Saturday, October 02, 2004


My girlfriend told me that she saw the boyfriend on tv! Just for Laughs! I missed it.. so i asked the boyfriend if it's him.. but he said NO.. but my girlfriend was sure it's him cos she said.. "same hairstyle, same clothes" haha.. hmmm The boyfriend has a mind like a sieve.. so maybe it was him.. hmm I would have hate to miss it! ARGH!

The boyfriend must be laughing out loud right now hahahaha cos i told him my girlfriend is sure that it's him but he said it's definately not him hahaha so now the girlfriend is upset that no one believes her, the boyfriend is amused.. and i am irritated that i missed it! If i've seen it i will know if it's him or not! I hope mediacorp will repeat this hehehe


FF said...

What TV programme was he supposedly on?

Fat Fingers said...

It's "Just for Laughs"
My girl friend is still convinced that it's him haha
I'm gutted i didn't get to see it!! ARGH!