Monday, October 04, 2004

i hate it..

when Dick talks to us and then before he leaves.. he will wink at us.. he does that to everyone and this morning he did it to me.. so irritating..

tomorrow i will be on MC hahaha I'm really sick..physically..

I'm having a cold.. Dick knows that i'm sick .. cos my voice was different.. so anyway, tomorrow i will go see a doc.. i can't stand it.. my nose is so itchy.. it's like someone is tickling my nose with a feather! ARGH.. and when this happens.. i will roll up the tissue and stuff it into my nose.. it's feels good.. cos the itchiness will stop! i wanted to do this in the office today.. but it was unsightly.... so i didn't.. argh.. so itchy, my nose!!


sari said...

HaHa, I have linked you up babe! You sound just like bubblemunche. Glad you enjoy his blog. He is a funny writer. Im glad it isnt time for me to be working under someone yet.. I know I will dread it like hell.. I hate to wake up in the morning!!! and christ sake, getting up early everyday wont be easy!!! I say play along with the boss... hehehe and everytime he winks back, blow him an air kiss. hehehe~

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks!! I'll link you up soon too!

Blow a kiss at him?? YUCKS! That's gross.... eeek

Yeah.. enjoy your studies while you still can! And i hope you'll never get to have a boss like DICK.