Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bloody headache...

I had a headache this morning.. that's cos i slept late last night... 2.30am and mini me woke me up at ... 8.30!

My girl friends decided to go karaoke at 10.30pm! So they came and picked me up..and we sang for a couple of hours.. It was funny cos we were pretending to be the judges..and giving comments. One of my friend actually said to me.. "It's better if you rap the song instead of singing it" HAHAHAHHA I thought that was so funny!!

My girl friend also sang "Yesterday Once More" - Pink Lady style. It was hilarious hahaha

Anyway, spent half the day napping cos of the headache..

And now i have a craving for peaches!! I think tomorrow i'll go to the supermarket and get a FEW cans! One can is not enough..

My mama and grandma is off to my sister's tomorrow.... so that means i'll be home alone! I'll have to cook for myself.. i can't cook.. cos i have no chance to practice.. but anyway, i'll cook Seasame Seed Oil chicken tomorrow. hehe It's my favourite!

I don't know why but i'm so tired today! No one is supposed to be tired on a Saturday!!

I can't stop yawning.. i must be boring myself... :-(

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