Saturday, July 16, 2005


I was so excited about submitting my resignation letter to Dick that i couldn't sleep the night before.
I kept waking up to check the time!

I couldn't wait no more so i woke up 10min before i usually do. hehehe

So, i went to work earlier than usual, printed out my letter, signed it and scanned it and sent it off to Dick and his boss.

His boss read the email and called me to wish me well.. saying how she is sad to see me go but at the same time happy and excited for me...

Dick didn't read the email till 1am his time.. (see! no life! haha!). It's a pity i can't see his reaction! But i'm sure he's happy cos our feelings are mutual!
Anyway he replied my email and said he is happy that i am doing what's best for me. I think that he actually meant..he is very happy that i am leaving and i should have left long ago! haha.

He even asked me if it's ok for him to announce it to the whole team! No! Don't! Tell them only on my last day!
Chey! Of course lah! Go ahead and spread the GOOD news!

I don't know why he thinks i want to keep it a secret? Dick is such a very secretive person!

Like that time, his wife was pregnant and he only told us the day before he went back to the US. Duh! We all knew it all along! We just pretended not to know it because you never tell us! And it was the people in the US HQ who told us about it. Apparently it's big news over there (wonder why?? product of an affair maybe? hmm) but his staff didn't know.

And also, he got a car in Singapore but didn't tell us. Only one of my COWorkers knew and he told her not to tell us.. Why? Why cannot tell us? Is it because you got the "weekend" car?!?! HAHAHA Yah Dick has a weekend car. So silly lor! He has to be at work before 7am and leave after 7 or 8pm! hahahahaha No life! Yeah he actually has his dinner in the office before he goes home! Aiyoh! Cannot stand! Yah so if anyone of you sees a weekend car on the road, remember to check out the driver. If the driver's short, bald and ugly, that's him! hahahahahaha

So anyway, he sent an email.. and announced it to the whole team.

Dear Team,
With much regret, Fat Fingers has decided to leave us to pursue her further studies. Let's wish her all the best. HR has been informed and a new posting will be up on the intranet soon.

I've already told some of my COWorkers before Dick made the announcement. They were shocked that i'd resign so soon. But they were happy for me because they knew how much i hated working there. hehehe I thought they got my hint cos for the past few weeks, i kept saying.. "Argh! I can't wait to leave soon! I want to resign already! Anyone of you want to take over my job??"

And they were surprised that i've already sorted out the air tickets, uni appln and student visa! HAHAHAHAHA

Yeah! So now, everyone knows i am leaving! I am glad because it's really hard to keep it a "secret"!

& I've already started packing yesterday! HAHAHAHA I really can't wait to leave! I brought some stuff back.. i have so many rubbish in the office!

Lots of Isetan Supermarket plastic bags! I get my fruits from there.
A packet of watermelon candy drops from Guam. It was a present from a COWorker. I think it's probably expired now hmmm
A big red 发 sign! It was for CNY. Dick insisted we all hang one "HUAT" in our cubes! Ma de! Damn Obiang!
A packet of campbell soup..
A box of herbal tea

I still have a bottle of red wine to bring home! A bottle of H2O, my Astroboy figurine, my Meiji birthday bears, my toothbrush and lots of other stuff that's probably hidden under a pile of paper/plastic bags!

Oh and thank you everyone who's been counting down with me!! But... the countdown is not over yet! hahahahaha Another 30 days to go before i'm OFFICIALLY out of the co! And another 36 days before i fly off to the UK!

AARRGH!! Must.Pack.Soon.!!!


Hisreason said...

I am so very very very excited for you now :D!! Finally, after a year's worth of anticipation, you did it ;)

Ah 9 said...

one very happy umbrella totting woman...hur hur

Lexandria said...

Remember the muffins!

If u r still going back to ur office... lolz..

lancerlord said...

I bet when you sent that email, you felt like floating in air.

And hanging a huat sign? Ya, sibey obiang.

blablabla said...

I am so happy for you! When I first started reading your blog, you were already complaining about that stupid boss of yours! Now you're finally out! YAY!

insanityiscreativity said...

good for you. its time to say "hello uk" . So how are the preparations going

MyOrangeSweater said...

Happy happy joy joy, this calls for a celebration!! You can finish up your bottle of wine in the office, on your last day of work!

Dick is really pathetic, weekend car? Might as well take the bus/MRT right? Duh!

powerpuff said...

Happy for you!

Hope you will keep blogging after this phase in life & when you move to the US:)

defy angel said...

Yo so excited for u! Finally u are leaving Dick's crutches..hehehe....

limegreenspyda said...

wow! i know that feeling! i couldn't stop smiling insanely at everyone during my last month at the office! go girl!

and don't leave the packing til' the last minute! you will exceed your 30kg before you know it, and you'll need to ration and take stuff out. very pek-chek one. so start early! :D

Kelly Chan said...

You can consider mailing some of the stuff there or have your cabin crew friends (if you have any) to bring over for you.

Have fun!

Fat Fingers said...

Hisreason : Yes i did it! Thank you! :)

Ah 9 : haha yah very very happy! wheee!

Lexandria : yes i will remember the muffins hehe. :D i have to be at the office till the 15th of Aug hehe.

lancerlord : yes! and i kept checking my email hoping to receive the "Read receipt" from them hahaha.
Yah very obiang right? Dick insisted we put it up lor!

ningx : yes! finally! so happy!

insanityiscreativity : thank you! i'm just left with the packing to do.. and also the accommodation (waiting for uni to allocate).

Lynne : haha yah i should drink it while working! Yah he is pathetic. He wants to save money...

Powerpuff : thank you! :) Yes i will keep blogging.. from the UK though not US hehehehe

defy angel : Thank you! Yes no more Dick! muahaha

Lime green spyda : thanks for the tip! hehe i will pack.. SOON! haha. i better clean my room first then i pack. hehe

Kelly Chan : no cabin crew friends :( yeah i will consider mailing some stuff over if i have too many things to bring.. thank you! :)

weishan!! said...

!! haha i kept laughing at the

TOMORROW! TOMORROW! I LOVE YA! TOMORROW! haha. epitome of madness! hey thanks for the muffins:) seriously they rule !!

Zen|th said...

Congtratulations! Althought someone quitting their job isn't something you'd usually celebrate but in this case, it is! Haha.