Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update about Dick!!!

Stupid Dick Head!

I got online today and my ex-COWorker updated me about that stupid ex-boss of mine! And listening to the stories got me really agitated and upset for some of my ex-COWorkers!

So this annoying ex-COWorker of mine, let's call her Dickette, went for an interview for an internal job opening. She got it..and this means a promotion for her too. And what did she do? She felt she is too inferior and turned down the job!

Waste people's time only!!

Then never mind.. what else did she do? She went to Dick Head's office and asked for her job back and asked to do SOMEONE ELSE'S job!!! ARGH!

And what did that fuck face Dick Head do? He opened up some documents, showed her which category has the potential to get the highest bonus and let her choose! So she is going to ask for my friend's job! Not hers but My FRIEND's! And of course... my friend doesn't know it yet!


Hello? You left your job for a promotion, you turned it down, and i don't see why u can come back and take my FRIEND's job away!!! How dare you!

But I am sure my FRIEND will go into LL's office and bang his table and tell him off because that's what she did to him before!

Argh! I feel so angry for my friends who have to go through this! It's so unfair for them!! Someone can just come and take away my job anytime just because Dick likes Dickette! Just because Dickette is a spy for Dick! GRRRRRRRRR!!

Dick Head and Dickette sucks big time!! I hope they get bad karma real soon!

Anyway, I am glad I am not that anymore! But i still get agitated when I hear updates about Dick!! hehehe


jettykey said...

Maybe Dickhead and Dickette have something going on, behind everyone's back?

Aren't you glad you're not part of the office politics anymore?

barneysaurus said...

You know, it feels kind of nostalgic to read about Dick, keke....

OLLie said...

I was wondering how come you call her Dickette. Then I realized why. Your office is full of assholes man..

Fat Fingers said...

jettykey: yah i am glad i am not part of it anymore but it still annoys me hahahaa

barneysaurus: hahaha! Yeah! :D

ollie: thank god i;m no longer working there.