Saturday, October 30, 2004

Why i hate Dick #3548951

He doesn't know the meaning of priority.

To cover his own backside, he would ask his staff to stop working on high priority projects and start working on some other jobs that people (normally the top mgt) has been asking him to do but those can wait..

Some of my fellow dick-haters have experienced this before... & this week.. it's my turn!!

I'm busy with a very big project and he was the one telling everyone that this is OUR priority. And our deadline is 10th Nov. And Big project is the biggest project for our Co this year!! Everyone is looking at this BIG project!


Yesterday, he asked if i have finished looking at "Project not-so-important" and i said no, cos i'm trying to finish the big project first and he said.. NO NO NO. Stop that first and go ahead with "Project not-so-important"

I was fed up cos it is not a priority!! But he insisted.. so i said.. "OK! I'll TRY!" and wrote it down on my notebook "FOLLOW UP ON PROJECT NOT-SO-IMPORTANT" .. yes in that font size.. ok.. maybe bigger hahaha and i circled it.. not once..but many many times.... that is what i do when i am upset.. It's obvious that i am not happy.

And he asked..

Dick: So are you all stressed with the BIG project? Fat Fingers?
Me: NO! *no eye contact whatsoever. Still circling "Follow up on Project Not-so-important"

It's annoying.

And we all know that if we can't meet the deadline for Big Project, he will say, it's the Big project! Why did you do the "Project not-so-important" first? Oh did i ask you to do that? You should prioritize your own work!"

That's what he did the previous time to my fellow Dick-hater!


Oh yeah.. and when i was circling "Project Not-so-important" i was swearing in my heart.. this is sooo not good for me. It will transform me into a hairy man..

I hope the co. can send me to some anger management classes. I need to transfer my negative energy to something useful..


Jayaxe said...

It's obvious he never attended Project Management courses or that, he wanna give you all a hard time.

If I were you, I will listen to him of course. Halt on the big project completely and take my time on the not-that-important project.

If the big project cock up in the process, I would explain to the top management and point finger to the boss already. His orders have to listen mah? What can I do?

But I know you need the job, so quite dilemma. Need to REN REN REN! Tell me where can attend anger management classes too. I think I need someone to teach me the art of ninja tolerance! Hehehe!

Bubblemunche said...

I hate it when this kind of shit happens to me too! I think maybe our bosses went to the same school or something....

I hate it even more when they try to claim all the credit after Important Project is completed! Grrr.... Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts....

Fat Fingers said...

Yeah Jayaxe, i need the job.. so i must REN REN REN..i work pretty fast so i guess it should be ok.. but i just can't stand the way he handles things..

Bubbles, yeah i think your boss and mine are related.
Dick loves to take credit from our hard work too! He didn't even lift his fingers to help us! And also.. he loves to ask for our opinions and then he will use what he says and make it his own! GRRR!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

You should put it down in writing (email) what Dick asked you to. And then cc his boss!!!