Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Counting down...

10 7 days to end of term

16 13 days till i'm back in singapore!

2 and a half more Assignments to go!

Can't wait to be back!

My JAVA textbook is at home waiting for me!
My new digital camera is at home waiting for me!
And best of all.. my family and friends are at home waiting for me!



Anonymous said...

hey .
happy that you will be back to Singapore soon? You will celebrate Xmas & CNY there?

Fat Fingers said...

hi anon!
Yes i am happy to be going back home soon even though it's 2 weeks!. i can't celebrate CNY in singapore cos i'll have to come back for exams! boo hoo hoo

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is better than nothing.. At least you can go back to have good time with your families. I like Xmas celebration in Spore. I will only back to Spore in Jan. wish you have a good time there!

Suvy said...


so it must be like another day before the end of term for you huh? time to parteeeehhh... heh heh heh...
btw how'd you fall into my blog anyways? does winfield terrace look the same? did morrisons renovate??

Ah 9 said...

java textbook!?

Fat Fingers said...

Hi Suvy! I saw some of your pics from flickr and it led me to your blog :D

I'm not sure if winfield terrace looks the same cos i've never been there before hehe but i guess it's still the same cos it doesn't look like it has been "upgraded". & I think Morrisons did not renovate their store.. cos looks "old" to me haha.

Ah 9, yes! Java textbook! cheaper to buy in Sg than in the UK. about half the price!

limegreenspyda said...

it's GOOD to be back. and bad. at the same time.

i can't describe it, but there's definitely a good feeling involved, at least. :D

the countdown begins! g'luck with the assignments!

miryclay said...

its been 13 days exactly!!! back in sg yet?

Fat Fingers said...

er actually not yet cos i didnt update the date when i updated it HAHAHAHA

will be back in 3 days time! on the 15th

sari said...

i think u will love sg more than me!!! lol too crowded, too hot n no taxi.