Wednesday, July 20, 2005

10yrs ago

Fat Fingers : I am eating rasin bread and it reminds me of you! I love raisin bread now! I think i can finish the whole loaf by myself! hehehe

The Ex : You took so long to learn to love raisin bread! It's been 10 years!

Wow.. i feel so old.. 10 years ago!

10yrs ago i was 18 years old...

10yrs ago, i had my first boyfriend. He's the asian version of Mark Owen! So handsome! He's getting married this Oct and i'm really really happy for him!

10yrs ago, i was in JC1.. struggling with economics and accounting.. GRRRR Mr Ganesh, my econs tutor was really scary then! I hate all the mass tutorials...cos that means i will miss the 6pm Cantonese drama on the Malaysian channel!

10yrs ago, i was a very rebellious kid. I fought a lot with the sisters and my mum. My grandma had to beg me to stop all my nonsense..

10yrs ago, i had an argument with my Business Mgt Tutor. He forced me to join the band! I didn't want to go for band practice! I didn't want to play the flute for college day!! I want to join other ECA (last time was called ECA lor)! But no, i have to be in the band! because there's not enough flautist! I was angry and kicked the door when i went out. hehehe. He came out chasing me and telling me.. "I want to see your parents!" and i replied "Fine!!" So my mum went to school and she apologised to the tutor. hehe. I apologised too. This tutor is actually my favourite tutor! I like him a lot hehe.

10yrs ago, i hated raisin bread...


10yrs later, i am very happy with The Boyfriend.. my second boyfriend! hehe!!

10yrs later, i am struggling in the office.. trying not to let Dick and nosey COWorkers annoy me.. hahaha.

10yrs later, i'm not that rebellious anymore. I don't fight with the sisters anymore.. ok maybe once in a blue moon haha. & i don't quarrell with my mum.... as often as before. hehehehe

10yrs later, i argued with my boss! & got into trouble!! hahaha!! Bloody Dick!

10yrs later, i love raisin bread!!! I think i will have one slice before i go to bed later hehe

Do you remember what you were like or what you did 10yrs ago??


Miss Indecisive said...

10 years ago, I carried guess paper bag to school and discovered make up and man.

the end said...

i had my 1st puppy love with a korean classmate 10 years ago ! It's the truth !

defy angel said...

10 years ago. erm...I was like 15years old...and I was freaking rellebious too....I played truant all the time...wear my skirts above the kneecap...threw white chalks into my teacher's handbag.....haha....stab a pencil into my fren's thigh...hehe...

Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

10 years ago I was 15. Not a care in the world then, just played football all day long. Good times, good times.

Feeling nostalgic liao!

blablabla said...

dumb, stupid.
and gong.
5 years old.

sari said...

whoa! What a flashback!!!

I was 11 going 12!! Hehehehe...I was still a kiddy in primary 5!! Good kid~ =D

MyOrangeSweater said...

10 years ago, I had wet dreams of the visiting "ang moh" auditor. We went to HRC one night and everybody there thought that I was a SPG, darn!

jettykey said...

I enjoy this post. It's nostalgic. A lot would have happened in 10 years. Things change people change. I used to eat raisin bread, but don't eat it anymore.

Cindy said...

HI HI....I am from the same JC doing commerce too but one year your junior.
Mr Ganesh was my form teacher and I too drag going for his econ class coz I can never answer his question correctly. : (
Mr Lim !!! The Tyrant..I never skip any of his bz mgt lecture or tutorial.But he is so round, so cute so funny.. how not to luv him.

simply.bedazzling.giselle said...

hey. Mr. Ganesh? Would you happen to be an ex-YJCian? ((: i'm currently under him in student council. haha! ((:

Bubblemunche said...

My goodness, this is so nostalgic.... Ten years ago I was still in sec 4. Has it really been ten years? Goodness....

Ah 9 said...

10 years still older than u. =)

Lexandria said...

10 yrs ago... i was 9 -.-'''''



9years old, primary 3. -.-'


Was a tomboy during that time.
All my classmates treats me like a guy more than a girl -.-'

10yrs later *poof*.


The Princess said...

Hey Fat Fingers, we may have crossed each other's path. 10 years ago, I also studied in YJC, also hated econs and accounting. I was not under Mr Ganesh but Ms Lim Lay Peng, whom i like very much. Maybe you can reveal who you are to me. Maybe we even know each other! :P

The Princess

powerpuff said...

wow... this is interesting. i also wana attempt :)

Fat Fingers said...

Jade : You ah lian! hehe

fy : aww so cute!! hehe

defy angel : wah you very havoc leh. and violent!!!

Ed : yeah those were the days!

ningx : sigh.. u are so young lor! enjoy your youth! :D haha

sari : hahaha Pri 5! now i have flashback of me in Pri 5! hehe

Lynne : ooh wet dreams. i hope you still get wet dreams? :D

wonka : yes lots happened in 10 yrs. Maybe 10 yrs later i might hate raisin bread hmmm

Cindy : haha Mr Lim is cute right? like a ball hohoho. Mr. Ganesh used to make us stand on the chair if we cannot answer his qn.

simply.bedazzling.giselle : Yes..i was an ex YJCian. How's Mr. Ganesh? I once saw him at HRC and he was dancing. It was funny haha.

Bubblemunche : We're so old now.. 10yrs ago ..did u meet suzy 10 yrs ago? have u met her then? :D

Ah 9 : i think you should be only 1 or 2 yrs older than me ... hehe not a big difference.. me thinks hehe

Lexandria : haha i also.. nu da shi ba bian!

The Princess : I think the band teacher's name was also Ms Lim.. hmm or maybe not.. can't remember hehehe

powerpuff : haha yeah i want to read about you 10yrs ago!!

Cake said...

I was eight.

I just recieved my tiger! =D

My stuffed one that is. It's still with me!

Cowboy Caleb said...

10 yrs ago on this day at this hour, I was probably making out with some chick Hahahaha. Was 17 yrs old only what.

Fat Fingers said...

The cuckoo cake : i hope you clean it every now and then hehe

Cowboy Caleb : You so havoc lor! hahahaha

MyOrangeSweater said...

Fat Fingers, Cowboy was making out with me lah ... Erhhh, how come his eyes not blue, and his hair not blonde one. Oops, wrong cowboy, hahahaha ...