Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Save me from the CBs... please!!

CB2, my &%%#)* flatmate, has been turning up the heater to 30 degrees! Even in the morning!!

Please lor!

So today i couldn't take it no more and knocked on her door.

The moment i went in.. i scanned her room... hmmm.... no duvet!!! heater not plugged in!!! Ta ma de! What is wrong with her?!?!?!!?

You get no duvet and didn't plug in your heater and yet you want to turn it up to 30 degrees! Isn't that a bit selfish?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Actually it is not a bit.. it is VERY selfish!

This is just not right!!!

She told me all her plugs are used up and there's no place to plug in her heater! Well, FUCK YOU! An extension doesn't cost much! £6 maybe? and You can get a duvet for £9.90!

And no, i am not going to buy you an extension plug and duvet.. because... why should i? You can afford to come to study here but can't afford to get a decent duvet and an extension plug? How about eating less pizza and use that money to buy those stuff?!?!?!!?!?!

And no wonder the boiler keeps breaking down because it is always at 30 degrees!

I can't believe she is so selfish.
And even if the heater is turned up to 30, i don't think her room will be very very warm?!?!?! cos her radiator is not working! Which is why the accomodation office gave her a heater!!!

She told me she will still turn it up before she sleeps at night and i can turn it down before i go to sleep! FUCK YOU! I say go get an extension cable and maybe a brain?!?!?!!?!
I didn't know what to say and said i will try that and see how it goes.. but it will not be long before i am going to knock on her door again!
And my plan now is to turn it down to 15 everytime i see it turned up to 30! And if she comes knocking on my door, i will tell her i am going to sleep that's why i turned it down! Ma de! It's either i win OR i win ok!

Mr Fat Fingers is coming to visit me tomorrow! He said he will not hesitate to knock on her door in the middle of the night, if he wakes up sweating because the heater was turned up to 30!!! I will be at the side translating in mandarin! HAHAHAHA

I hope CB2 gets fat! REALLY Fat! Then lose all the weight.. but can't lose the excess skin and so her neck will look like a vagina! HAHAHAHAHAHA just like Fat Bastard!!


my alter ego said...


what abt the rest of the flatmates? aint they feeling hot too?

can u imagine when winter fully hits us...maybe it will be like the sahara desert or something?

sometimes, you just feel like banging their heads against the wall...

MyOrangeSweater said...

Can't believe people from China are scared of the cold?! That's ridiculous! Tell Mr. FF to give her a good dressing down ... or to murder her. 2 people should be able to dispose of the body more readily ...

Ignorant one said...

Ouch! She probably forgotten that her brain been missing for ages!

Yeah, you gotta win, just freeze that CB to death. Then you can say she froze to death, and its not murder!

Fat Fingers said...

my alter ego : honestly, i feel like hitting them!

lynne : haha u always ask me to kill ppl one leh! but i really do want to kill them lor. they are so annoying

ignorant one : yah i must win lor! grrrrr

stars_of_rain said...

I feel like throttling her. If I were there, I would have screamed at her. Hahaha..

Maybe you should start collecting leaflets for extension cords and duvets and circling the price with a huge red marker and put it together with her mail or something.

Yours Potatoly said...

Erm. Regarding the 'Fat Bastard' thing. You are really very angry, hor? Ahahahhaaa.. Damn disgusting to even imagine can.

miryclay said...

CB is really a cheesebun.

Is it possibe to permanantly lower the temperature to 15 degrees and freeze her ass off.

LOL. I can't imagine a walking vagina!

barneysaurus said...

Aiyah, you really dun like to eat cheeseburgers huh? Muahah :D!

Keep us updated on the Mr Fat Figers visit leh :D!!

Zen|th said...

A walking vagina.. I wonder how'd that look like.