Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wah! I am rich!

My blog is worth $43,469.58.
How much is your blog worth?

If only i have this much money in my account now! I can move out of the flat! I can pay someone to do my ASSignment! hahahaha! I can get that pair of boots that cost £70! I have been eyeing on it for a long long time!!

BUT.... i have not much money so i can't :( ... but i can wait for the SALE hee hee. Patience!

Come to think of it.. i haven't been spending much here.. just on food and the essentials.

So far, i only bought a top from Primark and it costs £6! Oh and 3 jackets from Sports Soccer for £2.10! That's cos they gave me a £50 voucher! It's their way of saying, "Sorry, we accidentally left a tack in the shoe that poked your right foot while you were trying it. Please accept our humble apologies."

Hmm.. Quite proud of myself actually because i have been a very good girl and have not been spending lots of money. I wasn't like this when i was earning a decent income...But i'm definitely much happier now.. though my bank a/c is not....

And i've opened a savings a/c recently! Wah, the interest rate here is so attractive! By next Feb, i would have earned £200 in interest! That will pay for half my air ticket to go home!


Jayaxe said...

I thought the English doesn't recognize the word 'soccer'!

Wah lau, I also want to open bank account in England leh. That means multi-millionaire footballers can shake legs after playing for a few seasons since the bank interest rates so good!!

MyOrangeSweater said...

Being an overseas student (after quitting your decent-earning job, and leaving the comfort of home) is tough, isn't it? Sigh, I still remember those steal-napkins-from-McDonald's-cos-too-poor-to-buy-tissue days ...

Ignorant one said...

Lynne.. really that bad?

Next time round I can franchise the tissue paper at home, I'll to you guys cheaper but still make some small fortune.. HAH!

Fat Fingers said...

jayaxe : oh yah hor! I dunno why it is called Sports Soccer leh..hmmm

lynne : Yes it is tough. I sometimes get a bit jealous when my friends talk about shopping and their latest purchase.. wah.. i never steal tissue.. i always get tissues from my friends hahahahaha

ignorant one : i noticed you are always finding ways to make $$$. hehe very good! hehehe

miryclay said...

high interest!

can i open too???

or i loan you my $$ to snowball there first... then bring back i give you a small % of it! HAHAHA!