceed one or two kg. I had to go through like... 454579 rounds of elimination before i could decide what i really want to bring HAHAHAHHAA.

The Boyfriend's mother was so funny... she asked him if she should rent a container for me and put it in her garden so i could store my stuff! LOL. I think that's so funny!

Yeah, i'm all set to go to the UK!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Busy Busy!

I've been so busy.... cleaning the room....
I've not finished packing yet!

I've already set aside all the things i want to bring.. wah.. and it seems like there's a lot i want to bring!! Aiyoh... i must review my stuff again hehehe.

Anyway, by popular demand.. here's the pic of me doing the LOSER sign. (^_^)L.
I have blurred out my face and Dick's face....hehehe.
I shy lah... hee hee (^_^)Y

Monday, August 15, 2005

It's over!

It's over!
My last day at work!
No more working for Dick. No more working for a loser!


I will neither miss Dick nor Work... but i'll definitely miss some of my COWorkers.

They were so nice to get me a present and organised a pizza party too. And a couple of them also prayed for me before i left the the office. So nice of them!

Oh yes... took a pic with Dick. I pretended to do the Peace sign (^_^)Y... and before the camera snapped.. i changed it to the LOSER sign! (^_^)L HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love that pic so much hahahaaha! Dick doesn't know about this cos we didn't download it into the shared folder.
edit : actually, i have been practicing this (changing the peace sign to the loser sign) in front of the mirror a few weeks ago!! haha. I am so boh liao i can't stand myself! :D


Oh man, i can't believe i will be leaving Singapore in.. 6 days!! I have yet to pack! eeeeeek Well.. i only packed my winter clothings.. and it's already...15kg! Another 15kg more to go! Need to pack my clothes, shoes and bags. Oh and also my cosmetics, skincare products..and some FOOD!! Yikes! So many things but so little luggage space....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Not Stupid Dick!

Dick to COWorker : OK! I shall pay for lunch! It's going to be my treat!

Wah haolian leh, Dick!
He wants to pay for my farewell lunch worr!

When my COWorkers told me, i was like... "Sure or not?? He's a niao piao leh!!"

But of course, it is too good to be true! Later on, he told my COWorker that he is going to pay using his corporate card.

Chey! It's not from his own pocket.. but for Dick to say he's going to treat us is already very good!!

BUT... today... he changed his mind.

He said he has a budget too... BUT he will still pay with his corporate card and everyone can pay him back in cash.

You pay by corporate card, we pay you back in cash.
You claim that lunch from the co, then you pocket our $$$?
Hello? Want to cheat our money? Not so easy lor!
We not dick ok!

Monday, August 01, 2005


It's August already! Can you believe it?

In 21 days i'll get to see The Boyfriend!!
How exciting!

We are so excited!

I'm very nervous about meeting his parents too.. and his brother.
I also hope the dogs will accept me. One of them is crazy about The Boyfriend. I think she will get jealous of me. hmmmm

And i'm also hoping that i will not step on any dead animals.. when i'm there...

You see.. a few weeks ago, The Boyfriend got up to pee in the middle of the night. He was too lazy to turn on the lights.. and on the way back to his room.. he stepped on something squishy!! He turned on the lights and saw a dead bird!! EEEEK! He was too tired and just wiped the guts and stuff off from in between his toes and went to bed!!! Argh! Gross!! He didn't wash his feet!! Ewwwww

Apparently, one of the cats killed the bird and brought it in! Sometimes they bring dead mice into the house too! EEEEK!

Yeah anyway.. yes.. 21 days to go!



Saturday, July 30, 2005

Very funny meh?

Dick : Dear All, thank you for the voucher. I shall use up the $180 to get my own clothes.

Very funny meh?
I don't think so lor! Whatever Dick says, will not be funny to us.. because we all hate him! hahaha

Basket! The voucher is for him to spend on his baby boy! Not him! If we were to spend money on him, we would have bought him a Management 101 book!

Anyway, he is back from his holiday and he didn't talk to me. I thought he will talk to me about my resignation. Hmmm.. he didn't but he asked my COWorker if I am happier! hahahaa what a question!
My COWorker told him "Of course! Why should she be sad? She is going to do what she wants!"

Hehehe.. another 2 weeks to go at work WOOHOO!!
I've already cleared all my stuff except my toothbrush hehe.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

I went to the pre-departure briefing organised by the Brit Council on Saturday...

Ta ma de.. Nobody from my uni was there! The table was empty! The rest of the Uni were there but not mine! What's up with them, man!

Anyway, i walked around and got useful booklet.. and i didn't ask much questions cos i've already got all my info from the internet!! Boring!

The best thing about the briefing is that.. i got a goody bag! It's full of info (which i already got from the internet!!) and a recipe book from Brit council (which i got off the net as well! but this one is much nicer though hehe) and also one little booklet from Chng Kee.

I was so bored i left 30min later.. I went to meet my girl friends for dinner at Pepper Lunch.
The food was so good! I had the Pepper Beef Rice. I had to take a pic with my phone cam.

Man, it was soooo good! I love it! The service was very good too! I hope i'll have a chance to eat there again... I can't go with my girl friends cos they can't eat beef and there's only one chicken dish! Maybe i'll go have that for lunch tomorrow hohoho.

Oh yeah, bloody Dick will be back this Thursday.. so i guess i will have 2hr lunch breaks for the next few days! muahahahaha

Friday, July 22, 2005

In 30 days...

... i will be in the UK!

My mom and sister are worried... cos London has been attacked... again!

I'm not really worried about going to the UK... but i hate it that my family will be worried for me....
I hate to make them worry....

Bloody terrorists!


Oh! My Blog turns ONE today! yay!

One year ago... i was very angry with Dick. He pissed me off big time.
One year later... Dick still never fail to piss me off haha but i'm not as angry as before.

But i hate him all the same.. haha

Bloody Dick!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

10yrs ago

Fat Fingers : I am eating rasin bread and it reminds me of you! I love raisin bread now! I think i can finish the whole loaf by myself! hehehe

The Ex : You took so long to learn to love raisin bread! It's been 10 years!

Wow.. i feel so old.. 10 years ago!

10yrs ago i was 18 years old...

10yrs ago, i had my first boyfriend. He's the asian version of Mark Owen! So handsome! He's getting married this Oct and i'm really really happy for him!

10yrs ago, i was in JC1.. struggling with economics and accounting.. GRRRR Mr Ganesh, my econs tutor was really scary then! I hate all the mass tutorials...cos that means i will miss the 6pm Cantonese drama on the Malaysian channel!

10yrs ago, i was a very rebellious kid. I fought a lot with the sisters and my mum. My grandma had to beg me to stop all my nonsense..

10yrs ago, i had an argument with my Business Mgt Tutor. He forced me to join the band! I didn't want to go for band practice! I didn't want to play the flute for college day!! I want to join other ECA (last time was called ECA lor)! But no, i have to be in the band! because there's not enough flautist! I was angry and kicked the door when i went out. hehehe. He came out chasing me and telling me.. "I want to see your parents!" and i replied "Fine!!" So my mum went to school and she apologised to the tutor. hehe. I apologised too. This tutor is actually my favourite tutor! I like him a lot hehe.

10yrs ago, i hated raisin bread...


10yrs later, i am very happy with The Boyfriend.. my second boyfriend! hehe!!

10yrs later, i am struggling in the office.. trying not to let Dick and nosey COWorkers annoy me.. hahaha.

10yrs later, i'm not that rebellious anymore. I don't fight with the sisters anymore.. ok maybe once in a blue moon haha. & i don't quarrell with my mum.... as often as before. hehehehe

10yrs later, i argued with my boss! & got into trouble!! hahaha!! Bloody Dick!

10yrs later, i love raisin bread!!! I think i will have one slice before i go to bed later hehe

Do you remember what you were like or what you did 10yrs ago??