Saturday, October 23, 2004


I had a nightmare last night.. no Dick was not in it hahaha

Anyway, i dreamt i was looking out from my flat and saw 2 planes flying towards me! It's
Qantas Jetstar! And it crashed into my flat! So Sept 11!! But i don't know why.. the flat didn't collapse.. Singapore flats must be tough! So we ran get the car. My bro-in-law, sister, mom and grandma were with me. (My niece, Mini Me and Mini Me's Mini Me were somewhere else..) My grandma couldn't run (she's 98 after all!) so I had to carry her! I was so strong in the dream! We got into the car, and i remembered my bro-in-law telling me.. there's 4 tv in the car and i can watch all the news channel at one time and see what's going on.. and before i can turn on the tv, i woke up!

Ok.. so what is this dream trying to tell me??

Because of their associations with “big trips,” traveling on airplanes frequently symbolizes change, transitions, and attempts to “reach new destinations” in our lives. Destinations commonly include a desired career status—higher salary, responsibility or recognition—or social status, such as marriage or a committed relationship.
Plane “crashes,” loss of power, and trouble in flight are common dreams that typically reflect uncertainty about reaching one or more of these destinations.

A sort of omen of contrary in that to dream you have great strength suggests that your ambition outstrips your ability and you would be well advised to readjust your sights.

Erm.. don't know what to say about these interpretation.. :-( I guess i am just worried about my Uni application. I really want to go to school and i don't want to stay here anymore..

I shall email the uni if i don't hear from them from Nov. 1st...

I've been having weird dreams lately.. I had one that's so Armageddon, one that's so
Battle Royale and this one that's so Sept 11! Aiyoh! What's wrong with me? hmmm


Bubblemunche said...

Bubblemunche's interpretation:

1) Fingers is a TV Addict
2) Fingers is a Movie Addict
3) In times of crisis, Fingers will rise to the occassion and perform superhuman stunts.... But she'll still need her daily dose of TV, even if she's in a car :)

You had a Battle Royale dream?!?!? What weapon did you get :D?

Fast fast drop a email to the uni's admission office! It's giving you nightmares :P!

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha yah i watch too much tv!

I can't remember what weapon i had.. but i had my dog with me. I think she's my weapon. I miss my dog so much :( boo hoo!

Jayaxe said...

Did u see carefully whether it was Dick who's flying the plane?? hehe... Anyway negative dreams usually mean that your actual life will be good. Or maybe even better so not to worry hehe..

sari said...

I had a battle royale dream before and that wa sthe worst ever!!! I cried like hell even after I woke up!!! Tooo scary!!!! Lots of monsters, lots of blood, gun shots and evil people!!!

Bubblemunche said...

Goodness!! Everyone has Battle Royale dreams!! When is it gonna be my turn?!?! Think will be fun, keke :P....

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : i can't see the pilot.. but it could be him! hahaha he's in my list of suspects.. hehe

Bubbles : i suggest you watch Battle Royale 5 times a day .. maybe you can dream about it hehehe

Fat Fingers said...

micheLLe : i didn't cry after the battle royale dream.. but i woke up tired.. hehehe

Zen|th said...

Battle Royale? I don't know why, but I like that movie. I always have dreams where I run away from someon, but I always run so slowly. I never get caught though.

Fat Fingers said...

Battle Royale is one of my fav movie! I am so happy i got the DVD! i think i will watch it this weekend hehe