Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mister Donut!! mmmm

Someone searched for the following words and ended up on my blog..


I think they were looking for a photo of a fat mature chinese girl in bangkok eating
Mister Donut?

That might be me.. but i don't think i'm fat.. or mature haha
And yeah!!
Mister Donut is great! I love Mister Donut! My fav. one in Japan is Angel Cream! (last donut on the first row!) And my fav. in Bangkok is Bavarian Cream! MMMM!!

Yeah i ate 2 donuts every morning for a couple of weeks when i was in Japan.. because i wanted to collect points. My Japanese colleagues were so nice.. they told me to stop eating and help me to eat some and gave their points to me so i can redeem their cute lunch boxes! hahaha
And during one of our outings.. we had a quiz and one of the question was "What is Fat Finger's fav. snack?" Everyone got the correct answer! hahaha

I miss them so much! I wonder when i can get to see them again...
I miss my mentor who taught me all the cool stuff at work.. and how to do them and deal with the arseholes..

I miss my bosses.. especially the one who shook the tree so hard for me so that the maple leaves would fall and i would look great in a pic with falling leaves.. haha ....and also the one who wanted me to change all the colours in the graphs to pastel colour just cos HE loves it... and also the one who taught me all the funny japanese games and taught me how to be a CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)

I miss my good friend Really Reiko-san and her family. I remembered how much we cried at the train station on my last day.. I also missed the strawberry shortcake her husband made.. and the regular bak kut teh party we had at her house..and i missed scaring her kids when i do the "sadako" hehe. I also missed the times at the karaoke and at the hot springs.

I also miss the Takahashi family who were my host family during my first trip in Japan when i was a student. It was them who introduced me to Mister Donut.. and SUKIYAKI! And beer...lots of beer... Whenever i'm there, i'd request Takahashi mama to make Sukiyaki for me cos she makes the best! And the father would drown me in beer and sake....hehe.

Oh i miss them so much.. i want to go to Japan again! But i hate the train network.. i am always lost :( but i am glad that almost every train station has a
Mister Donut!! WOOOHOOO!


Jayaxe said...
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sari said...

Manz this post is seriously making me very hungry!!! I Love doughnuts when Im not eating well!!! hehehehe YUMN!!! The doughnuts from doughnut king is especially goood in perth!!!

Jayaxe said...
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Bubblemunche said...

Just did a project the other day about Krispy Kreme, and here we are talking about donuts :D!

How I wish I can be in Japan too :(!! But with everything so freaking expensive, I guess I'll have to wait.... Glad to hear about your wonderful time when you were there :)!

Jayaxe said...

oops! sorry! i thot the comment didnt go thru so double post! =P

Jayaxe said...

Actually someone wanted to know why "A Donut took a photo of fat Mister bangkok and a girl who's mature and chinese" hehe...

And now I know donuts = fat finger foods (pun intended) hehehe...

FF said...

I so want to eat donuts now.

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

yummy... I never know donuts exist in all shapes and sizes! Nice to see something different from the usual boss-bashing.. can't wait to see when u'll kill ur boss cos I do get an occassional urge to kill my job too..

Fat Fingers said...

Yah, you all better don't eat too much donuts ok?

hahah Jayaxe, i don't eat a lot of donuts.. well only when i'm in Japan or Bangkok.. i seldom eat donuts in Singapore..they don't look appetitising to me..