Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Not Stupid Dick!

Dick to COWorker : OK! I shall pay for lunch! It's going to be my treat!

Wah haolian leh, Dick!
He wants to pay for my farewell lunch worr!

When my COWorkers told me, i was like... "Sure or not?? He's a niao piao leh!!"

But of course, it is too good to be true! Later on, he told my COWorker that he is going to pay using his corporate card.

Chey! It's not from his own pocket.. but for Dick to say he's going to treat us is already very good!!

BUT... today... he changed his mind.

He said he has a budget too... BUT he will still pay with his corporate card and everyone can pay him back in cash.

You pay by corporate card, we pay you back in cash.
You claim that lunch from the co, then you pocket our $$$?
Hello? Want to cheat our money? Not so easy lor!
We not dick ok!


naranja said...

wah liew. got such people living on our shores. sigh.

Miss Indecisive said...

My boss will use his corp card to buy cheese cake for ourself! heee!

stars_of_rain said...

piang eh!!! Can I box him?

nemesis said...

haha... oh dear.

i can't believe that such kinda person actually exists!

lancerlord said...

Fwah piangz. Go tell dick to go lim chu kang pah bang (beat mosquito) lah! Like that also can.

Hisreason said...

Walau!!!! I was like 'WTH' when I read this :D! Dick is, eh, nothing short of amazing. He is amazingly niao.

limegreenspyda said...

gosh! he very not shy!

if he 'treats' then how come you all must pay him back anything at all!??

Zen|th said...

Hmm.. Maybe you should expose Dick now since you're leaving the company soon.

MyOrangeSweater said...

Buy him a cake, as your farewell-thank-you present, but make sure you put LOTS of rat poison in it!

frenie said...

wa lau. he is damn sai.Tell him that u all rather pay cash back to the company than to him.

he really needs more money to buy diapers ah?

Ah 9 said...

bao toh him one jia lat jia lat...hor yi chor chuah.

These kind of people u cannot show mercy one. They deserve to be humiliated!!!

kachuaz said...

Kan ni nah…niao ka kao bei

Bao to him ah! Hor yi si ka jialat jialat

naranja said...

Congrats!!! It's your last day today right??

Mr Wang Says So said...

I bet he just wants to collect the credit card points and eventually redeem a free gift for himself. Disgusting fella.