Saturday, October 02, 2004

Geography for Small People

Tried to teach Mini Me Geography this morning. Showed her the world map and pointed to her where Singapore is.. I told her Singapore is a little dot on the world map.. or rather as the Taiwanese Foreign Minister said.. A country the size of a booger.. and Mini Me went.. HUH? Well never mind... hehehe

It's hard to teach a 5 year old kid Geography... She wants me to explain the time difference to her too.. Why is it that the boyfriend is asleep when we are awake.. when the sun is shining here why is it night there? Why why why? She's asking me lots of questions.. and it's hard to explain to a 5 yr old kid.

I was thinking of teaching Geography..well not to small people like her.. it's hard. If i can, i want to work in the GIS industry to get the experience and then teach GIS .. yeah that would be cool.


Preetam said...

When I was a xiao pengyou..someone gave me some national geographics..ever since then I love geography.. maybe you can try the same for your mini me..

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks! I will dig out some old copies and give it to mini me :)