Friday, October 01, 2004


I spent about 5 min today.. thinking about my new passwords..
My system passwords will expire in 3 days.... and it must be at least 8 characters long.. and must be alphanumeric! And you can't recycle your old passwords! It's annoying!

Anyway, it has been changed now after much try! You cannot have 2 of the same number next to each other. Eg. ihatedick99

Oh yeah, met my family for lunch celebrate children's day! hahaha! And "small people" will get to eat a free meal if "big and old people" like me order a main course. And since Dick wasn't around today.. i took my time to enjoy my lunch! It was nice having lunch with the nightmare sisters and my mom and sis..

Spent the afternoon doing up a spreadsheet for the planner .. and i am sure he will be impressed!! It's so cool. Hehe!! After all, i was a planner before!! wahaha

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