Monday, September 21, 2009


“The council says we have to take a pay cut so lower paid workers, especially women workers, can get an increase. Women workers have been underpaid for years, and they should have their pay increased, but not at the expense of their fellow workers.”

So Leeds City Council decided that everyone should have equal pay and started the equal pay legislation.
So now all workers doing equivalent jobs should have equal pay?? But how can an office clerk and a bin man have equal pay?

I don't think it is right to cut bin men's salaries by as much as £6,000 a year!
No wonder they go on strike lah!

It's almost 3 weeks already and now we have 5 bin bags sitting at the back yard waiting for the bin men... I hope there will be no rats...

Monday, August 10, 2009


Last night, the husband set me a tough challenge....
I must not nag at him for at least 14 hours.....
I am finding it really hard... LOL!
I nag at him all the time.... poor him...
And poor me.. i didn't dare open my mouth much today cos I'm worried I might just start nagging at him!! It was really difficult and I have to bite my tongue everytime I want to nag at him! HAHAHA

I have so many things I want to tell him but I better leave it till later.... hehehe
I now have exactly 53min to go before I win the bet!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's been raining here a lot lately and so I had no choice but to use the brolly.

I don't like to use umbrellas because the wind here is so strong and it's hard trying not to let the umbrella fly away.

I don't like those small folding umbrellas too because i have no patience to fold them nicely after i've used them.

Grandma use to do that for me. She would patiently sit there and fold the brolly nicely for me, put it in the cover and put it back into my bag.

I miss Grandma.. I miss all the little things she used to do for me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flapping Ears...

So today, we got back from camping from the Yorkshire Dales...and what do I get?
A dried flatten crow ON the pavement, just in front of our house and I almost stepped on it! Yes, it's that same crow that was on the side of the road a few weeks ago..

I also saw many road kills along the roads in the dales....all of them rabbits and one still had its ears sticking out... and the ears flapped when cars drove passed it...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Being watched...

I think we are being watched by the crows!

Last week, we found a dead crow on the road next to our car.
Husband gently moved it (with his foot) to the side of the road near the pavement... while its friend, was watching us on our roof... going. 'CAW CAW CAW'

Today, 7 days later, the dead crow is still there! Crushed many times by cars, including ours, parked in front of our house...

The poor crow is now all flat and dried up. It's horrible and I can't look at it. Silly Husband will point it out to me just to annoy me. "Hey look! It's still there!" Argh!! I'll walk really fast past it.. I have started using the backdoor to get out too so I won't get to see it....

The last few days, I also noticed 2 crows on the roof of the houses opposite ours. They seemed to be watching us.... I hope they didn't think we killed the crow.... And yesterday morning, I heard some tapping sounds on the roofs..I think it might be the crows... hmmm


I hope in the next few days, some cat will come and eat it up.. or someone will clean it..for us... or it will rain so heavily, the crow will be washed down the hill.... maybe i'll just have to wait for it to decompose.... argh...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rule #1 - Always listen to your wife

Him: Alright. I'm off now.
Me: Bye! Don't forget the Satnav!
Him: Oh I'm not bringing it! I won't get lost!
Me: You sure?
Him: Yes! Bye! Love you!
Me: Don't get lost now!

5 minutes later...

Him: Hi babe! I'm lost!
Him: How do I get to Foxholes Lane?
Me: HAHAHAHA!! I told you!
Him: OK... how do i get there?
Me: *gave him the instructions...*
Him: Ok i found it!
Me: HAHAHA What did I tell you?
Him: Always listen to your wife......?
Me: Yah lor! hahahaha!
Him: Alright, see you later bye!

Monday, April 27, 2009

国家很 take care of 人民

That's what David Gan said on one of the clips that were shown on Singapore Day. I thought it was funny hehe.

Anyway, I had a really great time at Singapore Day. I met up with an old friend and even bumped into an old classmate of mine! How random is that?!

The food was great too. I had to queue up 35min for the chicken rice but it was worth it.

Thank you Singapore Gahmen for this lovely day!

The Dim Sum Dollies, Hossan Leong, mr brown and his gang were great. I also enjoyed watching the skit by Michelle Chong - Barbarella the SPG. LOL. It was so funny! Even the husband found it funny. He was impressed by her.

Oh, we were asked by someone if we wanted to write down our wishes for the country and we said ok and it turns out it was to write why I am proud to be a Singaporean. He got it totally wrong! aiyoh..

Anyway, i couldn't think of the reason at that time and told him to go away and let me have some food first haha. I still don't have the answer though. hmmm

Yeah, i think the Singapore Day was very well organised so thank you Overseas Singaporean Unit.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's my 32nd birthday today!

I spent the night before having a great curry at Nawaab's @ Bradford. The Lamb Haandi was great! We had a tikka mix as well between us and 2 popadoms.

Spent part of the morning cursing at Shitepal (that's Paypal for you btw) because they are just shite! What is the point in verifying your identity and everything and then have my payments rejected and telling me that I am going to be charged for the reversal charges?? I called them and they told me the email was a mistake so I kept asking them "WHY did you send me the email then and gave me inaccurate information?" like how they kept asking me for my name each time I was transferred to another agent! The funny thing was when they talked to me they addressed me by my name and THEN asked me for my name again? WTF?

I also called mum and the nieces sang me a birthday song over the phone...Awww... I miss them so much and I wish i'm there with them or they were here with me!

Anyway, the husband decided we should do something for my birthday and we went to Ilkley for the day. We love Ilkley and we hope to get a house there someday... if we can ever afford it!
We had a great pub lunch at The Yard. He had bangers and mash and I had a goats cheese burger. I even had the chips! If you know me well enough, I never liked potatos and will only eat crisps and chips ONLY if I can dip them in chilli sauce. The chips at The Yard were so good I managed to have most of it. We will definitely go back there again for the Sunday Roast!

We walked around Ilkley town centre and ended up at Bettys Tea Room. When I went in, I told the husband, in singlish, "Wah so high class one". Their service was first class! We had the "Yorkshire Cream Tea". It came with a pot of tea and 2 sultana scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve and it was YUM! And if you know me well enough, you'll know that I never liked tea but not anymore!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Whiz Kid

One of the good things about working in a department full of Oldies is that they all think I am a whiz kid (even though I'm not much of a kid now..)

The old lady, S, sitting next to me is turning 65 soon. We've just moved office and she was complaining about not knowing what the time is because the clock is not up yet.

So I told her about the "Clock" on the task bar. She got really excited and said in her very heavy yorkshire accent "Oh right, there it is. Oh you're very smart in'it!! Hey (talking to the other old lady sitting opposite her), did you hear that? You can see the time on the computer!"

The other lady, G, said "Yes! If you put your mouse over it, it will show you the date too!"

S tried it and was really happy the pc could tell her the date and time! She was really pleased! They both got so excited about it!!! It is so funny to watch.

The were also impressed with how fast I can switch my screens around. They thought I could do some sort of magic! LOL!

Now they all can do "Alt-Tabs".

Friday, January 30, 2009


Had a terrible train journey to work today.

Someone did a really bad fart and it was so bad it smelled like someone did one in their pants!!! I kid you not!

I had to fan myself with the metro paper!! I looked around but the 3 people sitting near me pretended not to smell it! I think they were too polite. I couldn't stand it. It was terrible. It's as if you were sitting next to the toilet and someone didn't flush! I suspect it was the man sitting in front of me as he turned his head slightly. He must have seen me gasping for some fresh air!!!
It took about a min for the smell to go away! When it was my stop, i got up and this chinese man next to me me! Luckily not in my face! (he was sitting down!). My immediate reaction was "Argh! Gross!". I am sure he heard me and I gave him the evil eye too. It was quite annoying! I think his sneeze got onto the sleeves of my coat so I was wiping it against the pole in the train! haha!

I hope this will never happen to me again....

I am back!!

After trying to start up new blogs with new nicknames... I still love being Fat Fingers.

I am not sure how long I will stay this time... we shall see...