Thursday, October 21, 2004

I forgot..

I forgot to wear my bra to work today!!

Actually.. i forgot to bring my handphone to work! hahaha Forgetting my handphone is like forgetting to wear a bra!!

When i told my colleagues that i forgot to wear my bra, they zoomed in to my breasts hahahahahaha It was funny!

Another busy day at work today... so many things to do.. so little time.. and so much of it was wasted on pointless one-to-one meeting and a meeting with the IT people.

I told Dick about how we should improve on some of the things we do and he said.. "It's like that, it has always been like that.. there is nothing we can do!"

ARGH! I don't believe it! I'm very sure we can do it! It may be difficult at first but things will be so much simpler and the process will speed up! But no, Dick is too lazy. GRRRR And he always saying things like.. "Too bad, Retail industry is like that"

And he helped me to clean up my database and he was so proud of it.. please! I've been doing it every week! I don't need your help! Anyway, i didn't thank Dick.. ahhaha I just went.. oh ok. He did the same for my fellow Dick-haters and we didn't say thank you to him. Because we think that he should do it since he's so free and he so kaypoh and do for us for what? We didn't ask you to do! hahahaha This is really hao xin mei hao bao! Muahahaha


Jayaxe said...

Haiyah! Thought you're starting to churn out kinky stories... hehehe

Bubblemunche said...

What a naughty girl ;)

Be glad that kind of thing didn't happen when you have your one-on-ones with Dick :D!

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Thought u really did?!

Ha, but there are really people who forget to wear their bras out, or so as I had read in quite some time back. But I do have a habit of leaving my hp on my bed.. and I do (leave it at home), I tend to get good calls (u know, those calls that u really wanna listen to?)..

I still wonder, how can people forget to wear their bras out?

Bubblemunche said...

I once left my specs on the sofa, and absentmindedly sat on it :(

I think forgetting the bra, however unlikely it is, is still possible... but I can't imagine me forgetting my briefs :D!

Fat Fingers said...

i think some ppl are so comfortable going bra-less at home that they forgot to wear it out hehe

sari said...

aiyah FF, I thought you gonna spill some juicy story.. I got excited there!! :P