Saturday, October 09, 2004

I want!

I want! I want!! I want to get The Sims 2!

I was telling the boyfriend about it.. and he said.. "Shall i get it for you for christmas?"
Argh! Don't ask me! Just get it and give it to me as a surprise! I love surprises!!
Well i think he's once bitten and twice shy.. cos he bought me some shoes from Malaysia when he was there.. and i was surprised... surprised by his taste.. I told him.. that's not me.. but i will wear it for home.. hehehehe So now he said we have to go out shopping more often when he's here or when i'm there.. cos he still doesn't know what my taste is..
Well it's simple.. i love things that are simple and nice..hahaha .. but sometimes not.

Well anyway.. back to Sims 2.. yeah i so want to have it!
I saw it selling at $54.90 at Popular CD Rama.. Is it cheap? Any idea? How much does a game cost nowadays? I don't want a pirated copy.. cos i tried some before and it crashed my pc!

I shall name my Sims after him and myself hehe i will make them make babies and the babies will have all my our good genes hahaha!!

Oh, i can name one after Dick too! Dick will be bullied by all his friends and colleagues.. i can make all my fantasies come true on Sims 2! I can torture my boss!! Muahahahahahahahahahahaha


Jayaxe said...

What an idea! I think there should also be a game called 'Your Boss: Virtual Torture' and it should sell like hot cakes hehe...

Anyway the latest games unfortunately costs at least 50+ bucks but you can try Funan's (not Simlim) shops like PK Computer or those smaller shops that sell PC Games.

If you're lucky, you might get around $40+ on some new games, but it's quite rare. And it's impossible to get a new and original game for under $40 I reckon (unless it's an online only game).

But you wanna save $$ isn't it? I still suggest pirates then hehehe...

sari said...

I cant stand surprises at all!!!! .... especially when Hans mentioned something and refuse to say it.. then why tell me in da first place right? hehehehe but i do like surprises at times.. ar ironic! hehehehe

Bubblemunche said...

Quote: "and i was surprised... surprised by his taste.. I told him.. that's not me.. but i will wear it for home.. "

YOu got me rolling on the floor laughing with that... how true!!!!!

It's been ages since I played a 'new' PC game.... Free Cell, anyone :)?

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe: Thanks! Maybe i'll get the boyfriend to buy it for me.. hee hee

micheLLe: hahaha yeah! I get what you mean!! Sometimes it's so annoying!

Bubblemunche: Actually i never wear it at home too haha. He was very upset when i said i didn't like the shoes hehehehe