Saturday, April 01, 2006


I had a great birthday even though i had to work!

I received a book and a pair of shoes from the boyfriend. The book is about Empress Orchid aka Ci Xi Tai Hou...It's really interesting!! I enjoyed reading it during my train ride to and from work which is about 40min!!

I also received some money, a tub of body cream and choccies from his parents. I also got a picture book on urban spaces and a card from the co.! How nice of them!

The best present i received was an e card from my mum!! I called her earlier and she told me she made red eggs in my honour! When i read the e card, i wanted to cry cos it was so touching haha! & My mum has never given me any cards for my birthday! I miss her so much!!

Oh yeah, i didn't get a job offer for my birthday present! Gutted! hahaha


my alter ego said...


happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep warm yah : )

Lexandria said...

Express Orchid!!!

I love that book!!

It is very addictive too. Cause u just wanna flip the pages to find out the life of the great ci xi tai hou.

But its rather weird to know that she actually went to the prostitute... Err, i dont think if u've read that part. If you haven't then i guess it's best u find out the details urself ;P

Happy Belated BD! =D

Fat Fingers said...

my alter ego: thanks!! :)

lexandria: you type too fast.. express orchid? haha :D yeah that is a good book isn't it? yeah i have read that chp liao.. the fan dance! hahaha

lynn said...

Happy Belated B'day, oh no sorry u didn't get a job offer. Am now in the midst of changing jobs and applications. Will be going up to Watford for an interview.
Enjoy your time collecting data...must be really fun and a gd break from ur dreaded housemates

miryclay said...

happy belated birthday fat fingers!!! may you always stay young, funny and happy with mr fat fingers and your family!