Friday, July 22, 2005

In 30 days...

... i will be in the UK!

My mom and sister are worried... cos London has been attacked... again!

I'm not really worried about going to the UK... but i hate it that my family will be worried for me....
I hate to make them worry....

Bloody terrorists!


Oh! My Blog turns ONE today! yay!

One year ago... i was very angry with Dick. He pissed me off big time.
One year later... Dick still never fail to piss me off haha but i'm not as angry as before.

But i hate him all the same.. haha

Bloody Dick!


MyOrangeSweater said...

Bring your entire family to open the fried rice restaurant lah!

LArLiN said...

Hey, take care when ur in the uk ya? Luv ur blog~ :)

Zen|th said...

Take care when you're in the UK.. It's still a long time though.

lancerlord said...

You'll be in London? My friend works in the outskirts of London but says life is normal.

Take care.

BTW, belated Happy Blog-day.

ei|een said...

happy blog-irf-day!!

haha :)

Hisreason said...

I'm late, but.... Happy Belated Blog-Day :)!!

Do be careful when you're there ah! Worried for you too :P

stars_of_rain said...

Hey Fat Fingers!

Happy Belated Blog Bday! Mine's still a long way to go......

Do take good care of yourself in UK!

Jayaxe said...

Yeah, it's not surprising that your family would be worried for you when you fly to UK. I think you'd probably have to keep on calling back home to make them less panicky!

ff said...

Happy 1 year anniversary, you cute chicken wing eating chick you!

Try not taking the tube unnecessarily, but from what I see, the British cops have everything under control.

Fat Fingers said...

Lynne : hahaha! my mother cooks very good fried lice lor i think haha

LArLiN :Thank you! :)

Zen|th : thank you i will! :)

Lancerlord : I won't be studying in London but my family is worried and kept telling'll never know where they will bomb next! grrrr ah well. anyway thank you!

ei|een : thanks! :)

Hiseason : thank you! it's never too late for me lor hehehe :D

stars of rain : Thank you! :)

Jayaxe : yeah.. must call back often.. i think i must teach them how to use skype.. hehe cheaper for us hehe

FF : haha thank you! I'm only cute when i am eating cute chicken wing lor hahaha :D