Friday, April 28, 2006


Remember, Prison Got No BroadBand! I really like this slogan that mr. brown and mr. miyagi came up with. Mr Fat Fingers like it too haha

Anyway, UK is going to have their local elections too! On the 4th of May. The parties will broadcast their messages on tv.. and i really like this broadcast by.. Dave the Chameleon! The opening music to that broadcast was Boy George's Karma Chameleon! LOL! Please check out the broadcast on the website!

And Dave the Chameleon even got a blog leh! So i think maybe the prisons here got broadband?? HAHAHAHA! Dave has a webcam too! Oh he some more got wallpaper and ringtone! And screensaver!! So happening!

Yeah I like this broadcast cos it's sacarstic...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update about Dick!!!

Stupid Dick Head!

I got online today and my ex-COWorker updated me about that stupid ex-boss of mine! And listening to the stories got me really agitated and upset for some of my ex-COWorkers!

So this annoying ex-COWorker of mine, let's call her Dickette, went for an interview for an internal job opening. She got it..and this means a promotion for her too. And what did she do? She felt she is too inferior and turned down the job!

Waste people's time only!!

Then never mind.. what else did she do? She went to Dick Head's office and asked for her job back and asked to do SOMEONE ELSE'S job!!! ARGH!

And what did that fuck face Dick Head do? He opened up some documents, showed her which category has the potential to get the highest bonus and let her choose! So she is going to ask for my friend's job! Not hers but My FRIEND's! And of course... my friend doesn't know it yet!


Hello? You left your job for a promotion, you turned it down, and i don't see why u can come back and take my FRIEND's job away!!! How dare you!

But I am sure my FRIEND will go into LL's office and bang his table and tell him off because that's what she did to him before!

Argh! I feel so angry for my friends who have to go through this! It's so unfair for them!! Someone can just come and take away my job anytime just because Dick likes Dickette! Just because Dickette is a spy for Dick! GRRRRRRRRR!!

Dick Head and Dickette sucks big time!! I hope they get bad karma real soon!

Anyway, I am glad I am not that anymore! But i still get agitated when I hear updates about Dick!! hehehe

Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm amazed!

I'm back at Leeds now!
Last night, while we were lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, I told Mr Fat Fingers that I will try to be calm when I get back to the matter how dirty it is...

And guess what??

The kitchen and toilet was so damn clean!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA And the stove is SPOTLESS! It's amazing! I wonder what happened to my flatmates? Someone must have cleaned it up yesterday!

Anyway... It's weird to be back..cos i feel so weird to be surrounded by students again! I've got so used to the "working life" in London! I miss taking the tube actually... yes the crowded tube!! I get really excited whenever i managed to squeeze myself into a crowded tube hahahahaha!

Anyway, my job attachment went very well! I helped to improve some work process for the co. and they were well pleased with it and they were pleased with my performance too! So i asked the boss, during our last meeting, if I could do my dissertation with them and he said he'd be happy to have me work for him this summer again! Yay!

He also asked me what my plans were.. and i said i would love to find a job here in the UK and i asked him I could work for him! hehehehe! Yes i was really direct! He said he'd be happy to employ me but i have to first do some research about the work permit application so as to make it easier for him to hire me! I can't wait to start doing my research on it after i finish my THREE ASSignments!!!!!!

And I am really happy now because i've finally found something that I enjoy doing and something that I WANT to do!!

For the past 20 over years, i've been wondering what I want to do with my life and what kind of career I want to have.. i have finally found the answer! I think? hahaha

Like i told the boss, the best thing about my attachment is that it acts as a confirmation for me.. that is I made the right choice and that GIS and planning is for me AND this is what I want to do!! And also the money that I have saved for my course and the loan that I got from my mum have not gone to waste!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy week...ahead

Another week over for my job attachment. Another 2 weeks to go and the best thing is ... it will be a 4 day week for me for the next 2 weeks cos of the Easter Holidays! Woohooo!!! I've been so busy! I hardly have time to do anything else!! I have 2 reports due after my jo attachment! ahhh! I better find some time to do it in the next few days!!!! And i think next week i might have to work overtime too..cos my project with the co. is due soon! yikes!

Anyway... I've finished my book - Empress Orchid. It's really interesting!! & today on the way to the market, we passed by a charity shop and the boyfriend got me a book from Sue Townsend - author of Adrian Mole. It's called "Number 10" and it costs only £2! Not sure if it is any good but i really like Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend.. and i am not really keen on reading Sea Biscuit...yet. Mr Fat Fingers said I have to read that.. hmm but i'm not too sure hehe.

I am beginning to enjoy reading again. I've not been reading for a long time.... I remember i used to go to the library every saturday...alone..after my eca when I was still in pri. 4. I'd borrow 4 books and finish them like within a week or 2. I enjoyed reading so much then and i can't remember why i stopped.... could be the heavy workload i got when i went to sec. school!!!

Anyway, i am having such a good time here with Mr Fat Fingers. We have been spending our weekends going to the countryside for a walk with the dogs. It's so fun. And it's so nice to be in the countryside!

Today we had a long walk.. 11,000+ steps! It wasn't too cold because the sun was out... Along the way, we saw some horses! Mr Fat Fingers and his mum fed them mints! I wasn't too keen on doing that.. but i patted a horse! Woweee! I patted a horse! haha I was really scared at first but the horse seems so friendly. It just came right in front of me (we were separated by a fence by the way..) and looked at me.. so i patted it.. after much encouragement from Mr Fat Fingers! hahaha it was so nice though to pat the horse and stroke them. One of them was a really handsome horse with a stylo mylo hairstyle LOL! I took a pic of them but i'm too lazy to upload them. We also stopped by at the local pub to have a cold shandy! It was so good!!

Yeah, i really like this pic that i took.. i like that tree too. I now have a favourite tree hehehe! :D

Saturday, April 01, 2006

oh yeah...

i've been wanting to write about my "data collection" trip in London but was too busy and then forgot about it!!

Yeah so i was wearing that obiang piece of vest on me from 12 to 6pm! Walked around snapping pictures and plotting stuff onto my maps...

Quite a few people were looking at me wondering what i was doing...

A black guy on a bike rode past me and said "Yo yo Little Lady! Whatcha doing?" LOL that made me laugh hahaha it was so funny... i wanted to reply with all my "yo-yos" but he just rode away..

And this old man, he asked me what if i was trying to change the street layout and i told him, "Yes! I'm trying to make this a better place!" and he just laughed and walked away hehe.

And then there were a few students who asked me what I was doing... and they wanted to pose for my pics but of course i can't include them in my report hehe.

The funniest thing was during lunch at the indian restaurant. I was on my own and enjoying my lamb madras with naan and watching the world go by..... Then the owner came and talked to me and asked me what i'm doing and where i was from.

Owner: Do you have relatives here?
Me: No. Only friends here.
Owner: You must make relatives here in the UK!
Me: hahaha ok!
Owner: It is important.
Me: haha! What about you? Is your wife from the UK or India?
Owner: I have no wife. But it doesn't matter where she is from. blah blah blah... You know it is important that the husband will say "My wife is my heart.." and the wife will say "My husband is my heart"
Me: Yes.. *kept nodding my head*
Owner: You understand what i am saying?
Me: Yes! I think that's important...

and he kept on telling me how there must be trust in a relationship and how money isn't everything etc.

I enjoyed talking to him .. it was quite funny although it was hard to understand what he was trying to tell me sometimes ... his english was a bit odd. hehe.

Anyway this is the end of our conversation:

Me: Ok i have to go now. Thanks for the meal. It was lovely!
Owner: You are welcome! Please come again!
Me: I will! Thank you and good luck! Good luck for your business and your wife!
Owner: Oh no! I don't have wife!! *laughs*
Me: Yes but soon!!!!
Owner: Yes yes! Soon I hope!

Hahaha! I had such a great time that day!!! I enjoy it when people come up to me and talk to me. hehe

Oh yes, i had to wear that obiang yellow vest because it is a must for anyone to wear it when they are working on the streets in the UK... and it is also for the people i am working with and the rest of the people to identify me!!!!!


I had a great birthday even though i had to work!

I received a book and a pair of shoes from the boyfriend. The book is about Empress Orchid aka Ci Xi Tai Hou...It's really interesting!! I enjoyed reading it during my train ride to and from work which is about 40min!!

I also received some money, a tub of body cream and choccies from his parents. I also got a picture book on urban spaces and a card from the co.! How nice of them!

The best present i received was an e card from my mum!! I called her earlier and she told me she made red eggs in my honour! When i read the e card, i wanted to cry cos it was so touching haha! & My mum has never given me any cards for my birthday! I miss her so much!!

Oh yeah, i didn't get a job offer for my birthday present! Gutted! hahaha