Friday, January 30, 2009


Had a terrible train journey to work today.

Someone did a really bad fart and it was so bad it smelled like someone did one in their pants!!! I kid you not!

I had to fan myself with the metro paper!! I looked around but the 3 people sitting near me pretended not to smell it! I think they were too polite. I couldn't stand it. It was terrible. It's as if you were sitting next to the toilet and someone didn't flush! I suspect it was the man sitting in front of me as he turned his head slightly. He must have seen me gasping for some fresh air!!!
It took about a min for the smell to go away! When it was my stop, i got up and this chinese man next to me me! Luckily not in my face! (he was sitting down!). My immediate reaction was "Argh! Gross!". I am sure he heard me and I gave him the evil eye too. It was quite annoying! I think his sneeze got onto the sleeves of my coat so I was wiping it against the pole in the train! haha!

I hope this will never happen to me again....

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