Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Return of.. Dick Head

Dick will be back tomorrow.. so it's back to a 1 hr lunch break! And no more going home at 5.30pm! hahaha My official knock off time is 5.45pm.. but i've been going home early last week since Dick wasn't around and since i have finished my work early.

Dick will be asking me what's been happening.. well nothing ... and i'm helping one of my COWorkers while she's away.. i hope there's nothing much from her end....

Dick loves to come to my desk sometimes and ask me how things are and if there's anything going on.. sometimes i dare not tell him that everything is ok.. cos i'm afraid he will let me do some shitty jobs.. sometimes i pretend to be very busy.. sometimes i get annoyed when i am listening to my fav songs on radio or listening to the DJ speaking and he'll come and talk to me! I have totally lost respect for him.. sometimes i try to flex and be nice.. but sometimes i just can't cos he's just too irritating.

I hate it when sometimes he'll ask one of my COWorkers what we talk about during lunch. It's none of his business..even if we gossip about you..hahaha

Sometimes i actually feel sorry for Dick cos everyone hates him so much.. but he ask for it himself.. There must be something wrong with you if everyone hates you! I wish someone can knock him out of his senses and show him that playing politics when you are stupid is not a smart thing to do!

Argh! I hate my boss and i'm a disgruntled employee....

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