Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rule #1 - Always listen to your wife

Him: Alright. I'm off now.
Me: Bye! Don't forget the Satnav!
Him: Oh I'm not bringing it! I won't get lost!
Me: You sure?
Him: Yes! Bye! Love you!
Me: Don't get lost now!

5 minutes later...

Him: Hi babe! I'm lost!
Him: How do I get to Foxholes Lane?
Me: HAHAHAHA!! I told you!
Him: OK... how do i get there?
Me: *gave him the instructions...*
Him: Ok i found it!
Me: HAHAHA What did I tell you?
Him: Always listen to your wife......?
Me: Yah lor! hahahaha!
Him: Alright, see you later bye!


Missy Lynn said...

I should make my boyfriend read your post. Then maybe he will listen to me..

Stay as Fat fingers! That nickname has been missed!

charps said...

fat fingers do sound very nice! :D nowadays alot interesting bloggers blog lesser and lesser. PLS BLOG MORE! :D

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks Missy Lynn and charps! :)