Friday, October 15, 2004


On Wednesday, Dick left the office at 5.17pm. Yesterday, he left at 5.29pm.
Guess what time he left today?


So i left at 5.30pm hahaha! I could have left earlier but i was so busy!!
Bloody Dick.. he doesn't help us but mess up our things.. he overwrite some of our data on the shared drive today! IDIOT! Anyway, it was nothing major..but still.. he's an idiot!
Yeah anyway, we were guessing what time he will leave today. I guessed 5.30pm cos i was planning on not letting him leave early hee hee.. i wanted to go irritate him with lots of questions at 5.25pm!

Oh yeah, this morning i saw Mini Me and i asked her if she saw me on tv.

Me: Mini Me! Did you see me on tv last night??
Mini Me: No! You wear yellow shirt is it? I didn't see you leh.. Did you see me?


I hope to bring her to the next idol show. I think it will be great fun for her!


Jayaxe said...

your niece is trying to say whether you could see her at home from the live show right? so cute! hehe...

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha yeah! so cute right?

Bubblemunche said...

Totally irrelevant, but here's some good news: Jerry's out :D!

There is hope once again :)

Jayaxe said...

Such innocent words from kids can really make any foul mood go away instantly hehe...

Did you squeeze her both cheeks and say you cute little thing? hahaha

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Yap!.. it's high time Jerry leaves... Pity the poor guy having to endure all the things other people said about him..

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : she i seldom pinch her cheeks hahaha

Bubble and PAS: yeah jerry is finally out! but.. i feel sorry for him... Christopher Lee should be the one to get out! I hope he will be next..