Sunday, December 18, 2005

Excitement and Jet Lag


Woke up at about 2am to pee and i couldn't get back to sleep!! grrrrrrrrrr

And then i started to get hungry! grrr so i had a slice of bread and then lay in bed trying to get back to sleep!!

I think part of it is due to jet lag.. and the other part is due to the excitement that i might have found a co. to do my job attachment next year!!

The director of the co. wants to see me and have a discussion with me! The director leh!! *gulp* I'm very excited! I've been thinking of working for that co. for a long time, even before i came to the UK!! And they are also the first one to reply my email saying they want to see me!!

Oh yeah, i was lying in bed earlier... having imaginary conversations in my head with the director! hahaha!!

It's a small co. but quite reputable in the industry! I googled the name of the director and found out he was actually from Leeds uni too! So we have something in common!! And more things to talk about! (I'm really bad at conversations... )

I hope he'll really let me do my work attachment there and then hopefully offer me a full time job! That would be great! But now at this moment, a job attachment/internship prog would be great!! I just really want someone to give me a chance to learn and develop my skills! I'm willing to start at the lowest level even if it means data entry.. -_-

I'm keeping my fat fingers crossed!!


lancerlord said...

I will also cross my fingers, arms and legs for you. :)

Fat Fingers said...

that's great! thank yoU! hehehe

The Princess said...

welcome back! And really hope you get the internship you want, and a step closer to your dream job after you graduate!