Sunday, October 31, 2004

How to keep that love alive..

My friend who's into fengshui sent me this 15 golden tips...

So i thought i'll share this with all of you who are in love or who will eventually fall in love..

Follow these steps.. please. .or maybe not..wahahaha


1) Do not complain. If your spouse complain, simply listen to him. Allow him to speak his mind while you should not complain at the same time. Listening is a skill. Do that ! Remember to listen as it is an art.

2) To enhance love and romance : For fengshui purposes, place a loving pair of ducks or double happiness signs all over the house to ensure loving kindness all the time between you and your spouse.

3) Be sensitive to her needs. Most men are more concerned about their own needs and tend to neglect their wives' need. Pay attention to her needs. She may just want you to listen to her. So listen. And be sensitive.

4) When a woman gets angry, she would not say why but expect you to know. So pretend you know and apologise. Do not keep quiet and have a "cold war" for longer than two hours. It is bad chi. Just say sorry and all will be well.
Fat Fingers: It's always the man's fault! hahahaha

5) Be faithful. Being faithful is one of the key factor that can keep a marriage still going and ensure that you always have good luck !
Fat Fingers: Duh! As if we didn't know that!

6) Be understanding. Learn to understand each other better. Put yourself in his or her shoes and learn to look at things from his or her angle and walk around them.

7) Do not be stubborn: A lot of couples are stubborn in their own thinking and hence causes them to have frequent disagreements. Well, if only one gives way, then all will be well. So please give way and let the man win.
Fat Fingers: Let the man win???? What the??

8) Be sensitive to each other's needs: Try to learn to be sensitive to a lady. Ladies simply love it when a man cares for her a lot while those men who are so cold or like a wood seldom wins a lady's heart.

9) Give respect to his parents: It is important as daughters-in-law to give due respect to to his parents and vice versa so please help them when you can or simply listen to their advices for they mean well for you.

10) When speaking to your spouse, be polite: Always remember that we tend to take each other for granted too much that we forget that our spouses can get hurt by our words. So learn to be polite with him.

11) When he wants to make love, give in to him: even if you are rather tired. A man's sexual needs are very different from a woman. I suppose you would rather satisfy him than to allow other women to do so. So do not use the "tit for tat" tactic because that would cause him to go astray.

12) When he strokes you, stroke him back and show him your love and concern as he needs it.

13) It's the little things you do for him that makes him feel you are the most wonderful person in the world ! Try that ! It works wonders !

14) Listen to the unspoken words of love: Some man are romantic while some are terribly insensitive and don't bother. Still as a wife you should learn to share with him his passion even if it is football. Learn to love football and smile at his bad habits. Have compassion for his weakness and you will be a lot happier.
Fat Fingers: ........

15) Allow her to do whatever she wants : Women tend to appreciate her husband better than a man appreciating his wife.
Fat Fingers: WAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I like this wahahahahahaha


Bubblemunche said...

ROFL!! Where did your friend dig this up? I bet it's circa 1843 :P....

I wonder what would your Significant Other say when he sees this ;)

FF said...

I have a pair of ducks sitting happily on my desk in my office. :( But my relationships are still stormy. Aiyo.

Jayaxe said...

Is your friend a guy? I think some may feel it's too chauvinistic esp. No.7 and No.11! Hehehe.

I have one thing to add for No.12 -
When he slap you, kick him in the groin to show your ability to fight back. Wahahahahaha!

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Fingers, when is this dated? Some of them are so MCP!

Madame D said...

Dude, this is HILARIOUS!!! It starts out nice and easy, and you think "Oh, no complaining, right, but it's nice to try, ducks are cute..." Then it switches to "Always give in to his lovemaking." Um, hell no! Sure, I MIGHT still be together with my ex, but would I really want to be? No, thank you!
On the other hand, I've learned to love the computer like he loved the computer. Now, I rarely leave it, just like him.

sari said...

Nice Nice, I am going to apply it into my relationship~ bUt Hans doenst allow me to believe in geomancy~

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha yeah some of it are really silly huh? hahahahaha
The boyfriend loved #11 wahahaha

I shall post up more tips soon haha They are too funny HAHAHA

littlecartnoodles said...

I also bought a pair of little ceramic ducks to put beside my bed ! And her Chinese Zodiac sign and mine are a good match !

And now I don't give a flying f*** whether she's dead or alive cos she simply dropped out of sight in July !

Bubblemunche said...

I think they can modify #11 to cater to the fairer sex:

"When she wants to make love, give in to her: even if you are rather tired. A woman's sexual needs are very different from a man" :)

CZM: I read that July post! Following the wise words of Little MissDrinkalot, I also pray for you that your ex-friend will have a hairy chest :)