Monday, August 01, 2005


It's August already! Can you believe it?

In 21 days i'll get to see The Boyfriend!!
How exciting!

We are so excited!

I'm very nervous about meeting his parents too.. and his brother.
I also hope the dogs will accept me. One of them is crazy about The Boyfriend. I think she will get jealous of me. hmmmm

And i'm also hoping that i will not step on any dead animals.. when i'm there...

You see.. a few weeks ago, The Boyfriend got up to pee in the middle of the night. He was too lazy to turn on the lights.. and on the way back to his room.. he stepped on something squishy!! He turned on the lights and saw a dead bird!! EEEEK! He was too tired and just wiped the guts and stuff off from in between his toes and went to bed!!! Argh! Gross!! He didn't wash his feet!! Ewwwww

Apparently, one of the cats killed the bird and brought it in! Sometimes they bring dead mice into the house too! EEEEK!

Yeah anyway.. yes.. 21 days to go!




stars_of_rain said...

Dead animals?!?!?

I have never stepped on any dead animals, but cockroaches seem to love me. They have this tendency to fly into my face! :(

MyOrangeSweater said...

OK, the boyfriend is too lazy, even if he was too darn sleepy, he should have soaked his feet in anti-septic for 3 days to get rid of the germs ... Hmm, wear socks in the house lor, at least if you step on something dead, you can just throw the sock away, haha.

Ignorant one said...

dead animals eewww! i always have to look out for dead birds and frogs on my way to sch. The other time i stepped on a dead frog i got all freaked out!

limegreenspyda said...

my cat once left a dead lizard in the hall, which my mom stepped on. she said it felt cold, and the intestines that squished out felt kinda slimy!

me, i look out for all suspicious signs of animal remains before putting down my foot. just turn on the necessary lights when you need to pee at night, and focus (squint through the sleep-eyes if needed) on the floor!

lucky you! must be having a whale of a time packing! you have 30kg?

FF said...

Eee yurrrrrrrr

Hisreason said...

Walau! Super damn disgusted....

I stepped on lizard shit when I woke up for a late night pee once. Damn!

Fat Fingers said...

stars of rain : haha that's scary. don't scream when they fly towards you.. if not they'll fly into your mouth!

Lynne : that's a good idea! hahaha

ignorant one : eee. that's gross.

spyda : not finished packing yet! i'm doing it in stages haha must have lots of elimination round first hehehe

FF : yah gross.. haha i know haha

Hisreason : Lizard shit only.. is ok lah hahaha

Zen|th said...

The only dead animal I've stepped on before are cockroaches. Imagine stepping on one with your barefoot in the middle of the night. That didn't happen to me though.

The Princess said...

Happy counting down....very soon you'll be with The Boyfriend!

Princess :)

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