Wednesday, July 06, 2005

9 more days!


I can't wait for next friday to come!

I've been very very "Free" the past few days. Not busy at all. I've been spending my time at work chatting, emailing doing my research. I hope it will stay this way till my last day at work!!

And a few people who has been reading my blog has been emailing me. It' great! And they gave me some tips too. Thank YOU! :)

One told me to try the cucumber in the UK...oooh!
"By try I mean EAT it with your mouth ok!", she said.

Hehehe. I can't wait to try the cucumbers there! :D


Hisreason said...

Finally I'm the first to comment :D!

Haha.... 9 days!!! Yippee!!!! Take a pic of Dick's look when you hand in your letter leh!

Zen|th said...

9 days. We're all counting down with you. :)

Lexandria said...

Take a picture of DICK eating the muffin!

then take another of him rushing for toilet!!!!


*evil laffs*


Barffie said...

Have fuuun! wink wink!

Filee Falee said...

I spent my last few days in office, "busy doing research" too. I so get what you mean :)

And the cucumber part was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fat Finger


when r u flying to UK?


Nice trip :)

Lynn said...

what cucumber? it is slightly different here in UK but eh don't get it?

To open the a/c you need yr passport, proof of "studentship" from univ and a letter from univ accommodation? That is all, anyway you don't need an International Student a/c, just a normal student a/c.
Usually with student a/c the bank may give perks such give u 50pds or some free travel something.

Can bring some of your wonderful food here? So mouth-watering....sigh

Anything do e-mail me, take care :)

Fat Fingers said...

Hisreason : Yay! the first one! no prizes though haahah. Can't take a pic of Dick.. cos he's not in town! I will tender through email! hehe

Zen|th : hehe yeah thanks for counting down with me! :D

Lexandria : haha yeah a pic of him eating the muffin... it will gross you out i tell ya!

Barffie : hehe you mean fun with the cuCUMber? hehe i will try! :D

Filee Falee : yah, do all the research you need! hehe

Anon : Hi! I will be flying in Aug. thanks :)

Lynn : thank you for the info again :) You've been so helpful :) I will be bringing lots of foodstuff over hehe. As for the cucumber, according to Princess KN, it's different. Long and slender hahaha :D

cherub said...


just wondering which part of the UK are u going to be in?

with regards to student bank accounts: the banks are getting kind of strict with overseas students, so you may not get to open a student acc. but just a normal acc. (reason being: alot of overseas students took the money n 'ran' away)

good thing abt a student acc.: u can get over draft of up to £2000 within 3 years, and there is no interest while u are paying back the money.

when i tried to open my student acc. in 2000, the bank will actually credit check you first, and you got to wait like a freaking long time. And you got to make sure that you registered for uni 1st, b4 u try to open the student acc. Am not sure whether they changed the processing ways or not.

oh, passport photos are ex in the UK, so maybe u want to get some in sg.

not sure where u are getting your air ticket from, but if u get it from STA, think they will throw in a free ISIC. and with that, kind of good, cos u can get discount from places.

not that the ISIC is that fantastic, but can get cheaper fares with eurostar, museums in europe...

eh, kind of brain dead for now, but hope its of much use to u.