Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wo Ren!!

So i had the one to one meeting with Dick today... i can't be bothered to prepare for it.. and i was too busy anyway! So many things to do!

He asked me what's on my plate..i told him a lot and too much! I also wanted to say.. too busy to whistle too! hahaha Dick loves to whistle!! He does it when he's real free! Anyway, i had to do some changes in the sales forecast for about 30-50 items and he told me to go into the system to do it one by one.. grrr.. it's a waste of my time! i have too much to do right now! So i asked if he can do it on the system.. he said.. "er.. well.. you can.. but.. since it's only A FEW items.. you can just do it one by one!" .... ta ma de! I was so pissed off.. but i kept my cool.. because i want to leave his room fast!!

He's so damn irritating.. if he wants to approve a 2 weeks leave for my COWorkerS, then jolly well help out instead of going home at 5.15pm for the past few days.. whistling in your office and walking around!

One of my COWorkers actually asked him to help but he gave some silly excuses.. when he wanted us to help out.. he told us.. "Oh there's nothing much for this category, all will be fine" and when my COWorker went to him for him.. he said.. "Oh, it's only less than 10 urgent requests" ARGH!! What a smeg head!!

And there's been lots of emails directed at me for decisions which I can't make.. i asked him about it and he'll say, "Oh, let's see what the planner says first. We just FOLLOW. If they say we have to do it, we do it!" ARGH! Even if it wastes my time, affect my productivity, i still have to do it?? What's the use of having a manager?? Why do we need you in the first place? Why can't we just work for the planner and not you! So inefficient!

Just like the other time, when we had to key in some codes for the items.. and because it is our first time doing it.. we have to go through the process and do it One by One and we can't use macro.. and i turned to my COWorker and said..

Me: So stupid leh, why like that?
Dick (annoyed) : What do you mean stupid? what is stupid??
Me (In my heart): You! What else? Dick head!
Me (flexing): Oh.. i mean it's a waste of time to do it one by one.. there are too many items. It's not efficient
Dick: Well, that's too bad. It's our job to do this..

Yah i know.. but if there is a faster way, then let's just do it and get it over and done with? Why waste time keying in the code one by one?? Why not just hire a data entry clerk?? Why waste time doing things that are so unproductive??

Yeah so after that, i was called into the office... and he told me that my comment was uncalled for.. (yeah i know it was wrong.. to speak too loud in front of him.. must speak behind his back!) and if i have a problem, i should go to him and tell him personally... so i just said ok.. ok ok ok to what he had to say.. cos my aim was to get out of his room fast!
then he said..

Dick: Do you have a problem with me.
Me (in my heart): Of course! Duh!
Me: No
Dick: You sure? Do you have a problem with me?
Me (pretended to think.. and looked to the LEFT) : mmm..Nope.... not at the moment

HAHAHAHA i didn't know why i said "not at the moment" haha. He was shocked to hear that .. and he said.. ok.. but if you have any problems with me, please come to me directly.

Yeah right! I'm not stupid to tell you and then have to be in your room to tell you everything and you still won't get what i'm trying to tell you!

I must REN! I must tell myself.. don't expect too much from an idiot... just do my job.. get a good bonus next year.. in another 277 days, i will say goodbye to Dick and then i'll be FREEEEE!

Oh yeah, i have a brilliant plan. Dick wants to organise a dept gathering.. i will suggest Paintball instead of bowling.. muahahaha I will shoot him till he drop muahahaha ... if i am in his team.. i will be a traitor and shoot him muahahahahaha I hope the other people will like the idea..there's quite a few "aunties" in my dept. They hate the sun and the only sport they do is shopping.. boooring..


Jayaxe said...

Haha...say not at the moment! Kudos to you man!

Yes suggest for paintball. I am curious to know how many people want to team up with your freaking boss hehe...

Fat Fingers said...

you'll be surprised.. there will be some who will want to be in his team... those overpaid expats all thinks that he's a good person.. that's cos he always let the locals do all the shitty jobs and treat them better than us! grrrrrr