Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I got the Sims 2! It's a present from the boyfriend! YAY!

But... my PC is too ancient.. my video card has only 16mb memory! DAMN! Yah yah.. laugh at me.. laugh all you want.. i am only the few people in the world who is still using VOODOO3 3dfx! hahaha I didn't upgrade my video card the last time i changed the harddisk etc.. dunno why i didn't.. anyway.. damn! Cannot play the game now.. and i am thinking of buying a laptop next year.. so i will wait till then! Argh.. so now it's sitting on my table.... and i'm playing it.. in my mind.

Anyway, i am so happy at work today... because.. DICK is having a bad day! muahahahaha!

His day didn't start off well, when my fellow Dick-hater asked him to go to the meeting room. She told him the reason why she was so upset these past few days is because he wasn't very helpful. And Dick said things like, we all think that he is a BAD person and he doesn't know what to do to change our image of him.

And he said this to my colleague which made us all go.."ARGH!!" .. he said.. "As a manager, i can say NO to helping you but i didn't" Bloody hell! And my colleague was like.. "WHAT? What do you mean by that??" And he knew he said something wrong .. and said.. "If i were a BAD manager, i can say NO to helping you"

Oh please!! Someone kill Dick!!

In the afternoon, we asked a fellow colleague some questions about work and we were so confused cos Dick didn't give us a clear direction as to what to do and how is the new operation going to be like.. So anyway, this nice girl volunteered to help us and decided to hold a meeting so she can share her experience with us.. and out of courtesy..actually it's more like, knowing how sensitive Dick is.. she invited him to join us. And he went into the room with a black face.. He was unhappy that we are asking someone else for help and advice and not him..

Dick was so rude during the meeting.. we were all listening and concentrating and there he was, eating his yogurt.. scraping every last bit off the cup! GRRRR
And when someone asked a question he got annoyed and was very sacarstic and mean.. i didn't say anything though. .cos i can't be bothered.. I was secretly laughing in my heart to see him so annoyed.

He left early today as usual.. at 5.17pm... He left in a bad mood! YAY hahahahaha

Oh yes.. and he is such a cheapskate..
He volunteered to help out at work on Sunday.. and he took a taxi home and claimed it! And his reason was "store visit".. and we all know it's not true!

Also, in July, we had our family day. He didn't turn up and now.. he wants the doorgifts! PLEASE!! Don't be such a cheapskate! Argh! My poor colleague had to go to the HR to beg and ask them to give him the doorgifts!

I hate my boss! He is such a cheapskate! A balding cheapskate!!


Jayaxe said...

Hmmm... sounds like a plot to get him buy a new PC too hahaha... just kidding!

Anyway I'm baffled by the fact that your boss is still alive and kicking today.

Bubblemunche said...

Quote: "now it's sitting on my table.... and i'm playing it.. in my mind"

Goodness, you're giving me cramps lah you.... And that part about Dickhead eating yoghurt in the boardroom... :D!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

ARGH! I hate people like Dick! A few years ago I helped organise a family day for my firm. I was helping out with door gifts. This guy comes and says he did not get his door gift (of course lah, he come so late, and it's first come first serve basis, of course no more lah). So we tell him sorry, we are out of door gifts. Then he points to the door gift hanging around my colleague's neck (i.e. his own one) and says what about that one?


Fat Fingers said...

LMD: Some people are just so cheapskate! I don't know why they don't feel pai seh at all!

Bubble: Yah, i'm still playing my SIMS 2.. hehehe. I've created DICK.. and torturing him too! muahaha

Jayaxe: You so smart! haha i was actually hoping that he would say.. "Babe, let me buy you a new laptop." ...but.. he didn't leh :(