Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy week...ahead

Another week over for my job attachment. Another 2 weeks to go and the best thing is ... it will be a 4 day week for me for the next 2 weeks cos of the Easter Holidays! Woohooo!!! I've been so busy! I hardly have time to do anything else!! I have 2 reports due after my jo attachment! ahhh! I better find some time to do it in the next few days!!!! And i think next week i might have to work overtime too..cos my project with the co. is due soon! yikes!

Anyway... I've finished my book - Empress Orchid. It's really interesting!! & today on the way to the market, we passed by a charity shop and the boyfriend got me a book from Sue Townsend - author of Adrian Mole. It's called "Number 10" and it costs only £2! Not sure if it is any good but i really like Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend.. and i am not really keen on reading Sea Biscuit...yet. Mr Fat Fingers said I have to read that.. hmm but i'm not too sure hehe.

I am beginning to enjoy reading again. I've not been reading for a long time.... I remember i used to go to the library every saturday...alone..after my eca when I was still in pri. 4. I'd borrow 4 books and finish them like within a week or 2. I enjoyed reading so much then and i can't remember why i stopped.... could be the heavy workload i got when i went to sec. school!!!

Anyway, i am having such a good time here with Mr Fat Fingers. We have been spending our weekends going to the countryside for a walk with the dogs. It's so fun. And it's so nice to be in the countryside!

Today we had a long walk.. 11,000+ steps! It wasn't too cold because the sun was out... Along the way, we saw some horses! Mr Fat Fingers and his mum fed them mints! I wasn't too keen on doing that.. but i patted a horse! Woweee! I patted a horse! haha I was really scared at first but the horse seems so friendly. It just came right in front of me (we were separated by a fence by the way..) and looked at me.. so i patted it.. after much encouragement from Mr Fat Fingers! hahaha it was so nice though to pat the horse and stroke them. One of them was a really handsome horse with a stylo mylo hairstyle LOL! I took a pic of them but i'm too lazy to upload them. We also stopped by at the local pub to have a cold shandy! It was so good!!

Yeah, i really like this pic that i took.. i like that tree too. I now have a favourite tree hehehe! :D


MichelleYourReader said...

Woah, the pic is superb!

limegreenspyda said...

looks like you're out enjoying yourself with spring now in the air! :) go, girl! get out and breathe and run and pat horses! happy easter!

btw, word verification is asking me type 'ydickm'! hmm...!

Mirebella said...

Very "domesticated".
Btw - I've read that book - and its pretty riverting isnt it? Try getting some Pearl S. Buck books if you liked Princess Orchid - similar styles,set in the same era so to speak.

The Princess said... the pic. Isn't it nice to be out in the countryside? You can never find anything like that back in S'pore! And the pretty should try riding on one, not just pat it !!!

jettykey said...

That's a beautiful shot! Is it only in the rural area where scenery is like this? Would love to visit if I can.

Fat Fingers said...

thanks michelle!

Spyda: happy easter too! oh.. ydickm LOL!

mirebella: thanks! i'll check out those books!

the princess: cannot anyhow just ride the horses! hahahaha! Don't think the farmers will be too happy with me if i do that! and it is expensive to go to a horse riding school hehehe but i'd love to do that actually!

jettykey: thanks! yes i think it is hard to find such a nice scenery in a city... That place is called Pegsdon in Hertfordshire, England. Nothing much there..just lots of farms, trees and farm animals.