Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I think i have to write a letter to Bob soon.

I feel like an outcast in my co. I'm not the only one to feel this way...
The overpaid expats at my co. have been invited to a dinner at the Mezzanine today but the local hires were not invited..

I am not hard up for a free dinner.. but i hate this feeling..

Last month's mid autumn celebration lunch, everyone was invited but not our dept. And there were also a lot of times when we were left out.. the feeling is not good i tell ya.
Sometimes i don't know what to say when people ask me.. "You are not invited meh? how come?" argh!

Maybe tonight's dinner is just for the expats.. but i'm pretty sure the other management staff were invited too... hmmm

Frankly, i don't have any sense of belonging in my co. I don't feel comfortable till now. I have this feeling that everyone hates our dept and despise us cos our job seems to be so easy and we are paid more then the rest! Actually.. it's true.. hahaha i think my job is quite simple (minus all the troublemakes who loves to complicate things). But i don't have job satisfaction at all!

I have never felt this way before.. the feeling that everyone is looking down on me and on my dept. In my previous co, people looked up to me and i like the occasional ego boost.. haha but now.. nothing! I get lots of cold emails telling me to do stuff.. :(

Oh i am being like that green t-shirt guy on Get Real! hahaha Self Pity! hahaha

But well sometimes i can't help but think about the past and compare it to the present and wonder.. why did i ever leave my ex co?? Oh yeah, cos i wanted to see how the world looks like outside my ex-co. I thought i was too sheltered..and i'm right!!

Oh yeah, i am a bit fed up with my COWorkers too.... cos they love to eat the left over from the buffet lunch.. which we were not invited to!
Please! Have some pride can or not?? Don't be so greedy!

And today, the stupid recept smiled at me and talked to me.. so i flex-ed and talk to her also. I just hope i won't be in the same lift with her ever again.. i hate to flex. I like to be my anti-social self to these ppl!

Anyway, everyone! I have mis-counted!! It's actually 258 days to go! wahahaha! So happy! hohoho! But have yet to hear from the uni :( sigh.. so worried.. i will wait till Nov 1st.. waiting...waiting.. waiting... la-la-la


Jayaxe said...

I understand your ANGER. Burning down the whole company should replace Dick as your number one priority! hahaha!

Bubblemunche said...

Quote: "they love to eat the left over from the buffet lunch.. which we were not invited to!"

Wah, your COWorkers really ultimate lah :P....

Don't worry... 258 days will pass before you know it :) Good luck for the uni thingy ah!

sari said...

Oh you gonna study again? Thats the best!! Working sucks I know and working with the wrong people just makes you feel like you are in Hell! Same goes to living under the same roof with the wrong people! I cant wait to move out!!! They like to goss too much and my ears are bursting soon!!