Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One on One

Oh no.. i checked my co. email.. Dick is going to start a one on one meeting with us starting this thursday..

I bet it was his boss who told him to do it..cos normally he can't be bothered to do such things.. and he's not smart enough too haha. Dick's boss came a few weeks ago and she knows that the morale is low.. and she must have heard what happenend between me and Dick after the business trip from the overpaid expats who gets paid more but do the same thing as me!

Anyway, Dick also wants to organise a dept. gathering one of these days..(again, i think it was his boss who told him to..) i really don't wish to go.. i hate putting on fake smiles.. i don't mind hanging out with the rest of my COWorkers but not Dick....

Dick suggested watching a show.. er.. Stupid or not? There is no interaction when you go watch a show.. well only when you pass the popcorn perhaps? Anyway he has decided on BOWLING!

ARGH! I cannot believe it.. Dick sent another email saying that WE.. uh-huh.. WE, as in the team and him.. wants to have a bi-monthly conference call. PLEASE! I didn't agree to it and he didn't even ask us..

I do not like conference calls.. i think it is a waste of my time.. esp if it is at 8 or 8.30 in the morning when i am still not fully awake! Just email me.. i'm fine with it!
And i hate having meetings.. cos it's always in his office.. and his bloody office is so small! It's just a bit bigger than the utility room! And how can it fit 5 of us?? It's annoying.. He can't even be bothered to book a room for us!

I think Dick is too free.. he must have realised that he must work for his $$$ and not whistle!

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