Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things that annoy me #838 - $urprises

Got up this morning to an email from the eldest sister asking if i would like to share a present for our dear mother.

Of course! I'd love to give her a present! She's my mother and I love her!

Turns out.. it is a $2600 present for some facial spa thing. $2600!! $2600/3 = $866!!

Now I don't mind spending $866 on my mother...but to tell me that I have pay it by Christmas is not possible. We all have financial commitments. Well, maybe not for my sister..but I do!
$866 is 65% of my mortgage!

I felt obliged to say yes but this time I have to say No as I have other responsibilities now - mortgage, bills. etc.. Plus.. i have also spent about £650 on air tickets back to Singapore to see my mother this Christmas.. That has got to be the best Christmas present for her right? RIGHT?!?!

I did suggest buying it for her next Christmas which will give me some time to save for it.. but the sister wasn't keen...

Also am very annoyed with the sister because I just found out that she is going to do this facial spa thing as her part time job..and if my mum gets it and uses it everyday, she can lure her other friends to get it too!!!!

So anyway.. i hate $urprises.. that has to do with $$$..
Give me more advance notice please!!

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