Tuesday, October 05, 2004


My right eye is swollen! No idea why.. it was ok this evening..

I only realised it when my sister asked me what happened to my eye.. i hope it will be ok tomorrow.... it could be the medicine that i took.. but i have no drug allergies..
maybe it was the placenta collagen mask that i used this afternoon? (yah i know.. gross. placenta.. but it's only 30% placenta..) .. or maybe i am allergic to the conference call tomorrow? Maybe i'm just allergic to work? It must be.. because on my second day of work.. i had diarrohoea (sp?) ...hmmmm

Sometimes when i go to the clinic and the docs asked me if i have any allergies.. i wanted to tell them..."yah, i am allergic to work and my boss.. please give me a few days mc"

Ok must go to sleep.. conference call at 8.30am tomorrow.. argh!! Me no likey!



Jayaxe said...

I wonder how your boss reacts if he ever sees that your MC indicate that he's a pain in the ass! hehe..

Fat Fingers said...

his reaction will be.. "what do you mean pain in the ass? am i one? what do you mean?"
that's what he says all the time.. what do you mean??

Jayaxe said...

haha... no wonder u hate ur boss... so stupid!

Hey can i link to ur blog? =)

Fat Fingers said...

can! i want to link yours too? Can i?
I will have to set up my link page this weekend..

yah my boss is very stupid! i have more story to tell! hahahaha

Jayaxe said...

ok sure I'll link you to my blog!