Sunday, October 16, 2011


What the hell is wrong with you people?
I have had a few people searching for ostrich penis and ostrich sex and ended up on blog...

I think I may have blogged about this before after visiting an ostrich farm.. as far as I know.. the penis of an ostrich is huge!!
so there..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mee Soto!

One of my favourite food is Mee Soto.. with lots of Sambal Kicap.

A few years ago, I was craving for it for two weeks and was so desperate, i resorted to making it myself. I am once again craving for it and since I have a few days off the next few weeks, I might make it for my MIL when she is here. I hope she likes it. So far she likes the chicken rice we've cooked for her and has always requested that we cook that for her when she is here.

Anyway, I got the Mee Soto recipe from this girl called M3rNi3. I am now sure how to pronounce that? LOL. Anyway, her mum's Mee Soto is very sedap!

I am reposting her recipe here because I am worried she might delete her blog in future and I might not be able to have my Mee Soto.. :( hehe


1 whole chicken cut into 12 pieces, cleaned
2 heaped tbsp coriander seeds
1 level tsp cumin seeds
5 - 7 big onions, roughly chopped
3 pips garlic, roughly chopped
3 cm fresh turmeric
3 candlenut
2 red chillies, roughly chopped
1 lemongrass
2 lime leaves
2 salam leaves
1/4 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp sweet soya sauce
salt and sugar to taste


In a blender, grind coriander seeds, onion, garlic, turmeric, cumin, candlenut and chillies with a lil bit of water.
Heat some oil in a pot and fry the ground ingredients till fragrant and crisp.
Press the end of lemongrass with a pestle and put in the lime and salam leaves and put them in the pot.
Add some salt and sugar then add enough water and leave it to boil on high flame.
Once it has started to boil, lower the flame and put in the chicken pieces and leave it to coook.
Add in the coconut milk and sweet soya sauce and leave it boil again.
Leave it for a moment and turn off heat.

Serve chicken soup hot with noodle or vermicelli or rice cakes and blanched beansprouts.
Top it off with condiments such as fried crispy shallots, chopped cilantro and spring onions and "sambal kicap" - made of ground birds eye chillies, garlic and sweet soya sauce.

I also found a very good recipe for the Sambal Kicap but I forgot where I got it from..

To make sambal kicap:
4-5 thai chili (more if you like it spicier)
Sweet soy sauce
Lime juice

Pound thai chili using mortar and pestle. If you are making a lot, you can use the blender. Add in the rest of the ingredients

Here is a pic of the Mee Soto I made the last time!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Dear HSBC,

Many thanks for your letter to inform me that the Shipley branch is now open on Saturdays.
I have no idea why you are telling me this as this branch is 6 miles away! If you look at my address or postcode, it will tell you that I live in Leeds.

Also, the opening time is not convenient for me as it opens at 10am. I believe your competitor, Natwest opens at 8 or maybe 9 am on a Saturday morning but definitely earlier than your branches.

You said in your letter that I could talk to the advisors on how to get the most of my money.. The unfortunate thing is, on a Saturday, i can't get any money (greater than £500 - withdrawal limit) out of my account because the counters are not open.

I do not understand why you have to have all your counters closed but have three member of staff in the lobby telling me I can't get MY money out. They even had the audacity to suggest that I can get a bank draft which will cost me £20.

So anyway, HSBC, I've decided to bank with someone else. Not letting me have access to MY money was the last straw.


Your Sincerely,
Your ex-customer, Fat Fingers.