Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I think i am in the wrong country....

This afternoon... i went to the kitchen and thought i was in China!!

The kitchen was damn bloody dirty! My Chinese CB flatmates left a big piece of lettuce on the floor... and lots of garlic skin.. a pc of tissue paper and some other stuff on the floor...

Since it's my duty this week, i've decided to sweep and mop the kitchen floor!

This is the stuff that has been on my kitchen floor for the past few weeks...

Can my chinese flatmates be any dirtier or not? Well, I'm sure they can!!

Oh yes, back to the lettuce.. so i asked one of my flatmates.. Is that yours??? And she just picked it up and threw it into the bin and said.. "It's not mine but we can always just pick it up and throw it away! It's not too much trouble!!"

I was stunned for awhile.. i wanted to tell her.. "No lah, i just wanted to ask you if that's yours.. then you can have it for lunch later mah" ... but i didn't..

I told her it's not about whether we pick it up or not.. it's about who left it there and didn't bother to clean up after herself! She then went on and on and told me she understand that we should keep the kitchen clean.. blah blah blah.. yah right..

So i went to ask her good friend.. i asked the two of them cos i saw and heard them in the kitchen earlier.. and she said it's not her either.. went to ask another but she said it's not her too. Funny lor... everyone said it's not them! So who could it be? *Gasp* I think my flat must be haunted!!!

Anyway, i mopped the kitchen floor and now i don't hear any of those rubber-sticking-to-sticky floor sound.. u what know i mean??

They better not mess up the kitchen again!!!

Oh yeah, CB2 came and told me the room is too cold for her.. so i asked her why don't u turn on her own heater?!?!?! She said she can't cos she is using her laptop and there's no powerpoint for her to plug it in. So i told her (again) to get an extension but she changed the subject! Oh please! You can do something about it but you don't want to! Then she went on to tell me that 30 is the optimum temperature for her! Well too bad! It's not for me! I will wake up in the middle of the night sweating!! Why don't you just get a bloody extension! Stop being so bloody niao piao!


baby`soT said...

It's hard to live with others, especially with someone from a different country and culture. I can't stand people making the place dirty either. I get so pek cek when others dont bother to clean up after themselves. It's alright to have a messy room but toilets and kitchen have to be kept clean! I totally understand how you felt.

I used to be the one who doesn't clean after myself at home. And now I totally understand why my mum used to scold me, nag me and even beat me.

I might suggest that you look for new flatmates or "open one eye and close the other" because it's hard to study when you aren't happy.


Hope things will improve for you.

barneysaurus said...

I'm a bit scared they will murder you one day leh! Muahaha... Take care! Be careful if they offer any soup to you :P!

Fat Fingers said...

baby`soT : thank you for your suggestion! I can't change flatmates cos i'm bound by a contract and it's hard to find another place now..

barneysaurus : they too niao. they will never offer anything to anyone! hehe. i always watch my back when i'm in the kitchen :D

Zen|th said...

What the heck? With each entry I can't believe how bad your roomates are. How can anyone leave such mess like that lying around?

MyOrangeSweater said...

I feel so bad for you, 'cos I am in the same situation right now, except I can't even move out, it's my bloody house! When are you getting your own place? *sayang*

sari said...

Yeh its hard to live with people. My house is just like dat! Even sauces dat has hardened onto the floor! and beer bottles everywhere!! Its just yuckie!

Ignorant one said...

how come ppl like that de! that was a real mess, and those buggies and flies would come for a visit!

Eww, they ought to learn from pri sch students how to keep clean!

lexriel said...

Hope you're not bound by the contract for too long. My ex-housemate had the similar difficulties with this china gal who took over my room when i left melbourne over two years ago. Went to visit her earlier this year and i was really shocked. The gal left some lettuce in a bowl of water in the kitchen and it was still there 4 days later and my poor ex-housemate showed me this bottle of diluted milk - the gal had secretly drank it and replaced it with water and it isn't the first time. She confronted her and the gal accused me. Thank goodness my ex-housemate know for a fact that i am lactose intolerant.

Can't you get anyone to take over your room? Please take care in the meantime!

Fat Fingers said...

zen|th : i think they can..because they are from... oh i better not say hahaha

lynne: my contract till end jun next year but i have to stay for the summer cos of my dissertation. But i hope they will move our or someone can allocate them to stay in another room.

sari : same for me! sometimes got bloodstain too! on the wall!

ignorant one : yah they are like that. lucky winter time no flies around.. and lucky UK no ants! if not i will go crazy.. i hate ants.

lexriel : wah that girl is damn guofen! steal milk some more! What is wrong with these people? too poor? cannot afford? not that i look down on poor people, but if u cannot afford such things then don't go overseas and study! Stay in China! Like that CB2! Want to come to England but dun buy duvet! SIAO!

Ignorant one said...

huh? how come UK no ants? I've always thought they have the largest population in the whole wide world!