Thursday, July 14, 2005


Come on, Sing it with me...

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya! Tomorrow! You're always a day awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!


Tomorrow's the day!

Yay! Tomorrow!

Today, my COWorker asked me if i am attending her wedding dinner in Oct.. I told her i might be in the UK that time and i can only confirm it with her tomorrow. Hehehehehe

I can't wait to break the news to my COWorkers tomorrow.. i've been keeping this "secret" for almost a year!

& This afternoon, i was so free that i drafted the email to Dick. It's in my draft folder now.. waiting to be sent.
haha!! I'll make sure i'll get to the office real early tomorrow to send the email.


I'll start packing tomorrow too. hehehe


MyOrangeSweater said...

You should declare "Friday the 15th" a lucky day for you, make it "Fat Fingers fired Dick day"! Hmm, resignation can use email one meh? No need formal written notice?

Fat Fingers said...

Yeah Jul 15!! Lucky day for me!

Oh Dick is not in the office, so i will scan my letter and email it to him. :D

Miss Indecisive said...

Call him before you send the letter???? hear his dumbfound reaction first hand! 8 p

Jayaxe said...

I can feel the happiness coming! And excitement too!

Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

Ya, I can practically feel the happiness oozing out of you. Haha, congrats on finally breaking free!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You must be freaking happy to escape from the Dick. Woohoo!

lancerlord said...

Email to Dick and cc and bcc to all. :)

Can feel the excitement.

And oh, your "Goodbye Dick! You suck!" countdown counter at the top of your sidebar chun(accurate) or not?

Fat Fingers said...

Jade : I don't have his home no. so i am not gonna call him hehe

Ed, Edd & Eddy!!! : hahaha thank you!!

Anon : Yes very very happy!! woohoo! Yeah baby!

lancerlord : haha that countdown counter is the countdown to last day at work hehehehe. Yah i am so excited lor! As i am writing this.. i have.. 45min to go lor! Muahahaha

ei|een said...

wah, i can practically imagine you bouncing with joy! haha.

congrats! now, just counting down to the final day. fly, time, FLY! heh. :)

blablabla said...

oh dear, you leaving reminds me of the bookmarks. if i cannot finish it i think i have to send it over to you. that is if you're willing to give me your uk address!

Kelly Chan said...

So happy for you. Finally being able to get away from him.

No need to walk in another direction if you bump into one another in the street.

By the way, dun wear a wired bra when you take the flight to UK ah.

Hisreason said...

Friday's just over, keke.... Congratulations! Tell us about Dick's reaction :)!

jettykey said...

It's so fast! Now, you're over it. I feel really happy for you. Yes, what was Dick's reaction?

Fat Fingers said...

ei|een : thank you! I hope the time dun fly too fast.. cos.. i haven't pack ah! aaaah!

Ningx : no worries! You concentrate on your O levels first ok? :)

Kelly Chan : Thank you! :) Hahaha yah i think i wear a comfy bra without wire.. haha long flight leh. sian.

Hisreason / Anna : keke! Thank you!! I think Dick was actually very happy! hehe I'll update my blog now!