Saturday, April 01, 2006

oh yeah...

i've been wanting to write about my "data collection" trip in London but was too busy and then forgot about it!!

Yeah so i was wearing that obiang piece of vest on me from 12 to 6pm! Walked around snapping pictures and plotting stuff onto my maps...

Quite a few people were looking at me wondering what i was doing...

A black guy on a bike rode past me and said "Yo yo Little Lady! Whatcha doing?" LOL that made me laugh hahaha it was so funny... i wanted to reply with all my "yo-yos" but he just rode away..

And this old man, he asked me what if i was trying to change the street layout and i told him, "Yes! I'm trying to make this a better place!" and he just laughed and walked away hehe.

And then there were a few students who asked me what I was doing... and they wanted to pose for my pics but of course i can't include them in my report hehe.

The funniest thing was during lunch at the indian restaurant. I was on my own and enjoying my lamb madras with naan and watching the world go by..... Then the owner came and talked to me and asked me what i'm doing and where i was from.

Owner: Do you have relatives here?
Me: No. Only friends here.
Owner: You must make relatives here in the UK!
Me: hahaha ok!
Owner: It is important.
Me: haha! What about you? Is your wife from the UK or India?
Owner: I have no wife. But it doesn't matter where she is from. blah blah blah... You know it is important that the husband will say "My wife is my heart.." and the wife will say "My husband is my heart"
Me: Yes.. *kept nodding my head*
Owner: You understand what i am saying?
Me: Yes! I think that's important...

and he kept on telling me how there must be trust in a relationship and how money isn't everything etc.

I enjoyed talking to him .. it was quite funny although it was hard to understand what he was trying to tell me sometimes ... his english was a bit odd. hehe.

Anyway this is the end of our conversation:

Me: Ok i have to go now. Thanks for the meal. It was lovely!
Owner: You are welcome! Please come again!
Me: I will! Thank you and good luck! Good luck for your business and your wife!
Owner: Oh no! I don't have wife!! *laughs*
Me: Yes but soon!!!!
Owner: Yes yes! Soon I hope!

Hahaha! I had such a great time that day!!! I enjoy it when people come up to me and talk to me. hehe

Oh yes, i had to wear that obiang yellow vest because it is a must for anyone to wear it when they are working on the streets in the UK... and it is also for the people i am working with and the rest of the people to identify me!!!!!


defy angel said...

Are u going to post a pic of urself in the yellow obiang vest?

Fat Fingers said...

hehehe no! :D

defy angel said...

hehee...thot u will post ... hehehe...

merry.little.lady said...

Glad that you enjoyed yourself whilst working!! Big contrast to working with D I C K i supposed? lol.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Fat Fingers! *hugs* :D

The Princess said...

Yo Aries gal, Happie Belated Birthday! So now I know you are about 2 months older than me, hehe.

Fat Fingers said...

defy angel: i too scared to show my face hee hee :D :D :D

merry.little.lady: yes it is much better than working for that dickhead! and thank you :D

the princess: aiyah only 2 months! :D

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

Good luck on your job and of course....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!!

Lots of Cheers!

limegreenspyda said...

happy belated birthday!

it's odd you should be working with urban spaces, and your discipline is in commedia(?), while i'm looking at the streets within the context of interior design!

haha sometimes those awkward moments on the street turn out to be one of defining things, hey?

and. HAPPY EASTER! hope you get lots of eggs, bunnies and chickies! :)

heidi said...

happy belated birthday and all the best to your job!