Sunday, October 03, 2004

I was a cheerful loud crazy nasty tomboy

I was cleaning up the room and saw my autograph book.. you know..most of us had one, during our secondary school days so that your classmates can write something (normally good things!!) about you and you can remember them.. for me.. it was to get my crush(es) to write it so i can have their numbers/address.. hehehe

Well anyway, i read some of the entries and most of it contains the words, loud, tomboy, crazy, humour, laughter.. and irritating..

Here are some ...

"I'm so glad to meet you. You're the most irritating and... cute girl i've ever met"

"Frankly, i think you are basically a nice gal despite being loud. Pardon my language"

"The first impression that you gave me was that you are absolutely a tomboy!"

"I have nothing much to say except that you can be very nasty sometimes"

"Please preserve your cheerful self and laughter as it will bring humour to others but please please, please be a bit more feminine"

"I find that you are a very cheeful and a very loud person. Your laughter is really loud and distinguished from anyone else. It brings joy to our class yet i feel that maybe as a girl you should not laugh too loudly"

"I will surely miss your tomboyishness being the one and only "rough" girl i've ever known. Very happy to have you as my friend"

"The class of 4/4 could not have been a noisier place without you"

"I find you firstly to be very wild and unlawful but most important of all you lack FEMMINITY. Remember to stay wild, be like the black stallion that can never be tamed"

"Although you are a girl, i have always treated you like a boy. You should try to be more feminine so that you can find a nice boyfriend"

"Although i don;t know you well, i think that you are rowdy but nice, vulgar but subtle and maybe this is why J loves you. It's nice to know you but it's better not to know you"

"You are quite weird but it's a pleasure to know you"

"You are sweet when you smile, you stink when you open your mouth"

"Be more ladylike and not scare the guys away"

Hahaha.. i think it's so funny.. can't help laughing when i read the things that people wrote about me!!

I'm definately not a tomboy anymore.. and not as loud.. i've become more quiet, less sociable and reserved.. What ever happenend to me? hmmm


sari said...

Yooohooo babe!! Guess what!! We have lots in common!!! I was from class 4/4 too!! ... and manz, I was certainly the loudest in class and still is! Im just a loud person and I gete xcited easily too... hehehhee I used to look like a tomboy, but my long hair makes me look more like a girl now =) Interesting blog and I used to do what you do too.. asked myc rush to write me autograph :P

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks micheLLe!
I wish we have another thing in common.. AGE! haha

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I was always the quiet girl.

sari said...

hahaha you are so funny!! hey I like yr blog!! u have to read bubblemunche blog! its hell funny!! let me link u up okay?