Thursday, October 14, 2004

Idol night!

I went to watch the Singapore Idol live tonight!
It was such good fun!

One of my friends made a banner too haha so we were holding it and screaming!!

The performance of most of the idols were bad though!

Jerry sang Barry White's, You're the first, my last, my everything! EEEEK!! The boyfriend and I love his songs! He's our favourite! And Jerry sang his song and made it so bad! EEEK!

Olinda looked like a Japanese Pro Wrestler! hahahahaha It was so funny!

After the show, we were at the recept waiting for my friend's bro to come pick us up.. and we got to talk to one of it idols.. and she's funny. And there were so many kids running up to her and asking for autographs.. but before they could get it.. they have to go through us first haha

We asked them some questions..

Who is your favourite Idol?
Did you vote for her last week?
How many times?
Will you vote for her again?

HAHAHAHAHA the kids were so smart! They all gave the correct answers.. and i asked some of them.. "so.. did you vote for Jerry and Christopher too?" hehehehe

Then the kids dad came.. and asked the idol to sign on the banner he made! hahaha We asked him the same question too haha Later, when they drove past us again.. the kids shouted "We love you!!"

Awww how cute!!

It was also crazy to see the girls running after Sylvester! We saw him too and took a pic hahahaha so silly! but it was fun!


Oh yeah.. i had fun irritating Dick today too.. hee hee

I sent lots of email asking him questions.. then i sent email to the other people and cc-ed him AND his boss.. he hates it when we does that..

And just when he was about to go home.. I went to ask him some question hahahahaha he was irritated! And after i left... my fellow Dick-hater did the same too! hahaha And she also forwarded lots of emails to ask him to help out! hhahaha He must be damn pissed!

And i heard that he actually told one of the junior expat in our team that her target sucks! He used the word "sucks!" I think it's not so nice for a boss to say that! How can he?? And he has been showing her his black face the whole day today!! Stupid Dick!

Anyway, Friday tomorrow! WOOOHOOO!!


Bubblemunche said...

Haha, you're so evil!! I like :D!!!

For a moment there I thought you were pissing off Dick Lee, instead of Dickhead....

sari said...

Haha funny post!! I wanna watch SG Idol real badly manz!!!!! I dun like aussie idol... I think SG idol will be more interesting for sure!!!

Jayaxe said...

Dun be too happy. Dick's gonna nuisance call you again this out! hehehe...