Friday, October 08, 2004


David Yeo! He may not be the best! But he's definately much better than Christopher Lee! Argh!!
People who voted for Christopher Lee are either tone deaf or are his parents...

And NOOO!!
I was about to post my blog but the server was down! Stupid! Argh!!

Anyway, on to happier things! The bag that i have been eyeing for was on special markdown today! YAHOO! I am so glad i waited! It was $165 and i paid $47! wahahaha so happy! Since there's special markdown i got another bag too haha 2 bags for $75! Cannot resist! I love working in the retail industry! All the special markdowns! But.. all the temptation...not so good for me hehehe

Yeah.. cannot spend anymore this month.. must save!

Went home at 5.30pm today! 15min earlier.. cos it's Friday! and... Dick went off at 5.20!
Dick was one of the (un)fortunate people to be affected by the server problem.. he had no emails.. so he went out.. Wonder where he went.. but i guess he must be sucking up to people and being his usual silly imbecile self... The server was up at 4 or 5.. and he came back.. replied some emails and went home early!! grrr

Anyway.. Weekend is here! No Dick for 2 days!! Home alone for the weekend!! YIPEEEEE


Jayaxe said...

Hmm...if I were your boss reading this, I'd quickly buy insurance coz I'm pretty sure one day soon you'll wield a knife at my throat! hahaha...

Bubblemunche said...

Haha, I think Dickhead is so thick, he wouldn't know it's him FF is talking about even if he reads this :D!

FF said...

Where was that shop with such a good bargain? Do share!