Thursday, October 06, 2005

Muahaha! I did it!


I managed to write a Java prog, on my own! MUAHAHAHAHA.
Well, i got some help from my fellow Singaporean friend who's studying here too... but most of it i did it myself.. esp the hard part!!

I was really stressing a few min ago.. because i have to finish the practical by tomorrow (actually i can do it tomorrow, but i am a singaporean = kiasu i did it first and i know i need more than 2 hrs!!) and after the practical class, i'll have to go catch my train cos i'm going to visit my babyyyy!

Today's his birthday! Mr. Fat Fingers is 32 yrs old! YAY!

Oh yeah, i think the Salt and Vinegar Crisps helped me with the Java.. cos i got so frustrated from writing the codes..and i thought i'd have a packet.. and soon after i managed to get it right! haahahahaha :D :D :D
Yeah i so love Walker's Salt and Vinegar Crisps. I must remember to bring a packet along tomorrow so i can eat in the train hee hee. I think if i were to eat the crisps everytime i have problems with Java.. i am going to be really fat! HAHAHAHHAA

Oh... tomorrow's weather forecast is... "MISTY". I've never experienced such weather before.... so i'm looking forward to it... i hope it's not too nasty.. hehe


Zen|th said...

Java Programming is a killer. I never want to touch that thing again.

Jayaxe said...

Know why anot? Salt and vinegar crisps sends an interrupt to the brain, calling the mind to clear the cache and reload the memory correctly.

Oh man, so you're into software. I thought you were studying business or what!

MyOrangeSweater said...

Congrats!! Now your next major task is to boot your Chee-Na flatmate out ...

barneysaurus said...

I'm late! But, eh.... Happy Belated Birthday, Mr Fat Fingers :)!

sari said...

Heeheee, Happy B'day to the BF!!!! Hahaha you sound so happy ove rthere, and now, you love pies!!! Heeheee, I kinda hate it manz~ hehehehe....

limegreenspyda said...

happy belated birthday to mr fatfingers!!

how was the misty weather? i like to wander around in the morning mist over here - feels magical and kind of surreal. but it can be dangerous to drive in! lucky you've got the train and the salt and vinegar crisps! i hate that zing! taste and smell of vinegar in crisps!! haha!

Fat Fingers said...

Zen|th : i hope it doesn't kill me.. i need to pass this module hahaha

Jayaxe : oh is like that one huh... i am studing Geog info system.. need to learn some prog/softwares... bo pian hehe

Lynne : yes.. i can't wait! i hope they move out soon! :(

barneysaurus : hahaha so nice of you hee hee

Sari : thanks! pies are nice!

Spyda : thank you you! the misty weather became cloudy weather! i was disappointed!!! :(