Sunday, October 31, 2004

How to keep that love alive..

My friend who's into fengshui sent me this 15 golden tips...

So i thought i'll share this with all of you who are in love or who will eventually fall in love..

Follow these steps.. please. .or maybe not..wahahaha


1) Do not complain. If your spouse complain, simply listen to him. Allow him to speak his mind while you should not complain at the same time. Listening is a skill. Do that ! Remember to listen as it is an art.

2) To enhance love and romance : For fengshui purposes, place a loving pair of ducks or double happiness signs all over the house to ensure loving kindness all the time between you and your spouse.

3) Be sensitive to her needs. Most men are more concerned about their own needs and tend to neglect their wives' need. Pay attention to her needs. She may just want you to listen to her. So listen. And be sensitive.

4) When a woman gets angry, she would not say why but expect you to know. So pretend you know and apologise. Do not keep quiet and have a "cold war" for longer than two hours. It is bad chi. Just say sorry and all will be well.
Fat Fingers: It's always the man's fault! hahahaha

5) Be faithful. Being faithful is one of the key factor that can keep a marriage still going and ensure that you always have good luck !
Fat Fingers: Duh! As if we didn't know that!

6) Be understanding. Learn to understand each other better. Put yourself in his or her shoes and learn to look at things from his or her angle and walk around them.

7) Do not be stubborn: A lot of couples are stubborn in their own thinking and hence causes them to have frequent disagreements. Well, if only one gives way, then all will be well. So please give way and let the man win.
Fat Fingers: Let the man win???? What the??

8) Be sensitive to each other's needs: Try to learn to be sensitive to a lady. Ladies simply love it when a man cares for her a lot while those men who are so cold or like a wood seldom wins a lady's heart.

9) Give respect to his parents: It is important as daughters-in-law to give due respect to to his parents and vice versa so please help them when you can or simply listen to their advices for they mean well for you.

10) When speaking to your spouse, be polite: Always remember that we tend to take each other for granted too much that we forget that our spouses can get hurt by our words. So learn to be polite with him.

11) When he wants to make love, give in to him: even if you are rather tired. A man's sexual needs are very different from a woman. I suppose you would rather satisfy him than to allow other women to do so. So do not use the "tit for tat" tactic because that would cause him to go astray.

12) When he strokes you, stroke him back and show him your love and concern as he needs it.

13) It's the little things you do for him that makes him feel you are the most wonderful person in the world ! Try that ! It works wonders !

14) Listen to the unspoken words of love: Some man are romantic while some are terribly insensitive and don't bother. Still as a wife you should learn to share with him his passion even if it is football. Learn to love football and smile at his bad habits. Have compassion for his weakness and you will be a lot happier.
Fat Fingers: ........

15) Allow her to do whatever she wants : Women tend to appreciate her husband better than a man appreciating his wife.
Fat Fingers: WAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I like this wahahahahahaha

Saturday, October 30, 2004

i want to buy a 4B pencil...

...muahahahaha. and I will not make it sharp.. i want a BOLD tip..
The bolder the better.. cos .. all the better for me to draw on Dick's desk...


I found out Dick hates to see pencil marks on his desks during our one to one session a few weeks ago...

& so during the meeting on Thursday, i purposely left some pencil mark on his desk.. and i used my finger to rub it so it would smudge a little.. muahahaha

I was very careful.. i made sure no one saw it hahaha not even my fellow Dick-hater. I told her after we left the room.. hehehe

Anyway, he was talking in the meeting and then he saw the pencil marks.. and his eyes became from this ^_^ to O_O . hahahaIt was so big.. his mind must be going.. "OH NO! RED ALERT!! RED ALERT! PENCIL MARK ON DESK! NOOOO!! ARGH!"

He must have knew it was me.. cos i was the one sitting there and that area has quite a few marks. Sometimes i'd pretend to tap the desk using my pencil too..

I know i know.. it's childish.. but i really find joy in doing that .. seeing Dick get all annoyed..and using the eraser to erase it off his desk. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Why i hate Dick #3548951

He doesn't know the meaning of priority.

To cover his own backside, he would ask his staff to stop working on high priority projects and start working on some other jobs that people (normally the top mgt) has been asking him to do but those can wait..

Some of my fellow dick-haters have experienced this before... & this week.. it's my turn!!

I'm busy with a very big project and he was the one telling everyone that this is OUR priority. And our deadline is 10th Nov. And Big project is the biggest project for our Co this year!! Everyone is looking at this BIG project!


Yesterday, he asked if i have finished looking at "Project not-so-important" and i said no, cos i'm trying to finish the big project first and he said.. NO NO NO. Stop that first and go ahead with "Project not-so-important"

I was fed up cos it is not a priority!! But he insisted.. so i said.. "OK! I'll TRY!" and wrote it down on my notebook "FOLLOW UP ON PROJECT NOT-SO-IMPORTANT" .. yes in that font size.. ok.. maybe bigger hahaha and i circled it.. not once..but many many times.... that is what i do when i am upset.. It's obvious that i am not happy.

And he asked..

Dick: So are you all stressed with the BIG project? Fat Fingers?
Me: NO! *no eye contact whatsoever. Still circling "Follow up on Project Not-so-important"

It's annoying.

And we all know that if we can't meet the deadline for Big Project, he will say, it's the Big project! Why did you do the "Project not-so-important" first? Oh did i ask you to do that? You should prioritize your own work!"

That's what he did the previous time to my fellow Dick-hater!


Oh yeah.. and when i was circling "Project Not-so-important" i was swearing in my heart.. this is sooo not good for me. It will transform me into a hairy man..

I hope the co. can send me to some anger management classes. I need to transfer my negative energy to something useful..

Friday, October 29, 2004

Let me ask you...

OK.. so you have 3 friends whose birthdays are this month and you want to celebrate their birthday together...
How many cakes will you buy??

Or 1?


Let me tell you... Dick said THREE!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
He asked one of my fellow Dick-hater to get THREE cakes! WAHAHAHAHAHA
Stupid or what??

I went home and immediately asked my 5 yr old niece aka mini me..

Me: Mini Me.. if you have 3 friends and their birthdays are tomorrow and you want to celebrate their birthday together, how many cakes will you buy?

Mini Me: er.. ONE!

Me: Why?

Mini Me: Because if buy 3.. cannot finish.

Even a 5 yr old can understand that!

I think Mini Me is qualified to apply for Dick's job too!

YAY! There is hope!!

Hi Fat Fingers,

Sorry Fat Fingers, I meant to process your application a while ago, I need to ask the co-ordinator for the course to take a look at this. He was not here yesterday and does not seem to be in today, so it will be Monday when he is around and I will have a word with him then and get back to you. I don't anticipate any problems with taking you on, so please don't worry, but I just need to confirm with him.

Best wishes and my apologies for not replying to you sooner.


YAY!! hahaha can't wait to go to school! WOOHOO

My heart almost dropped when i saw "Sorry Fat Fingers". I thought the lady would say.. "Sorry Fat Fingers, your application has been rejected"

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Piccy for you!

i was writing about what happened in the office today and the PC shutdown on its own when i decided to unplug my zip drive! DOH!! Anyway, here's a pic of DICK for all of you! hahahahaha

Posted by Hello

Do check out this website! haha And their links page too hohoho

Oh yeah and someone searched for "i hate fat people" and "i hate my boss" and landed here.. hehehehe

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Things that annoy me #214

People who asked me to wait for them but take their own sweet time!!

This morning, i got into the lift and was about to press door-close when this lady from my co shouted.. "WAIT WAIT! WAAAAIT!"

So i pressed door-open and see who's that...& it's some lady from my co.... who needs a diet and a "face lift".

I waited.. for about like 10sec ore more..cos she wasn't running.. she was taking her own sweet time and saying thank you as she approached the lift... Hey lady, you think you're on the stage waving at everyone and saying thank you as if you are the beauty queen is it??

If you cannot run and will take such a long time to get into the lift, then wait for the next one!!

Anyway, i gave her a fake smile.. cos not so nice to be rude to someone from the co. Must flex...

Ride a bus, take the train and win a Car! huh?

This is one of the silliest contest i've ever come acrossed
Ride the bus or train - and you might win a car!!
TO REWARD its bus and train commuters, transport company SMRT is
planning to give away a car.

A Nissan March - minus certificate of entitlement, insurance and road
tax - to be exact. It is the top prize in SMRT's inaugural
Ride-for-Free Countdown promotion

Launched yesterday, the promotion is on till April 11 next year.
Commuters who make adult-fare trips on SMRT trains, buses and the
Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (LRT) will have the numbers on their
ez-link cards automatically entered into mini-draws. These draws will
be held fortnightly at 1pm.

Eight winners from each draw will win 88 days of free travel on SMRT
buses, trains and the Bukit Panjang LRT.

The promotion ends in a grand draw on April 23, with the Nissan March
as the top prize. Consolation prizes of a year's free travel on SMRT
transport will be given to eight commuters.

SMRT chief executive Saw Phaik Hwa said the promotion was to reward
existing commuters and to encourage people to travel on SMRT's buses
and trains.

But why offer a car as the top prize? Ms Saw said: 'According to a
recent survey, a car is one of Singaporeans' most desired possessions.
So here, we'll be fulfilling someone's dream.'


Ok so this is to reward exisiting commuters and encourage people to
travel on SMRT's buses and trains. and you're giving out a car?? A


Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I think i have to write a letter to Bob soon.

I feel like an outcast in my co. I'm not the only one to feel this way...
The overpaid expats at my co. have been invited to a dinner at the Mezzanine today but the local hires were not invited..

I am not hard up for a free dinner.. but i hate this feeling..

Last month's mid autumn celebration lunch, everyone was invited but not our dept. And there were also a lot of times when we were left out.. the feeling is not good i tell ya.
Sometimes i don't know what to say when people ask me.. "You are not invited meh? how come?" argh!

Maybe tonight's dinner is just for the expats.. but i'm pretty sure the other management staff were invited too... hmmm

Frankly, i don't have any sense of belonging in my co. I don't feel comfortable till now. I have this feeling that everyone hates our dept and despise us cos our job seems to be so easy and we are paid more then the rest! Actually.. it's true.. hahaha i think my job is quite simple (minus all the troublemakes who loves to complicate things). But i don't have job satisfaction at all!

I have never felt this way before.. the feeling that everyone is looking down on me and on my dept. In my previous co, people looked up to me and i like the occasional ego boost.. haha but now.. nothing! I get lots of cold emails telling me to do stuff.. :(

Oh i am being like that green t-shirt guy on Get Real! hahaha Self Pity! hahaha

But well sometimes i can't help but think about the past and compare it to the present and wonder.. why did i ever leave my ex co?? Oh yeah, cos i wanted to see how the world looks like outside my ex-co. I thought i was too sheltered..and i'm right!!

Oh yeah, i am a bit fed up with my COWorkers too.... cos they love to eat the left over from the buffet lunch.. which we were not invited to!
Please! Have some pride can or not?? Don't be so greedy!

And today, the stupid recept smiled at me and talked to me.. so i flex-ed and talk to her also. I just hope i won't be in the same lift with her ever again.. i hate to flex. I like to be my anti-social self to these ppl!

Anyway, everyone! I have mis-counted!! It's actually 258 days to go! wahahaha! So happy! hohoho! But have yet to hear from the uni :( sigh.. so worried.. i will wait till Nov 1st.. waiting...waiting.. waiting... la-la-la

Monday, October 25, 2004

Why I love the boyfriend #54

He forgot to bring his mobile and sped through all his exercises and rushed home from gym... just so he can text me goodnight in time.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

My ex-neighbours..

I was watching DVD in my room and i heard someone at the door... I didn't bother to see who's there and then i heard my mum in the kitchen calling me softly...

So i went out and see who's there.... and it turned out that it's my ex-neighbour.. the one who's always coming over to borrow $$$$$$

We are not a charity organisation! Is there a sign that says... "Interest Free loan available here!" hanging on my front door?

She as been coming over to ask for $$$ .. to see the doc according to her (she's about 75 or so) and my mum was nice enough to give her $100 for it.. and a few months ago.. the eldest daughter of this lady came to borrow $200!! She is divorced...and now is pregnant with the child of this man she is living with. And this man can't even support her!!

My mum also lent her sister, let's call her A, $200 earlier.

A took care of me when i was young.. When mum was busy with her work, A would take care of me, play with me and feed me. I was close to her when i was young but not anymore when we moved away ... but we still keep in contact.

I feel sorry for A because A earns only about $400 a mth (before CPF!!). Mum has asked her to find another job but she is reluctant! I have no idea why! Anyway, A couldn't pay her bills and borrowed $1500 from the loan sharks! And now she has to pay $180 interest every month and that's just only the interest! It does not even include that $1500!

I don't know what's wrong but these people keep coming to us for $$$ and- we are not rich! And We just feel so fed up cos these people are not doing anything about it but keeps coming over to ask for $$$ and i don't think they have the means to return it to us...

And sometimes i am fed up with my mum cos she is too softhearted.. when people wants to borrow $100.. she lends them $200 instead!!

And there's this lady who owes her a few thousand $$$$ and now her shop has closed down and she did not even tell us about it and now my mum has trouble contacting her.

I am so fed up!
My mum is a widow and you people have husbands, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons who are now all grown up and earning $$$$, why can't you people just return my mum her $$$!

I get very annoyed when i hear of such things.. my sisters too... but sometimes mum just says.. "forget it, they will return it some day" ...

My mum is so nice.. sometimes way too nice.. and i hate it when people take advantage of that.
I hope God will bless her and those who doesn't return her the money be punished!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


I had a nightmare last night.. no Dick was not in it hahaha

Anyway, i dreamt i was looking out from my flat and saw 2 planes flying towards me! It's
Qantas Jetstar! And it crashed into my flat! So Sept 11!! But i don't know why.. the flat didn't collapse.. Singapore flats must be tough! So we ran get the car. My bro-in-law, sister, mom and grandma were with me. (My niece, Mini Me and Mini Me's Mini Me were somewhere else..) My grandma couldn't run (she's 98 after all!) so I had to carry her! I was so strong in the dream! We got into the car, and i remembered my bro-in-law telling me.. there's 4 tv in the car and i can watch all the news channel at one time and see what's going on.. and before i can turn on the tv, i woke up!

Ok.. so what is this dream trying to tell me??

Because of their associations with “big trips,” traveling on airplanes frequently symbolizes change, transitions, and attempts to “reach new destinations” in our lives. Destinations commonly include a desired career status—higher salary, responsibility or recognition—or social status, such as marriage or a committed relationship.
Plane “crashes,” loss of power, and trouble in flight are common dreams that typically reflect uncertainty about reaching one or more of these destinations.

A sort of omen of contrary in that to dream you have great strength suggests that your ambition outstrips your ability and you would be well advised to readjust your sights.

Erm.. don't know what to say about these interpretation.. :-( I guess i am just worried about my Uni application. I really want to go to school and i don't want to stay here anymore..

I shall email the uni if i don't hear from them from Nov. 1st...

I've been having weird dreams lately.. I had one that's so Armageddon, one that's so
Battle Royale and this one that's so Sept 11! Aiyoh! What's wrong with me? hmmm

Friday, October 22, 2004


I think DICK Lee sucks! Yes Dick Lee, the Singapore Idol judge and not my boss DICK.. well my boss sucks too.. we all know that..

Anyway, yeah Dick Lee! How can he say that Christopher Lee deserves to stay in the competition?!?!

What the??!?!?!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I forgot..

I forgot to wear my bra to work today!!

Actually.. i forgot to bring my handphone to work! hahaha Forgetting my handphone is like forgetting to wear a bra!!

When i told my colleagues that i forgot to wear my bra, they zoomed in to my breasts hahahahahaha It was funny!

Another busy day at work today... so many things to do.. so little time.. and so much of it was wasted on pointless one-to-one meeting and a meeting with the IT people.

I told Dick about how we should improve on some of the things we do and he said.. "It's like that, it has always been like that.. there is nothing we can do!"

ARGH! I don't believe it! I'm very sure we can do it! It may be difficult at first but things will be so much simpler and the process will speed up! But no, Dick is too lazy. GRRRR And he always saying things like.. "Too bad, Retail industry is like that"

And he helped me to clean up my database and he was so proud of it.. please! I've been doing it every week! I don't need your help! Anyway, i didn't thank Dick.. ahhaha I just went.. oh ok. He did the same for my fellow Dick-haters and we didn't say thank you to him. Because we think that he should do it since he's so free and he so kaypoh and do for us for what? We didn't ask you to do! hahahaha This is really hao xin mei hao bao! Muahahaha

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Be careful!

For those of you (maybe .. Jayaxe? Bubblemunche?) who are thinking of getting a Vietnamese bride, please be careful... You might end up having Dick as your uncle... eeek!
Don't say i never warn you ok?


Oct 19, 2004
Four hours - and he finds a Viet bride

A BEVY of jeans-clad women, some still teenagers, stand shyly before the Singaporean stranger.

More young women arrive by the van-load at the empty restaurant in the city's Chinatown, hoping to catch the eye of 51-year-old accounts clerk Goh Ho Guan.
The bachelor makes them parade before him, and they do so awkwardly - more than four dozen in all, aged 19 to 30.
Clearly dazzled, he tells The Straits Times: 'There are so many for me to choose from! I also have a headache. I don't know how to choose.'
It was Day 2 of Mr Cupid International Matchmakers' Six Days, Five Nights Matchmaking Tour. The first day had been spent flying in from Singapore.
He paid $12,888 for the package, including a chance to pick a bride from among 3,500 women, hold a wedding banquet and return home a married man - all in under a week.
An increasing number of single men have been heading to Vietnam on matchmaking tours first started three years ago.
Most are Chinese-speaking blue-collar workers, aged 30 to 50, looking for a woman to care for them and start a family with.
Chinese men make up almost nine in 10 of the 67,000 bachelors in Singapore aged 35 to 49, according to the 2000 Census. There are another 11,236 aged 50 to 59.
Some had failed romances and feel Singaporean women are materialistic, demanding and too independent. Others, like Mr Goh, have never had a girlfriend.
'Singapore girls are very difficult,' is how he puts it.
Mr Mark Lin, who runs Sin Ye International Matchmaker, said that in Vietnam, these same men are 'kings' when it comes to choosing wives.
China brides were all the rage in the 1990s, until horror stories in the media about marriages which had gone sour.
More recently, the Vietnamese woman became the ideal of the good wife.
Contractor Ng Ban Soon, 35, found his wife on a matchmaking trip in August last year. He only married to stop his mother nagging him, he says, but now has no regrets.
'Generally, Vietnamese women are gentle, very obedient and have a good character,' he said in Mandarin.
His wife never says no if he wants home-cooked food, he says.
In the last two years, at least 10 agencies have sprung up to introduce men to Vietnamese women. Competition has led to a price war, with packages available for as little as $6,000, compared to $16,000 in 2001.
To beat the others, matchmaker Sin Ye now brings women in, so clients can choose brides in Singapore.
There are no official figures available, but the First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy estimates that more than 300 brides have arrived.
Mr Nguyen Dinh Nhi said: 'I see more Vietnamese women marrying Singapore men in the past few years. Many are village girls who are not well-educated.'
Back in the 1990s, Mr Cupid's staff would scour the Vietnamese countryside, looking for women keen to marry foreigners. Now, the women seek out the agency, which selects 'only pure and obedient girls', says director of operations Mark Wong.
Women like 22-year-old farmer's daughter Quach Thi Lan. When asked what kind of husband she dreams of, she replied: 'If a man chooses me, I don't think I will have any objection.'
The youngest of five children, her family earns about US$800 (S$1,350) a year growing rice, and home is an attap house with no toilet, TV or telephone. If a foreign man picks her, the dowry may let her family buy more land, or feed them for at least a year.
'Planting rice is back-breaking work. I want a chance to go abroad, to see new places and to know more things,' Miss Lan said.
Until her bridegroom appears, she works in one of Mr Cupid's factories, which produce goods from clothing to plastic products for export.
The company provides the women with lodging, jobs and, most importantly, the chance to meet foreign men.
Mr Goh's mission was accomplished swiftly - he found his bride on Day 2, after taking under four hours to interview more than 50 women.
All of them had been shown his photograph and knew his age and occupation, that he did not smoke, gamble or drink alcohol, and that his hobby was collecting stamps.
He settled on Miss Nguyen Thi Kuen Linh, 26, a farmer's daughter and one of eight children, who left her village 170km south-west of the city in late May.
Now she had to have her virginity check, even though she said she had never had a boyfriend. Mr Goh came back from the doctor's clinic grinning widely.
They were engaged that day and married the next.
The wedding was held at a restaurant with two tables of guests - the bride's family and some relatives who travelled overnight to be there. Mr Goh had no family present.
The bride's mother, 58-year-old Tran Thi Nen, confessed to being worried. She had no idea where Singapore was.
During the four days the couple spent in Ho Chi Minh City, the new Mrs Goh served her husband his food and attended to his every need before starting to eat herself.
The language barrier did not bother them. There was a lot of smiling shyly and holding hands, though.
When asked about their 25-year age gap, she said: 'I never think about our age difference. I don't feel uneasy about it. In Vietnam, we don't date before marriage. We slowly learn to love the man we marry.'
On Day 6, Mr Goh flew home. His new wife got her travel papers in order and joined him a month later, her first trip out of Vietnam.
Now, two months later, she is settled in their Marsiling flat, a world away from her family's fruit farm, and looks forward to weekend outings with her husband to shop and visit attractions.
She speaks a little Mandarin and although she pines for home, says she is happy. 'My husband pampers me and living here is much more comfortable,' she said.
Clearly pleased that he made that trip, Mr Goh said: 'I'm not so lonely now. I have no complaints about married life. It's much better than being single.'

time wasted...

The conference call lasted an hour today! Thank goodness but still....
Anyway, i made Dick do some work today.. hahaha he volunteered to help after i told him there are so many things to do.. I think he volunteered cos there are other ppl in the room and he couldn't say NO. So the first thing i did when i went back to my desk was to fwd him the email. I cc-ed the person who sent that request to me! muahahaha I want to make sure Dick will attend to it!
It must have been so tiring for him.. so he left at 5.10pm today! hehe so i left at 5.30! Woohoo!

I'm tired too.. so many things to do at the same time .. and today.. the system Deity did not like me (hahaha borrowed this from Bubblemunche!) and threw me out of the system! I couldn't log in again cos it says that i am still logged on! How can it be????

Anyway, i called the IT support and this Indian guy said lots of things which i can't understand.. i cannot make out his indian accent. He asked me for my log in name and also said something else which i didn't know what.. but i think he was trying to sell me something.. Hmm.. anyway he told me to re-log in again and he has reset my password!

ARGH! NOOOOO don't reset my password! I have problems coming out with passwords that i can remember!! ARGH! The system prompted me an error msg "password cannot be the same as the previous 32 password" ARGH! 32!!

When i tried to log in again, it kept saying that i am still logged in and can't log in twice! Couldn't stand it no more and called IT support again.. same Indian guy! I have nothing against them.. but it's hard to communicate with them..

Anyway, this guy he was nice.. he told me to hold on for a min.. and i waited.. another min or more later, he told me to wait for another min! He did that for maybe 5 times! It took so damn long! I am convinced now that 1 indian minute = 5 min! I was getting very impatient! I needed to write my orders! When he told me to give him another minute, i told him.. "I AM COUNTING!" hahaha i think he was so stressed..

Yeah, i felt bad for being rude to him hehe.

Tomorrow, the IT people will be coming down for a meeting... i wonder if he will be here ... i will give him some choccies to thank him for being so patient with me! hehehehe

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Argh!! I have a conference call tomorrow.. and it will take about 2 hours! 2 hours!! That's 120min! 7200sec!

It's the start of the bimonthly conference calls with the store people.. why?? TWO times a month? That will mean i will have to waste 4hrs a month on conference calls! Why why why? Just email me and send me the details? I don't think conference calls will help at all seriously..

I've been busy today..but not as busy as yesterday.. Someone sent me and email and told me to action ASAP. I hate the word ASAP cos to the people ASAP = NOW!! But to me.. ASAP = only when i can...

Anyway, this person (let's call her Sandy) wanted me to look into some things that i am totally unfamiliar with.. and i was too busy to figure out what she actually wanted.. so i forwarded that email to Dick asking him to help on this.. hehe And i cc-ed Sandy, just so Dick cannot say NO muahahahahahaha!! Dick of course did it... hahaha and i guess it must be too tiring for him.. so he left at 5.11pm....

I hope i will receive no such requests tomorrow because i have some backlogs already! And i need to finish up all my stuff so i can concentrate on some tasks that needs to be done by Nov 10th!

Oh yeah and today i went into Dick's room. We had a discussion and i noticed he had a new pair of glasses.. i think he was waiting for me to comment on it but i didn't because it means i have to "flex" which is so fake.. and he will know i am being fake anyway haha.

I can't wait for the week to end!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

My boss is a Paycheck Thief...

I have a new nickname for Dick.. 給料泥棒 (Kyuryou dorobo) which means Paycheck Thief in Japanese hahahahaha Yeah.. He doesn't do anything but gets paid!! GRRR

I was so fed up today with all the work that i had to do... I had to take over some of my colleague's work cos she's on vacation.. and i had to do so many things by today....
I am so mentally tired now...

I got more fed up when I heard that Dick went missing again.. for about an hour and he came back to pack and went off shortly after! He left at 5.10pm today! My fellow Dick-haters actually saw him sitting in his office, looking at his watch!! ARGH!! What is wrong with my boss??

I hate working for people like this!

And then this thursday, we are going to have another one to one meeting again.. ANOTHER ONE! WHY???? 2 times in a month!! Isn't that a bit too much?? ARGH! I will have to tell him.. it's a waste of time.. but of course .. i will put it nicely as he is a senstive prick!! (all pricks are hahaha ;-) ) I also feel like telling him.. "Please lor, Dick, my period only come once a month and you want a bimontly one to one session!! It's too much!!"
He will also ask me.. what's on your plate? I hope to tell him.. "LOTS! It's as much as what you would put on ur plate during a buffet meal, you greedy man!!" wahahahaha

Bloody 給料泥棒 !!

Sunday, October 17, 2004


I am so impressed..with myself.. hahaha

I have this friend on ICQ. He loves to send me weird msgs.. and i'll try to match him..
Today he msged me and said..

Jimbo: I use monkey's balls for paper weights
Fat Fingers: I use cow's udder as a bagpipe
Jimbo: very impressive!

Hahaha!! I hope to meet Jimbo someday. He's such a funny guy.

He even said he'll get his otters to kill Dick for £50!! Hahahaha

Oh yeah, one of my fellow Dick-hater was so pissed with Dick that she said she'll go under the sun to play paintball cos she wants to shoot him! hahaha So now we are waiting for the opportunity to bring it up that we want to go play paintball! muahahahahaha

Jimbo suggested full body contact kickboxing.. haha i wish! I would love to kick Dick on his groin hahaha but that would be too obvious..


I can't find my favourite cereal at the supermarket today! I went to 2 NTUC to find it.. but it's not there! Give me back my Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries!! It's missing from the shelves! And what happened to the rest? Like.. Blueberry Morning?? and the Banana Nut Crunch?? It's all GONE!! ARGH!!
I had to settle for Honey Stars.. bleh..

I must find it! I want my Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries! GRRRRRR

And I went walking today.. and i had a product malfunction.. argh.. stupid rubber sole came off! So i got a tube of superglue to glue it back.. Maybe it's time to buy a new pair of sneakers? hee hee... no no no.. must save $$$

Oh yeah, i got some chicken rice mix and the lemon chilli sauce. I'm gonna send it to the boyfriend as a surpirse hehe. He loves chicken rice so much, he can have it continuously for 3 days or more!

So hungry now.... i'm gonna eat my honey stars and pretend that it's the honey bunches of oats..with strawberries :-( and then eat a can of peaches to comfort myself...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bloody headache...

I had a headache this morning.. that's cos i slept late last night... 2.30am and mini me woke me up at ... 8.30!

My girl friends decided to go karaoke at 10.30pm! So they came and picked me up..and we sang for a couple of hours.. It was funny cos we were pretending to be the judges..and giving comments. One of my friend actually said to me.. "It's better if you rap the song instead of singing it" HAHAHAHHA I thought that was so funny!!

My girl friend also sang "Yesterday Once More" - Pink Lady style. It was hilarious hahaha

Anyway, spent half the day napping cos of the headache..

And now i have a craving for peaches!! I think tomorrow i'll go to the supermarket and get a FEW cans! One can is not enough..

My mama and grandma is off to my sister's tomorrow.... so that means i'll be home alone! I'll have to cook for myself.. i can't cook.. cos i have no chance to practice.. but anyway, i'll cook Seasame Seed Oil chicken tomorrow. hehe It's my favourite!

I don't know why but i'm so tired today! No one is supposed to be tired on a Saturday!!

I can't stop yawning.. i must be boring myself... :-(

Friday, October 15, 2004


On Wednesday, Dick left the office at 5.17pm. Yesterday, he left at 5.29pm.
Guess what time he left today?


So i left at 5.30pm hahaha! I could have left earlier but i was so busy!!
Bloody Dick.. he doesn't help us but mess up our things.. he overwrite some of our data on the shared drive today! IDIOT! Anyway, it was nothing major..but still.. he's an idiot!
Yeah anyway, we were guessing what time he will leave today. I guessed 5.30pm cos i was planning on not letting him leave early hee hee.. i wanted to go irritate him with lots of questions at 5.25pm!

Oh yeah, this morning i saw Mini Me and i asked her if she saw me on tv.

Me: Mini Me! Did you see me on tv last night??
Mini Me: No! You wear yellow shirt is it? I didn't see you leh.. Did you see me?


I hope to bring her to the next idol show. I think it will be great fun for her!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Idol night!

I went to watch the Singapore Idol live tonight!
It was such good fun!

One of my friends made a banner too haha so we were holding it and screaming!!

The performance of most of the idols were bad though!

Jerry sang Barry White's, You're the first, my last, my everything! EEEEK!! The boyfriend and I love his songs! He's our favourite! And Jerry sang his song and made it so bad! EEEK!

Olinda looked like a Japanese Pro Wrestler! hahahahaha It was so funny!

After the show, we were at the recept waiting for my friend's bro to come pick us up.. and we got to talk to one of it idols.. and she's funny. And there were so many kids running up to her and asking for autographs.. but before they could get it.. they have to go through us first haha

We asked them some questions..

Who is your favourite Idol?
Did you vote for her last week?
How many times?
Will you vote for her again?

HAHAHAHAHA the kids were so smart! They all gave the correct answers.. and i asked some of them.. "so.. did you vote for Jerry and Christopher too?" hehehehe

Then the kids dad came.. and asked the idol to sign on the banner he made! hahaha We asked him the same question too haha Later, when they drove past us again.. the kids shouted "We love you!!"

Awww how cute!!

It was also crazy to see the girls running after Sylvester! We saw him too and took a pic hahahaha so silly! but it was fun!


Oh yeah.. i had fun irritating Dick today too.. hee hee

I sent lots of email asking him questions.. then i sent email to the other people and cc-ed him AND his boss.. he hates it when we does that..

And just when he was about to go home.. I went to ask him some question hahahahaha he was irritated! And after i left... my fellow Dick-hater did the same too! hahaha And she also forwarded lots of emails to ask him to help out! hhahaha He must be damn pissed!

And i heard that he actually told one of the junior expat in our team that her target sucks! He used the word "sucks!" I think it's not so nice for a boss to say that! How can he?? And he has been showing her his black face the whole day today!! Stupid Dick!

Anyway, Friday tomorrow! WOOOHOOO!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mister Donut!! mmmm

Someone searched for the following words and ended up on my blog..


I think they were looking for a photo of a fat mature chinese girl in bangkok eating
Mister Donut?

That might be me.. but i don't think i'm fat.. or mature haha
And yeah!!
Mister Donut is great! I love Mister Donut! My fav. one in Japan is Angel Cream! (last donut on the first row!) And my fav. in Bangkok is Bavarian Cream! MMMM!!

Yeah i ate 2 donuts every morning for a couple of weeks when i was in Japan.. because i wanted to collect points. My Japanese colleagues were so nice.. they told me to stop eating and help me to eat some and gave their points to me so i can redeem their cute lunch boxes! hahaha
And during one of our outings.. we had a quiz and one of the question was "What is Fat Finger's fav. snack?" Everyone got the correct answer! hahaha

I miss them so much! I wonder when i can get to see them again...
I miss my mentor who taught me all the cool stuff at work.. and how to do them and deal with the arseholes..

I miss my bosses.. especially the one who shook the tree so hard for me so that the maple leaves would fall and i would look great in a pic with falling leaves.. haha ....and also the one who wanted me to change all the colours in the graphs to pastel colour just cos HE loves it... and also the one who taught me all the funny japanese games and taught me how to be a CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)

I miss my good friend Really Reiko-san and her family. I remembered how much we cried at the train station on my last day.. I also missed the strawberry shortcake her husband made.. and the regular bak kut teh party we had at her house..and i missed scaring her kids when i do the "sadako" hehe. I also missed the times at the karaoke and at the hot springs.

I also miss the Takahashi family who were my host family during my first trip in Japan when i was a student. It was them who introduced me to Mister Donut.. and SUKIYAKI! And beer...lots of beer... Whenever i'm there, i'd request Takahashi mama to make Sukiyaki for me cos she makes the best! And the father would drown me in beer and sake....hehe.

Oh i miss them so much.. i want to go to Japan again! But i hate the train network.. i am always lost :( but i am glad that almost every train station has a
Mister Donut!! WOOOHOOO!


I got the Sims 2! It's a present from the boyfriend! YAY!

But... my PC is too ancient.. my video card has only 16mb memory! DAMN! Yah yah.. laugh at me.. laugh all you want.. i am only the few people in the world who is still using VOODOO3 3dfx! hahaha I didn't upgrade my video card the last time i changed the harddisk etc.. dunno why i didn't.. anyway.. damn! Cannot play the game now.. and i am thinking of buying a laptop next year.. so i will wait till then! Argh.. so now it's sitting on my table.... and i'm playing it.. in my mind.

Anyway, i am so happy at work today... because.. DICK is having a bad day! muahahahaha!

His day didn't start off well, when my fellow Dick-hater asked him to go to the meeting room. She told him the reason why she was so upset these past few days is because he wasn't very helpful. And Dick said things like, we all think that he is a BAD person and he doesn't know what to do to change our image of him.

And he said this to my colleague which made us all go.."ARGH!!" .. he said.. "As a manager, i can say NO to helping you but i didn't" Bloody hell! And my colleague was like.. "WHAT? What do you mean by that??" And he knew he said something wrong .. and said.. "If i were a BAD manager, i can say NO to helping you"

Oh please!! Someone kill Dick!!

In the afternoon, we asked a fellow colleague some questions about work and we were so confused cos Dick didn't give us a clear direction as to what to do and how is the new operation going to be like.. So anyway, this nice girl volunteered to help us and decided to hold a meeting so she can share her experience with us.. and out of courtesy..actually it's more like, knowing how sensitive Dick is.. she invited him to join us. And he went into the room with a black face.. He was unhappy that we are asking someone else for help and advice and not him..

Dick was so rude during the meeting.. we were all listening and concentrating and there he was, eating his yogurt.. scraping every last bit off the cup! GRRRR
And when someone asked a question he got annoyed and was very sacarstic and mean.. i didn't say anything though. .cos i can't be bothered.. I was secretly laughing in my heart to see him so annoyed.

He left early today as usual.. at 5.17pm... He left in a bad mood! YAY hahahahaha

Oh yes.. and he is such a cheapskate..
He volunteered to help out at work on Sunday.. and he took a taxi home and claimed it! And his reason was "store visit".. and we all know it's not true!

Also, in July, we had our family day. He didn't turn up and now.. he wants the doorgifts! PLEASE!! Don't be such a cheapskate! Argh! My poor colleague had to go to the HR to beg and ask them to give him the doorgifts!

I hate my boss! He is such a cheapskate! A balding cheapskate!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

I hate my job!!

& I hate the people at work .. especially the store people from Hong Kong!

They have been emailing me.. voicing their unhappiness that i have caused them to do "unreasonable" work! Please! As if i didn't waste my time to reallocate the stocks!

And it's not my fault! Don't expect me to go into the system to keep checking all the orders. and i have asked the warehouse people to inform me.. but too bad they didn't! They are busy too! And i'm not blaming them.. well actually i am haha.. but i understand that they are busy with all the things that are going on at the moment!

All these people.. all like to point their fingers at me! WHY?? When they need help, they come to me.. when there's problem.. (sometimes it's not even my problem) and they come to me..
I am beginning to hate my job! I just feel that no one appreciates the things that i have done! It's annoying!

I can't wait to leave!


Ah i feel so much better now!

And this stupid receptionist.. she has this bloody attitude problem! I think she's having PMS.. no wait.. it should be MENOPAUSE!! Sometimes she's nice to you.. other times she treats you like her enemy!

So anyway, i saw her at the lift lobby today.. so i smiled at her.. and i said Good morning..she didn't bother to say hi to me.. and then the lift door opens.. and the MD and President of my co. came out.. and she gave her biggest smile and said .. GOOD MORNING!


I may not be a big shot in the co. but i don't think it's right to treat me this way! Or anyone this way! Bloody hell..and i am holding a higher post than you! (not that i look down on her) Sometimes i wonder how can such people stay in the co. for so long? Maybe it's cos they are there for so long that's why they are behaving this way.. but why? Why treat those that are not working in the Presiden't office or MD's office this way?


Sometimes i wish i have never accepted this job!

I miss my ex-colleagues and my ex-boss..

Sunday, October 10, 2004


I was watching tv just now.. and the phone rang.. no one calls the line in my room.. only my sister will call me when the phone outside is engaged...
Anyway, i thought they called me from Genting.. so i answered..and this guy said.. Chow CB!

At first i didn't know what he was saying.. it was only after he hung up then i realised he said that..

I think he got the wrong number. Only a few of my friends (less than 5) knows this no. hmmm

I wanted to tell him.. "Your mother also have what!" but he hung up before i can scold him back! Damn!

So suay..


I have 71... bags! HAHAHA
This is crazy! How did i end up with so many bags??

I spent the afternoon cleaning up my room.. and i decided to do an inventory check on my bags hehehe And i counted.. and i have 71 bags!
My excuse is that most were bought in year 2000 and 2001 when i was in Japan and was too bored and there's nothing to do in that little town except shopping... I don't use most of them now.. so i will pass it to Mini Me and the sister... No.. wait.. i just saw another bag that i missed.. so make it 72! hahaha!

These 72 bags include waist pouches, totes, backpacks, handbags etc..
Every bag has a story hehe..

I texted the boyfriend to tell him about the number of bags that i have and he told his mom.. and they laughed at me.. they couldn't believe it.. and he said the mum has only one bag ... i should be ashamed of myself... i must stop buying bags.. hehehehe

These 72 bags does not include the black cosmetic pouch... which the boyfriend hates..

The story goes like this...

We were in the dorm in Kyoto.. getting ready to go out to explore the city and i was looking for my black cosmetic pouch..

Me: Did you see my black cosmetic pouch?
Him: huh?
Me: the black cosmetic pouch?
Him: huh? what?
Me: the black cosmetic pouch?? you know?? that black pouch that i put my cosmetics in??
Him: what? is it this? *shows me a bag but it's not the black cosmetic pouch*
Me: *getting annoyed" NOOOO. The black cosmetic pouch! It was with you stuff yesterday. Did you see it??
Him: *confused* ......
Him: I don't know what's that!!
Me: Can you check under the bed??
Him: Nope there's nothing
Me: *looks under the bed... and takes out the black cosmetic pouch* It's this one!!
Him: That's just a black bag to me..
Me: ARGH!! It's a cosmetic pouch! A black cosmetic pouch!
Him: *annoyed with me* I don't see the difference! Just say bag next time!!

We were both annoyed with each other that morning hehehe. But it didn't last long.. hehe.. He had to explain to me that he's just a regular bloke.. he doesn't know what the hell a pouch is...

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I want!

I want! I want!! I want to get The Sims 2!

I was telling the boyfriend about it.. and he said.. "Shall i get it for you for christmas?"
Argh! Don't ask me! Just get it and give it to me as a surprise! I love surprises!!
Well i think he's once bitten and twice shy.. cos he bought me some shoes from Malaysia when he was there.. and i was surprised... surprised by his taste.. I told him.. that's not me.. but i will wear it for home.. hehehehe So now he said we have to go out shopping more often when he's here or when i'm there.. cos he still doesn't know what my taste is..
Well it's simple.. i love things that are simple and nice..hahaha .. but sometimes not.

Well anyway.. back to Sims 2.. yeah i so want to have it!
I saw it selling at $54.90 at Popular CD Rama.. Is it cheap? Any idea? How much does a game cost nowadays? I don't want a pirated copy.. cos i tried some before and it crashed my pc!

I shall name my Sims after him and myself hehe i will make them make babies and the babies will have all my our good genes hahaha!!

Oh, i can name one after Dick too! Dick will be bullied by all his friends and colleagues.. i can make all my fantasies come true on Sims 2! I can torture my boss!! Muahahahahahahahahahahaha

Friday, October 08, 2004


David Yeo! He may not be the best! But he's definately much better than Christopher Lee! Argh!!
People who voted for Christopher Lee are either tone deaf or are his parents...

And NOOO!!
I was about to post my blog but the server was down! Stupid! Argh!!

Anyway, on to happier things! The bag that i have been eyeing for was on special markdown today! YAHOO! I am so glad i waited! It was $165 and i paid $47! wahahaha so happy! Since there's special markdown i got another bag too haha 2 bags for $75! Cannot resist! I love working in the retail industry! All the special markdowns! But.. all the temptation...not so good for me hehehe

Yeah.. cannot spend anymore this month.. must save!

Went home at 5.30pm today! 15min earlier.. cos it's Friday! and... Dick went off at 5.20!
Dick was one of the (un)fortunate people to be affected by the server problem.. he had no emails.. so he went out.. Wonder where he went.. but i guess he must be sucking up to people and being his usual silly imbecile self... The server was up at 4 or 5.. and he came back.. replied some emails and went home early!! grrr

Anyway.. Weekend is here! No Dick for 2 days!! Home alone for the weekend!! YIPEEEEE

Thursday, October 07, 2004

There is hope!

Tonight's idol show was not bad..i think Syl was great! Very good! Olinda was good too.. Maia not bad.. There is hope for World Idol haha. he was ok but looks like a clown during his performance..

I was supposed to go watch it live! But there were not enough i gave up mine to my friend who wasn't so happy with work so that she can cheer up and have a good time. :-(
They are trying to get more tix for next show so i can go.. please please please!

But at least i got to speak to the boyfriend today.. i would hate not to speak to him for a day.. and i wanted to come home to see everyone at home.. cos they are going to Genting tomorrow and will not be back till Tuesday! So that means... i'm HOME ALONE!! WOOOHOOO!

Wo Ren!!

So i had the one to one meeting with Dick today... i can't be bothered to prepare for it.. and i was too busy anyway! So many things to do!

He asked me what's on my plate..i told him a lot and too much! I also wanted to say.. too busy to whistle too! hahaha Dick loves to whistle!! He does it when he's real free! Anyway, i had to do some changes in the sales forecast for about 30-50 items and he told me to go into the system to do it one by one.. grrr.. it's a waste of my time! i have too much to do right now! So i asked if he can do it on the system.. he said.. "er.. well.. you can.. but.. since it's only A FEW items.. you can just do it one by one!" .... ta ma de! I was so pissed off.. but i kept my cool.. because i want to leave his room fast!!

He's so damn irritating.. if he wants to approve a 2 weeks leave for my COWorkerS, then jolly well help out instead of going home at 5.15pm for the past few days.. whistling in your office and walking around!

One of my COWorkers actually asked him to help but he gave some silly excuses.. when he wanted us to help out.. he told us.. "Oh there's nothing much for this category, all will be fine" and when my COWorker went to him for him.. he said.. "Oh, it's only less than 10 urgent requests" ARGH!! What a smeg head!!

And there's been lots of emails directed at me for decisions which I can't make.. i asked him about it and he'll say, "Oh, let's see what the planner says first. We just FOLLOW. If they say we have to do it, we do it!" ARGH! Even if it wastes my time, affect my productivity, i still have to do it?? What's the use of having a manager?? Why do we need you in the first place? Why can't we just work for the planner and not you! So inefficient!

Just like the other time, when we had to key in some codes for the items.. and because it is our first time doing it.. we have to go through the process and do it One by One and we can't use macro.. and i turned to my COWorker and said..

Me: So stupid leh, why like that?
Dick (annoyed) : What do you mean stupid? what is stupid??
Me (In my heart): You! What else? Dick head!
Me (flexing): Oh.. i mean it's a waste of time to do it one by one.. there are too many items. It's not efficient
Dick: Well, that's too bad. It's our job to do this..

Yah i know.. but if there is a faster way, then let's just do it and get it over and done with? Why waste time keying in the code one by one?? Why not just hire a data entry clerk?? Why waste time doing things that are so unproductive??

Yeah so after that, i was called into the office... and he told me that my comment was uncalled for.. (yeah i know it was wrong.. to speak too loud in front of him.. must speak behind his back!) and if i have a problem, i should go to him and tell him personally... so i just said ok.. ok ok ok to what he had to say.. cos my aim was to get out of his room fast!
then he said..

Dick: Do you have a problem with me.
Me (in my heart): Of course! Duh!
Me: No
Dick: You sure? Do you have a problem with me?
Me (pretended to think.. and looked to the LEFT) : mmm..Nope.... not at the moment

HAHAHAHA i didn't know why i said "not at the moment" haha. He was shocked to hear that .. and he said.. ok.. but if you have any problems with me, please come to me directly.

Yeah right! I'm not stupid to tell you and then have to be in your room to tell you everything and you still won't get what i'm trying to tell you!

I must REN! I must tell myself.. don't expect too much from an idiot... just do my job.. get a good bonus next year.. in another 277 days, i will say goodbye to Dick and then i'll be FREEEEE!

Oh yeah, i have a brilliant plan. Dick wants to organise a dept gathering.. i will suggest Paintball instead of bowling.. muahahaha I will shoot him till he drop muahahaha ... if i am in his team.. i will be a traitor and shoot him muahahahahaha I hope the other people will like the idea..there's quite a few "aunties" in my dept. They hate the sun and the only sport they do is shopping.. boooring..

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My allergy...

My right eye and right side of my face was swollen this morning.. so i wore my glasses to work... the lens do not have any degree hehe i wore the glasses so that people cannot see my swollen eye hehe ..

I went to see the doc after the boring conference call... and it turned out that i have an allergy!!
My swollen eye was caused by that powerful pain killer that doc gave me.... i am allergic to Diclofenac.. But i am sure i am allergic to Dick too.. and conference calls...

So anyway... the doc gave me some other pills and also some to help reduce the swell..

It's much better now....

oh.. I'm feeling drowsy now.... must go sleep......zzzzz

Happy Birthday Lover Boy!!

Today's Lover Boy's birthday! He's 31 this year..

We chatted on the webcam and then i told him i had to get the phone hehehe and then i called him! He was so surprised hehe and We were so happy to hear each other's voice. I can't wait for him to be here next Feb and can't wait to be there next Aug! Wooohooo!!

Long distance relationship is tough.. but when the going gets tough.. the tough gets going.. la-la-la

oh yeah, mama has finally accepted him.. when i told her she's coming again in Feb... she didn't protest so that's a good sign.. she has been asking me about what he's up to too.. so that's good too. The flowers he sent me a few weeks ago changed the way my mum thinks about him i think haha and also the durian cakes and puffs for all of us hohoho

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


My right eye is swollen! No idea why.. it was ok this evening..

I only realised it when my sister asked me what happened to my eye.. i hope it will be ok tomorrow.... it could be the medicine that i took.. but i have no drug allergies..
maybe it was the placenta collagen mask that i used this afternoon? (yah i know.. gross. placenta.. but it's only 30% placenta..) .. or maybe i am allergic to the conference call tomorrow? Maybe i'm just allergic to work? It must be.. because on my second day of work.. i had diarrohoea (sp?) ...hmmmm

Sometimes when i go to the clinic and the docs asked me if i have any allergies.. i wanted to tell them..."yah, i am allergic to work and my boss.. please give me a few days mc"

Ok must go to sleep.. conference call at 8.30am tomorrow.. argh!! Me no likey!


One on One

Oh no.. i checked my co. email.. Dick is going to start a one on one meeting with us starting this thursday..

I bet it was his boss who told him to do it..cos normally he can't be bothered to do such things.. and he's not smart enough too haha. Dick's boss came a few weeks ago and she knows that the morale is low.. and she must have heard what happenend between me and Dick after the business trip from the overpaid expats who gets paid more but do the same thing as me!

Anyway, Dick also wants to organise a dept. gathering one of these days..(again, i think it was his boss who told him to..) i really don't wish to go.. i hate putting on fake smiles.. i don't mind hanging out with the rest of my COWorkers but not Dick....

Dick suggested watching a show.. er.. Stupid or not? There is no interaction when you go watch a show.. well only when you pass the popcorn perhaps? Anyway he has decided on BOWLING!

ARGH! I cannot believe it.. Dick sent another email saying that WE.. uh-huh.. WE, as in the team and him.. wants to have a bi-monthly conference call. PLEASE! I didn't agree to it and he didn't even ask us..

I do not like conference calls.. i think it is a waste of my time.. esp if it is at 8 or 8.30 in the morning when i am still not fully awake! Just email me.. i'm fine with it!
And i hate having meetings.. cos it's always in his office.. and his bloody office is so small! It's just a bit bigger than the utility room! And how can it fit 5 of us?? It's annoying.. He can't even be bothered to book a room for us!

I think Dick is too free.. he must have realised that he must work for his $$$ and not whistle!

Monday, October 04, 2004

i hate it..

when Dick talks to us and then before he leaves.. he will wink at us.. he does that to everyone and this morning he did it to me.. so irritating..

tomorrow i will be on MC hahaha I'm really sick..physically..

I'm having a cold.. Dick knows that i'm sick .. cos my voice was different.. so anyway, tomorrow i will go see a doc.. i can't stand it.. my nose is so itchy.. it's like someone is tickling my nose with a feather! ARGH.. and when this happens.. i will roll up the tissue and stuff it into my nose.. it's feels good.. cos the itchiness will stop! i wanted to do this in the office today.. but it was unsightly.... so i didn't.. argh.. so itchy, my nose!!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Return of.. Dick Head

Dick will be back tomorrow.. so it's back to a 1 hr lunch break! And no more going home at 5.30pm! hahaha My official knock off time is 5.45pm.. but i've been going home early last week since Dick wasn't around and since i have finished my work early.

Dick will be asking me what's been happening.. well nothing ... and i'm helping one of my COWorkers while she's away.. i hope there's nothing much from her end....

Dick loves to come to my desk sometimes and ask me how things are and if there's anything going on.. sometimes i dare not tell him that everything is ok.. cos i'm afraid he will let me do some shitty jobs.. sometimes i pretend to be very busy.. sometimes i get annoyed when i am listening to my fav songs on radio or listening to the DJ speaking and he'll come and talk to me! I have totally lost respect for him.. sometimes i try to flex and be nice.. but sometimes i just can't cos he's just too irritating.

I hate it when sometimes he'll ask one of my COWorkers what we talk about during lunch. It's none of his business..even if we gossip about you..hahaha

Sometimes i actually feel sorry for Dick cos everyone hates him so much.. but he ask for it himself.. There must be something wrong with you if everyone hates you! I wish someone can knock him out of his senses and show him that playing politics when you are stupid is not a smart thing to do!

Argh! I hate my boss and i'm a disgruntled employee....

I was a cheerful loud crazy nasty tomboy

I was cleaning up the room and saw my autograph book.. you know..most of us had one, during our secondary school days so that your classmates can write something (normally good things!!) about you and you can remember them.. for me.. it was to get my crush(es) to write it so i can have their numbers/address.. hehehe

Well anyway, i read some of the entries and most of it contains the words, loud, tomboy, crazy, humour, laughter.. and irritating..

Here are some ...

"I'm so glad to meet you. You're the most irritating and... cute girl i've ever met"

"Frankly, i think you are basically a nice gal despite being loud. Pardon my language"

"The first impression that you gave me was that you are absolutely a tomboy!"

"I have nothing much to say except that you can be very nasty sometimes"

"Please preserve your cheerful self and laughter as it will bring humour to others but please please, please be a bit more feminine"

"I find that you are a very cheeful and a very loud person. Your laughter is really loud and distinguished from anyone else. It brings joy to our class yet i feel that maybe as a girl you should not laugh too loudly"

"I will surely miss your tomboyishness being the one and only "rough" girl i've ever known. Very happy to have you as my friend"

"The class of 4/4 could not have been a noisier place without you"

"I find you firstly to be very wild and unlawful but most important of all you lack FEMMINITY. Remember to stay wild, be like the black stallion that can never be tamed"

"Although you are a girl, i have always treated you like a boy. You should try to be more feminine so that you can find a nice boyfriend"

"Although i don;t know you well, i think that you are rowdy but nice, vulgar but subtle and maybe this is why J loves you. It's nice to know you but it's better not to know you"

"You are quite weird but it's a pleasure to know you"

"You are sweet when you smile, you stink when you open your mouth"

"Be more ladylike and not scare the guys away"

Hahaha.. i think it's so funny.. can't help laughing when i read the things that people wrote about me!!

I'm definately not a tomboy anymore.. and not as loud.. i've become more quiet, less sociable and reserved.. What ever happenend to me? hmmm

Saturday, October 02, 2004


My girlfriend told me that she saw the boyfriend on tv! Just for Laughs! I missed it.. so i asked the boyfriend if it's him.. but he said NO.. but my girlfriend was sure it's him cos she said.. "same hairstyle, same clothes" haha.. hmmm The boyfriend has a mind like a sieve.. so maybe it was him.. hmm I would have hate to miss it! ARGH!

The boyfriend must be laughing out loud right now hahahaha cos i told him my girlfriend is sure that it's him but he said it's definately not him hahaha so now the girlfriend is upset that no one believes her, the boyfriend is amused.. and i am irritated that i missed it! If i've seen it i will know if it's him or not! I hope mediacorp will repeat this hehehe

Geography for Small People

Tried to teach Mini Me Geography this morning. Showed her the world map and pointed to her where Singapore is.. I told her Singapore is a little dot on the world map.. or rather as the Taiwanese Foreign Minister said.. A country the size of a booger.. and Mini Me went.. HUH? Well never mind... hehehe

It's hard to teach a 5 year old kid Geography... She wants me to explain the time difference to her too.. Why is it that the boyfriend is asleep when we are awake.. when the sun is shining here why is it night there? Why why why? She's asking me lots of questions.. and it's hard to explain to a 5 yr old kid.

I was thinking of teaching Geography..well not to small people like her.. it's hard. If i can, i want to work in the GIS industry to get the experience and then teach GIS .. yeah that would be cool.

Friday, October 01, 2004


I spent about 5 min today.. thinking about my new passwords..
My system passwords will expire in 3 days.... and it must be at least 8 characters long.. and must be alphanumeric! And you can't recycle your old passwords! It's annoying!

Anyway, it has been changed now after much try! You cannot have 2 of the same number next to each other. Eg. ihatedick99

Oh yeah, met my family for lunch celebrate children's day! hahaha! And "small people" will get to eat a free meal if "big and old people" like me order a main course. And since Dick wasn't around today.. i took my time to enjoy my lunch! It was nice having lunch with the nightmare sisters and my mom and sis..

Spent the afternoon doing up a spreadsheet for the planner .. and i am sure he will be impressed!! It's so cool. Hehe!! After all, i was a planner before!! wahaha