Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Dear HSBC,

Many thanks for your letter to inform me that the Shipley branch is now open on Saturdays.
I have no idea why you are telling me this as this branch is 6 miles away! If you look at my address or postcode, it will tell you that I live in Leeds.

Also, the opening time is not convenient for me as it opens at 10am. I believe your competitor, Natwest opens at 8 or maybe 9 am on a Saturday morning but definitely earlier than your branches.

You said in your letter that I could talk to the advisors on how to get the most of my money.. The unfortunate thing is, on a Saturday, i can't get any money (greater than £500 - withdrawal limit) out of my account because the counters are not open.

I do not understand why you have to have all your counters closed but have three member of staff in the lobby telling me I can't get MY money out. They even had the audacity to suggest that I can get a bank draft which will cost me £20.

So anyway, HSBC, I've decided to bank with someone else. Not letting me have access to MY money was the last straw.


Your Sincerely,
Your ex-customer, Fat Fingers.

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