Friday, October 29, 2004

Let me ask you...

OK.. so you have 3 friends whose birthdays are this month and you want to celebrate their birthday together...
How many cakes will you buy??

Or 1?


Let me tell you... Dick said THREE!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
He asked one of my fellow Dick-hater to get THREE cakes! WAHAHAHAHAHA
Stupid or what??

I went home and immediately asked my 5 yr old niece aka mini me..

Me: Mini Me.. if you have 3 friends and their birthdays are tomorrow and you want to celebrate their birthday together, how many cakes will you buy?

Mini Me: er.. ONE!

Me: Why?

Mini Me: Because if buy 3.. cannot finish.

Even a 5 yr old can understand that!

I think Mini Me is qualified to apply for Dick's job too!


Bubblemunche said...

Ha! Either he's stupid, or he's got some cake fetish or something :P....

Jayaxe said...

I think he wants you people to use 2 of the cakes to throw at him. Grab the chance!!

FF said...

He's such a greedy dick.

Fat Fingers said...

haha yeah he is greedy alright! and very stupid.

I think he wants 3 cakes cos he is hoping to da bao some home.. cheapskate!

Jayaxe, yah i really hope i can throw the cakes at him! shiok man! hehe

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Maybe he was talking about three slices of cake? I can't imagine him being so generous as to pay for (or contribute to) three whole cakes!!!