Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm amazed!

I'm back at Leeds now!
Last night, while we were lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, I told Mr Fat Fingers that I will try to be calm when I get back to the matter how dirty it is...

And guess what??

The kitchen and toilet was so damn clean!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA And the stove is SPOTLESS! It's amazing! I wonder what happened to my flatmates? Someone must have cleaned it up yesterday!

Anyway... It's weird to be back..cos i feel so weird to be surrounded by students again! I've got so used to the "working life" in London! I miss taking the tube actually... yes the crowded tube!! I get really excited whenever i managed to squeeze myself into a crowded tube hahahahaha!

Anyway, my job attachment went very well! I helped to improve some work process for the co. and they were well pleased with it and they were pleased with my performance too! So i asked the boss, during our last meeting, if I could do my dissertation with them and he said he'd be happy to have me work for him this summer again! Yay!

He also asked me what my plans were.. and i said i would love to find a job here in the UK and i asked him I could work for him! hehehehe! Yes i was really direct! He said he'd be happy to employ me but i have to first do some research about the work permit application so as to make it easier for him to hire me! I can't wait to start doing my research on it after i finish my THREE ASSignments!!!!!!

And I am really happy now because i've finally found something that I enjoy doing and something that I WANT to do!!

For the past 20 over years, i've been wondering what I want to do with my life and what kind of career I want to have.. i have finally found the answer! I think? hahaha

Like i told the boss, the best thing about my attachment is that it acts as a confirmation for me.. that is I made the right choice and that GIS and planning is for me AND this is what I want to do!! And also the money that I have saved for my course and the loan that I got from my mum have not gone to waste!


Anonymous said...

Hi FatFinger,

Is glad to know that you enjoyed your job attachment in London. I guess this post you really cheer me up as I am doing in GIS as well. Sometime, I will ask myself am I really appreciate what I am currently involve in GIS? .. well, nice to see someone really enjoy doing GIS. kakaa.


limegreenspyda said...

congrats!! *raises mug of beer to fatfingers*

both on your lovely job and lovely clean house.

barneysaurus said...

YIPPEE :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really a blessing to find one's true calling in life. Hope GIS is that for you girl :D!

lynn said...

waah FF,
the work permit process is getting tougher.
Your employer has to submit the application for the work permit. You don't need to do anything unless they want you to pay for the permit which is 350pounds. Your employer has to justify that there is no one local or from the EU suitable for the job and prove it. It is so difficult for me to get a job now....the NHS is cutting costs big time..sigh..
Hope you have better luck, and have fun with your dissertation and your wretched flat mates :)

kachuaz said...

congrats fat fingers. great to have finally found something that you will enjoy doing for long ;)


Fat Fingers said...

thank you everyone! but the job still not confirm yet but there is a chance so that's good!