Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Busy Busy!

I've been so busy.... cleaning the room....
I've not finished packing yet!

I've already set aside all the things i want to bring.. wah.. and it seems like there's a lot i want to bring!! Aiyoh... i must review my stuff again hehehe.

Anyway, by popular demand.. here's the pic of me doing the LOSER sign. (^_^)L.
I have blurred out my face and Dick's face....hehehe.
I shy lah... hee hee (^_^)Y


Anonymous said...

so blur! hahahahaha :D
5 more days! :)

lancerlord said...


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've just sent you an email requiring some help from you. I hope you get to read it in time! Thanks!

Hisreason said...

Eh!! Very very blur lor :D!!! And the L sign wrong direction, muahaha :D!

Love your 'portrait' on Dick's face :)

Fat Fingers said...

Ningx / Hisreason : blur meh? ;) haha cannot show my face mah. anyway, can see the sign can liao lor.
Yah the direction a bit sala but i no choice, the other hand busy shaking Dick's hand lor.. eeeeeeeeeee. HAHAHAHAHA

Dan said...

muahaahaa!! good stuff!!